28 Apr 2009

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Paul, Vincent




<apaschke> "not" was not accepted


<cke> why not just "neg"?

not, neg, naf

those ones are not for consideration

inflationary negation

<apaschke> not_class, not_inf, not_naf


<apaschke> maybe we should offer several different proposals and them simply do a straw poll in the next general RIF telecon

Not(Exists ?x P(?x))

<cke> another example: (not (customer.age > 20))

<cke> if the customer's age is 18, then this is true


<apaschke> prdNot, bldNot, coreNot, ...

Naf = Negation as failure

Nsf = Not supported by facts

<cke> and "boolean_not"?

<cke> I prefer it not to be an acronym. I like something explicit like "negation"


<cke> Can we avoid saying "fact"?

<cke> There can be only test, like (not (customer.age > 20))

<apaschke> I prefer Nsf over Notsf since NsF is like Neg, Naf

<apaschke> a variant could be "No matching facts" = Nmf

<cke> how about "notf"?

<cke> Another example (customer (age not > 20))

<cke> how about "binary_not"?

<apaschke> classical (Boolean) negation

<apaschke> is a two-valued true-false logic

<apaschke> three-valued logic with unknown truth value (Kleene negation)

<cke> And "pnot" for production rule not?

<cke> or maybe "prnot"?






<cke> I find ineg better

<cke> how do we write it?

<cke> ineg, INeg or Ineg?

PROPOSED: INeg (for Inflationary, or immediate, negation)

<cke> +1

<apaschke> subsumption is already an advanced concept to optimize the execution flow

<cke> Subsumption is very advanced, we have to do extensive analysis for this

PROPOSED: drop subsumion from the conflict resolution strategy, and come back to the previous consensus (refraction+priority+recency), maybe with an implementation note.

Summary of Action Items

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