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ok, trackbot; I see WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM scheduled to start in 3 minutes
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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 31 March 2009
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WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has now started
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Chair: Roland
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Regrets: Yves, Eric, Bhakti
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Zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Roland, Derek, alewis, Phil, Peter_Easton
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On IRC I see peaston, Phil, alewis, Derek, Zakim, RRSAgent, Roland, trackbot, Yves
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Chair: Roland
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Scribe: peaston
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Topic: Actions
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close: Action-71
16:06:56 [peaston]
close: Action-76
16:07:11 [peaston]
close Action-71
16:07:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-71 Incorporate latest act 65 wordings in spec and email original Last Call commentor closed
16:07:17 [peaston]
close Action-76
16:07:17 [trackbot]
ACTION-76 Change the Binding specification to use \"NON_PERSISTENT\" in 5 places where we use \"NONPERSISTENT\" closed
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Topic: Open Actions
16:11:37 [Roland]
16:14:03 [peaston]
close action-74
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ACTION-74 Examine the wording of the conformance requirements section closed
16:15:18 [Roland]
16:15:42 [Roland]
16:17:10 [peaston]
Discussing LC09
16:17:28 [peaston]
Roland: yes examples
16:21:57 [peaston]
16:22:12 [peaston]
3.4.5 says "Properties expressed in the URI [IETF RFC 3987] override any values set in the markup as described above"
16:23:45 [peaston]
The environment (for example local program variables, system environment variables etc).
16:23:45 [peaston]
WSDL elements or attributes (in addition to the endpoint URI), and;
16:23:45 [peaston]
The JMS URI (which may be specified in the WSDL, programmatically, on the command line etc.);
16:24:24 [peaston]
2.2 precedence previous 3 lines
16:26:36 [peaston]
amy generally more concrete (specific) overrides
16:30:16 [peaston]
We should separate URI in WSDL versus another URI... precedence
16:33:19 [Phil];%20charset=utf-8
16:33:52 [peaston]
Action: alewis to clarify precedence of URI etc in WSDL 3.4.5
16:33:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-77 - Clarify precedence of URI etc in WSDL 3.4.5 [on Amelia Lewis - due 2009-04-07].
16:34:22 [peaston]
What about URI not in WSDL
16:35:38 [peaston]
Action: roland to chase acknowledgement of all our responses
16:35:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-78 - Chase acknowledgement of all our responses [on Roland Merrick - due 2009-04-07].
16:37:28 [peaston]
alewis: owner of should we just let it lapse ?
16:38:08 [peaston]
change pointer to WG then lapse
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WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has ended
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Attendees were Roland, Derek, alewis, Phil, Peter_Easton, mphillip
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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