IRC log of sml on 2009-05-11

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16:36:20 [Zakim]
16:36:21 [Kirk]
scribe: Kirk Wilson
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scribe: Kumar Pandit
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scribenick: Kumar
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meeting: SML Conf Call
16:38:22 [Kumar]
chair: John
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rrsagent, make log public
16:39:31 [johnarwe_]
4/27 minutes:
16:39:39 [Kumar]
topic: Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)
16:40:00 [Kumar]
RESOLUTION: minutes of 4/27 approved.
16:40:18 [Kumar]
topic: Action Items
16:40:28 [Kumar]
no action items.
16:41:07 [Kumar]
topic: Rec track documents
16:45:17 [Kumar]
John: I need PR contact info from Len.
16:45:25 [Kumar]
Kumar: I will ask Len to contact John today.
16:45:45 [Kumar]
topic: Review EPR and XLink Notes
16:46:17 [Kumar]
Kirk: No issues outstanding for the EPR note.
16:46:49 [Kumar]
Kirk: If there are comments, I would like to have them by the end of this week.
16:49:39 [Kumar]
topic: XLink Note: comments due on CVS draft
16:51:16 [Kumar]
John: I would like to know when we can expect the final draft of xlink note.
16:51:27 [Kumar]
Kumar: I will ask Len about it.
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16:54:02 [Zakim]
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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I have made the request to generate Kumar
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Attendees were Ht, +1.845.433.aaaa, +1.603.823.aabb, +1.845.433.aacc, johnarwe_, Kirk, Sandy, [Microsoft]
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17:06:05 [johnarwe_]
ginny, we finished early - PR goes out tomorrow
17:06:31 [johnarwe_]
17:07:01 [johnarwe_]
did hp send something direct to ian?
17:08:06 [ginny]
i added my comments on epr note to the bug
17:08:28 [ginny]
I'll ping the hp person once more.
17:08:43 [ginny]
I won't be able to attend next week
17:09:01 [johnarwe_]
we saw that - assuming further comments (due end of this week) are of similar size. Kirk will have final-f-f draft for next Mon mtg and see if there is consensus to publish
17:09:29 [johnarwe_]
ok - wrt ping hp person, deadline was >1 hour ago so not sure it would get in anyway
17:09:48 [johnarwe_]
can always put it out later separately (might be able to update testimonials page, have to check)
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17:11:21 [johnarwe_]
ginny - you should have seen 3 irc messages after "ginny not attending next week". if you need me to I can paste them in again
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Attendees were Ginny_Smith
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