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GL: Introduces self
17:15:45 [AllanJ]
all: introductions
17:16:30 [AllanJ]
17:18:03 [kford]
Group going through intros.
17:18:53 [kford]
zakim, list agenda
17:18:53 [Zakim]
I see nothing on the agenda
17:19:37 [kford]
Agenda+ Logistics (Regrets, agenda requests, comments)?
17:19:57 [kford]
Agenda+ Survey Results
17:19:57 [kford]
17:19:58 [kford]
Agenda+ Survey Results
17:19:58 [kford]
17:20:28 [kford]
zakim close item 3
17:21:05 [kford]
zakim take up item 1
17:21:26 [kford]
zakim takeup item 2
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zakim item 2
17:22:26 [kford]
Scribe: kford
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zakim, take up item 2
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agendum 2. "Survey Results" taken up [from kford]
17:25:25 [kford]
Taking up #38 Text Configuration
17:26:33 [kford]
Jan Proposal 3.6.2 Text Scale Distinctions: when rendered text is rescaled, the user has the option to either preserve or remove distinctions in the relatives scales
17:26:33 [kford]
of rendered text. (Level A) 
17:30:37 [Zakim]
17:30:56 [Zakim]
17:31:10 [AllanJ]
KF: MH comment in survey. Requires AT. should expand to include Jan's wording
17:31:17 [Jan]
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+Jan; got it
17:32:56 [AllanJ]
JA: +1 Jan wording
17:33:08 [AllanJ]
MH: +1 Jan wording
17:33:21 [kford]
GL: In general proposal looks good. One question does current proposal allow wiggle room that would allow multiple designs that might be good or bad.
17:34:50 [kford]
GL: One can imaging scaling up all items at same rate.
17:35:26 [kford]
G: Second is like a word draft mode.GL: Option 3 I want everything to scale at same relative percentages but don't make anything beyond size X.
17:35:46 [Jan]
q+ to say also could set a floor
17:35:55 [kford]
GL: Do we want a UA author to be able to do this?
17:36:11 [kford]
GL: Capping size is more complicated.
17:36:34 [kford]
KP: What I want is a particular type of text in one font and everything else in something eolse?
17:38:15 [AllanJ]
KP: change size by class of text (headings, etc.)
17:39:35 [AllanJ]
KF: this is a good idea. perhaps should have a requirement. build user css based on page
17:39:56 [kford]
JR: Another thing to think about is that the user might not want something below size X. I think we need to rewrite taking this all into consideration.
17:40:11 [AllanJ]
JR: set floor and ceiling. need rewrite
17:40:33 [kford]
GL: A floor and a ceiling are good ideas. We have to think about the level that these are. Setting everything to a given font may be easier.
17:40:56 [Jan]
ack Jan
17:40:56 [Zakim]
Jan, you wanted to say also could set a floor
17:41:13 [kford]
GL: I could imagine the single size being level A and floor and ceiling being AA.
17:42:10 [kford]
Some clarification around rendered text and whether this applies to content and UI.
17:42:27 [kford]
As written this applied to rendered text.
17:44:58 [kford]
Some discussion around how W3C specs could reference ISO standards and any plans.
17:46:44 [AllanJ]
JR: can refence informationally to other standards
17:46:50 [kford]
17:47:51 [AllanJ]
KF: Jan proposal, but many expansions, should rewrite.
17:47:58 [AllanJ]
JA: summary: scale fonts, min/max, floor - bring anything smaller upto a min size, remove distinctions when scaling,
17:49:21 [kford]
Action: Greg to update 3.6.2 for text sizing.
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17:50:35 [kford]
Next Up: #53 Allow users supplied stylesheets
17:53:28 [Jan]
17:53:49 [AllanJ]
ack kford
17:53:56 [AllanJ]
ack jan
17:54:37 [AllanJ]
JR: what is data of user supplied style sheet
17:54:45 [AllanJ]
KF: low
17:55:19 [AllanJ]
users don't know about the ability, difficult to write a css
17:56:35 [kford]
GL: When I worked on Windows we added a range of high contrast color schemes. But we got a lot of complaints when there was part of the UI that the user couldn't customize. While the number was low, for those who needed it it was critical.
17:58:14 [AllanJ]
KF: What about the Kindle. should they have user style sheets.
17:58:32 [AllanJ]
GL: if they wanted AA
17:59:03 [kford]
Group is in agreement that user creating stylesheets being able to create is AA.
18:00:24 [AllanJ]
KF: A switch or disable author CSS, AA is create apply user CSS
18:00:45 [Jan]
18:01:05 [Zakim]
18:01:27 [AllanJ]
GL: be careful of and/or
18:03:13 [kford]
Action: kford to update guideline on style sheets to reflect current thinking.
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Sorry, couldn't find user - kford
18:03:38 [kford]
Action: KFord to update guideline on stylesheets.
18:03:38 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - KFord
18:03:53 [AllanJ]
Action: Kelly to rewrite 3.6.2 on style sheets to reflect current
18:03:53 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-182 - Rewrite 3.6.2 on style sheets to reflect current [on Kelly Ford - due 2009-05-14].
18:04:31 [kford]
On to: #55 Clarify difference between 4.1.10 and 4.1.11
18:07:01 [kford]
Group looking through survey comments.
18:14:06 [AllanJ]
discussion of key precedence
18:14:24 [kford]
Extensive discussion on keyboard behavior. Ranged from access keys to conflicts and such.
18:14:31 [AllanJ]
GL: user can change modifier keys
18:16:15 [KimPatch]
I'm going to have to go at 2:30
18:16:32 [AllanJ]
GL: change non-modifier, and/or change modifier key
18:22:09 [AllanJ]
GL: saving keybinding changes for individual websites would be lots of overhead, perhaps AA
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Chair: Jim_allan
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ACTION: Greg to update 3.6.2 for text sizing. [1]
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ACTION: kford to update guideline on style sheets to reflect current thinking. [2]
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ACTION: KFord to update guideline on stylesheets. [3]
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ACTION: Kelly to rewrite 3.6.2 on style sheets to reflect current [4]
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