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Workshop Scope and Objectives

Stéphane Boyera

W3C Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development

Maputo, Mozambique, April 1 2009


MW4D Vision

An Indian Monk with a mobile phone
  • Focus:
    • How to use the Web to deliver development-oriented services to underprivileged populations
  • Vision
    • Mobile phones are widely available
    • Mobile phones have a great potential as ICT platform
    • Success Stories demonstrate the potential
    • Still limited impact at the global level
      • only a small set of services available
      • only a small number of domains covered
      • only a small set of contributors
      • only a small set of users
(Photo Source: Der Spiegel)

MW4D Objectives

a child with a fake mobile phone
(Photo Source : The Economist )

MW4D Schedule and Roadmap

sms based system to get the market price for goods
  • Chartered from June 2008 till May 2009
    • to be extended till end of September 2009
  • Deliverables
    • a roadmap from Mobile applications in Development to be released in Summer 2009
    • A directory of resources
    • a community ready to cope with identified challenges
(Photo Source: Vodafone)

Workshop Objectives