21 Apr 2009

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definition of action builtins

set of external schema for PRD including print (and maybe other PRD built-ins)

<csma> csma to remove definition of Iexecute, and use Iexternal instead (updating the definition of Iexternal in section 2 to refer to section 6 for action builtins)

And in the conclusion could be completely redefined for the conclusion making it context dependend

XML schema

what about just not?

<PaulVincent> Negation: not clauses...

neg = classical negation

<cke> I prefer "not" if it works, otherwise "negate", etc.

naf = negation as failure

<cke> not naf, it means that the reverse of true if not false (ternary logic)

<PaulVincent> Knowledge-free "not" = knot

<csma> csma: why is not the And element in the conclusion derived from the And in the condition?

<PaulVincent> Negation terms: "¬" ... can we use not in the PRD schema but PNot in the spec?

what about <Not type="prd:inflatonary">...</Not>?

<cke> or maybe "bnot" for binary not

<cke> or bnot for boolean not

<PaulVincent> I prefer "not" but would accept "Not-p" to discriminate...

infNOt, nafNot, classNot, ...

<csma> Re negation name: Propose to use Not; we will try to find another name if the group objects to Not.

minutes from PRD break-out session are available on the F2F13 web page

<johnhall> bye

Summary of Action Items

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