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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 12 May 2009
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Chair: Roland
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Topic: CR Transition
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16:10:23 [eric]
Roland: in need of some implementations of the standard, so we can get a set of results.
16:10:59 [eric]
Derek: Do we need two versions interoperating?
16:11:57 [eric]
... implementation in websphere - if we can construct a set of tests that meets the test case documents that we currently have - and output that things look like they should - is it sufficient for a single implementation to show that.
16:12:06 [eric]
Roland: We need two implementation, at least.
16:12:19 [Phil]
16:12:33 [eric]
16:13:27 [eric]
Roland: Need two implementations of *each* feature. For example, WSDL 1.1 needs two independent implementations. Likewise for WSDL 2.0.
16:13:36 [eric]
... Point is to say that it is possible to implement the spec.
16:14:10 [eric]
Expected date for the end of CR - End of August.
16:14:45 [eric]
... any other code around that validates the specification?
16:17:15 [eric]
eric: DIfficult to commit on TIBCO's part to an implementation by August, but existence of the CR version will certainly change where we're at over the next few months.
16:18:59 [eric]
Roland: After eric's email to IETF, looks like we're all set there?
16:19:14 [eric]
Eric: Need to submit a new draft to the IETF, one additional introductory paragraph
16:19:20 [eric]
... and an extra sentence.
16:20:09 [eric]
Roland: any timeline on when we'll get the revision done?
16:20:26 [eric]
eric: Endeavor to get changes done by end of business Wed., PST.
16:20:49 [eric]
Roland: Will try to get the CR spec rev'd to point to the 06 draft.
16:20:59 [Roland]
Topic: Testing
16:21:19 [eric]
Roland: Went through and did cleanup of assertion text.
16:21:27 [eric]
... why don't we go through actions.
16:21:38 [Roland]
16:22:25 [eric]
Roland: Worked on action 84.
16:22:28 [Roland];%20charset=utf-8#assertionsummary
16:24:36 [eric]
Roland: Looked at assertion 2042, and since it was just a table pulling together faults from elsewhere, we don't need an assertion at the end.
16:24:49 [eric]
... any one have a problem with actions 84 & 85?
16:24:53 [eric]
close action-84
16:24:53 [trackbot]
ACTION-84 Reword the assertions 2035, 2039, and 2041 so that they make more sense closed
16:25:00 [eric]
close action-85
16:25:00 [trackbot]
ACTION-85 See whether assertion 2042 can be removed bacause all faults are covered by their own assertion closed
16:25:17 [eric]
Phil: Did you redo the test generation?
16:25:28 [eric]
Roland: Failed to get that to work.
16:25:38 [eric]
Phil: OK - I'll regenerate.
16:26:12 [Roland]
16:26:17 [eric]
Roland: Back to testing doc.
16:26:52 [eric]
... Changes made to content type still need to be addressed.
16:27:06 [eric]
... Others are the WSDL bits.
16:27:09 [eric]
(no comment)
16:27:36 [eric]
Roland: By far the majority of the test cases have assertions.
16:28:28 [eric]
... Action for everyone to take a look at the test assertion document - see if you can figure out how to fill in the gaps.
16:28:52 [eric]
Phil: Regenerated test cases.
16:30:31 [eric]
Roland: Need remaining assertions, and and code to execute them....
16:30:39 [eric]
Topic: AOB?
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