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zakim, this will be pling
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ok, renato, I see P3P_PLING()8:00AM already started
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Chair: Marco
12:04:46 [renato]
Scribe: Renato
12:05:11 [renato]
Topic: Previous Actions
12:06:06 [renato]
Caary forward action for RI/RW about Media Annotations
12:07:33 [renato]
action: RI/RW to followup with Media Annotations WG
12:08:13 [renato]
Topic: other items
12:08:25 [renato]
add Social Web XG to Liaisons list
12:08:44 [renato]
IEEE policy workshop (to events)
12:09:10 [renato]
Topic: Policies in Cloud Computing - Giles Hogden
12:09:50 [renato]
CC new feature is pay for the resources that you need on demand
12:10:03 [renato]
4 characterisitces
12:10:19 [renato]
1 - scalability (up and down)
12:10:33 [renato]
2 - abstracted resources, virtulisation
12:10:56 [renato]
3 - shared resources
12:11:06 [renato]
4 - services on demand (pay as u go)
12:11:21 [renato]
(my spelling is poor!)
12:11:38 [Giles]
12:11:56 [renato]
CC is really taking of....
12:12:28 [renato]
real demanding network services
12:12:48 [renato]
study of security - risk assessment - for CC
12:14:08 [Giles]
12:14:20 [renato]
scenario 1 - SME migrating from traditional to CC infrastructure
12:15:17 [renato]
No 1 concern - confidentiality of the data
12:16:13 [renato]
No 1 - availability
12:17:25 [renato]
scenario 2 - ehealth
12:18:34 [renato]
Scenario 3 - improve resilience - acceptable level of service provision (in the event of disaster etc...)
12:19:40 [renato]
CC is ideal for a DoS attack!
12:19:59 [renato]
Take down the entire cloud platform/users
12:20:33 [renato]
...policy related issues
12:20:49 [renato]
authentication policies are less than optimal
12:21:06 [renato]
eg Amazon gives one key (for all users)
12:21:17 [Giles]
12:21:45 [renato]
new policy language for "simple q service"
12:22:49 [renato]
How to stop CC users from mounting attacks? How to sandbox the individual users?
12:25:08 [renato]
ISO27002 - IT Governance Std - mainly for those operating CC infrastructure
12:26:06 [renato]
Mapping internal Governance polices to distributed services - that u don't own
12:26:38 [renato]
Distributed services - which legal framework applies ? Depends on jurisdiction?
12:27:06 [renato]
Edge-nodes in different jurisdictions
12:27:23 [renato]
Audits hard as you have no audit trial..
12:27:39 [renato]
issues around liability...
12:28:16 [Giles]
12:28:24 [renato]
passing the buck - outsourcing the outsourcers
12:29:45 [renato]
Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed queue messaging service
12:29:52 [renato]
12:29:58 [renato]
12:31:23 [renato]
Amazon Simple Queue Service
12:31:24 [renato]
Getting Started Guide (API Version 2008-01-01)
12:31:30 [renato]
12:32:47 [renato]
Marco - plan to synchronise with other Cloud initiatives?
12:33:43 [renato]
Giles; yes
12:34:09 [renato]
Ashok - other companies involved in what?
12:34:54 [renato]
Giles - the study includes 25 experts (from major companies...) eg HP, IBM etc
12:36:19 [renato]
Giles - terms of reference paper (not public)
12:36:31 [renato]
Giles - report will be public
12:36:56 [renato]
Giles - missing expertise on privacy...
12:42:23 [renato]
Jan - are there new issues here (eg privacy)?
12:42:39 [renato]
Giles - "service on demand" is a new issue
12:43:50 [renato]
Giles - most are new policy issues rather than technical
12:44:33 [renato]
Thanks Giles for the Presentation...clap clap clap
12:45:06 [renato]
Topic: PLING IG Note
12:45:28 [renato]
Geolocation and privacy
12:46:47 [renato]
Any ideas/contribution for W3C to take on in this area
12:47:01 [renato]
Uni Milan - some related work
12:51:13 [renato]
Create a new wiki page on this topic area - collect related works, projects etc
12:51:52 [renato]
Topic: Review of Wiki activities
12:52:29 [renato]
no added items
12:53:43 [renato]
add a wiki page for GeoLocation...Cloud Computing
12:54:00 [renato]
Topic: Liaisons
12:54:40 [Zakim]
- +035850487aaaa
12:54:52 [renato]
PICOS - in architectural phase
12:57:14 [renato]
Social Web XG - teleconf just started
12:57:38 [renato]
Topic: Events
12:58:04 [renato]
Giles - offers the island of Crete!
12:59:00 [renato]
Ashok - TPAC?
12:59:14 [Giles]
I have to go on time...
13:00:18 [renato]
Topic: AOB
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next meeting 10 June
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zakim, bye
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