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ok, trackbot; I see MWI_TSWG()11:00AM scheduled to start in 7 minutes
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Meeting: Mobile Web Initiative Test Suites Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 12 May 2009
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14:58:53 [dom]
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Chair: Wilhelm
14:59:47 [hendry]
argh, what's the dial-in number
15:00:21 [hendry]
found it :)
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zakim, ??P16 is hendry
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+hendry; got it
15:01:40 [dom]
zakim, code?
15:01:40 [Zakim]
the conference code is 8794 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), dom
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zakim, ??P24 is me
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+dom; got it
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zakim, ??P19 is me
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zakim, ??P19 is really dmitri
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+dmitri; got it
15:02:47 [dom]
Topic: Widget testing
15:02:55 [dom]
-> Widget test suites
15:02:59 [dom]
15:02:59 [trackbot]
ACTION-2 -- Kai Hendry to continue integrating his tests WTF -- due 2009-05-01 -- OPEN
15:02:59 [trackbot]
15:03:05 [dom]
Kai: still making progress there
15:03:08 [dom]
15:03:08 [trackbot]
ACTION-36 -- Kai Hendry to provide a tour of WTF during a call -- due 2009-05-05 -- OPEN
15:03:08 [trackbot]
15:03:21 [dom]
-> Kai's overview of WTF
15:03:37 [dom]
Kai: probably easier if you read through the blog post
15:03:51 [dom]
... maybe we can discuss it next week
15:04:07 [dom]
... I'd be interested to hear more about other browsers SPARTAN-type of systems
15:04:18 [dom]
Wilhelm: I know Microsoft does, Mozilla has something similar
15:04:26 [dom]
Kai: would be good to collect that information somewhere
15:04:29 [dom]
... for testers out there
15:05:47 [dom]
Wilhelm: SPARTAN (our automated regression system) contains 100 000s of screenshots that serves a point of comparison
15:06:04 [dom]
... to run it, you need to first label the screenshots that serve as point of refs
15:06:21 [dom]
Kai: it would be interesting for me to see it in action
15:06:39 [dom]
Wilhelm: I can ask my boss if I can blog about it (from our Opera blog)
15:07:07 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to follow-up on publishing details about SPARTAN
15:07:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-47 - Follow-up on publishing details about SPARTAN [on Wilhelm Joys Andersen - due 2009-05-19].
15:07:27 [dom]
Topic: Memory test
15:07:38 [dom]
ACTION-42 closed
15:07:38 [trackbot]
ACTION-42 Fix the memory test wrt limitation for going higher up closed
15:07:42 [dom]
15:07:42 [trackbot]
ACTION-33 -- Wilhelm Joys Andersen to re-run memory test once limit is raised up -- due 2009-04-21 -- OPEN
15:07:42 [trackbot]
15:08:11 [dom]
Wilhelm: I've sent a report of my results
15:08:24 [dom]
-> Memory test results
15:09:21 [dom]
Wilhelm: the UI of pass/fail isn't quite right - there are cases where I'm not redirected up to the upper limit
15:09:41 [dom]
ACTION-33 closed
15:09:42 [trackbot]
ACTION-33 Re-run memory test once limit is raised up closed
15:10:02 [dom]
Wilhelm: even though I didn't reach the device memory limit
15:10:17 [dom]
Kai: I can look into it again, by reproducing the same conditions
15:10:37 [dom]
... it's supposed to prompt you to go higher when it downloads everything
15:10:55 [dom]
Wilhelm: I got two different fail results (no prompt vs error dialog)
15:11:16 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to look again into memory test wrt failures at high memory levels
15:11:17 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-48 - Look again into memory test wrt failures at high memory levels [on Kai Hendry - due 2009-05-19].
15:11:45 [dom]
Topic: Device Independent Testing Guidelines
15:11:49 [dom]
15:11:49 [trackbot]
ACTION-43 -- Dominique Hazaël-Massieux to get the DITG published as FPWD -- due 2009-05-12 -- PENDINGREVIEW
15:11:49 [trackbot]
15:11:54 [dom]
ACTION-43 closed
15:11:54 [trackbot]
ACTION-43 Get the DITG published as FPWD closed
15:12:23 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to present the DITG to the W3C chairs
15:12:23 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-49 - Present the DITG to the W3C chairs [on Dominique Hazaël-Massieux - due 2009-05-19].
15:12:29 [dom]
Topic: WCTMB
15:12:32 [dom]
15:12:32 [trackbot]
ACTION-39 -- Wilhelm Joys Andersen to look through Kai's proposals for new tests -- due 2009-05-05 -- OPEN
15:12:32 [trackbot]
15:12:35 [dom]
Wilhelm: still pending
15:12:37 [dom]
15:12:37 [trackbot]
ACTION-44 -- Wilhelm Joys Andersen to publish updated WCTMB and post a blog about the update -- due 2009-05-12 -- OPEN
15:12:37 [trackbot]
15:12:46 [dom]
Wilhelm: I've updated the test
15:12:59 [dom]
... I've prepared a blog post that I can publish right after the meeting
15:13:02 [dom]
Topic: Blog
15:13:05 [dom]
15:13:05 [trackbot]
ACTION-34 -- Carmelo Montanez to draft a blog post on memory test (or hand it over to dom otherwise) -- due 2009-04-21 -- OPEN
15:13:05 [trackbot]
15:13:25 [dom]
Carmelo: Done the draft and sent it to Dom for publication
15:13:30 [dom]
-> Carmelo's draft
15:13:38 [dom]
15:13:38 [trackbot]
ACTION-45 -- Dominique Hazaël-Massieux to propose a plan for getting contributions from community -- due 2009-05-12 -- OPEN
15:13:38 [trackbot]
15:13:41 [dom]
Dom: no progress
15:13:43 [dom]
15:13:43 [trackbot]
ACTION-46 -- Dominique Hazaël-Massieux to blog about DITG publication -- due 2009-05-12 -- OPEN
15:13:43 [trackbot]
15:14:08 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to publish Carmelo's draft re memory test in the blog
15:14:08 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-50 - Publish Carmelo's draft re memory test in the blog [on Dominique Hazaël-Massieux - due 2009-05-19].
15:15:52 [dom]
Kai: we could publish about WTF
15:15:53 [dom]
Dom: good idea
15:16:04 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to draft a blog post on WTF
15:16:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-51 - Draft a blog post on WTF [on Kai Hendry - due 2009-05-19].
15:16:15 [dom]
Topic: OMA
15:16:17 [dom]
15:16:18 [trackbot]
ACTION-21 -- Wilhelm Joys Andersen to send Opera's feedback on OMA test suites -- due 2009-03-17 -- OPEN
15:16:18 [trackbot]
15:16:21 [dom]
15:16:21 [trackbot]
ACTION-14 -- Dominique Hazaël-Massieux to look back at OMA situation and report -- due 2009-03-17 -- OPEN
15:16:22 [trackbot]
15:16:25 [dom]
[both pending]
15:16:45 [dom]
Topic: Next meeting
15:16:51 [dom]
Carmelo: I won't be around on May 26
15:17:26 [Zakim]
15:17:28 [Zakim]
15:17:28 [Zakim]
15:17:30 [dom]
Next meeting May 19
15:17:30 [Zakim]
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15:17:34 [Zakim]
MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has ended
15:17:35 [Zakim]
Attendees were Carmelo, wilhelm, hendry, dom, dmitri
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zakim, bye
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