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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 13 March 2009
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14:11:03 [plh]
Topic: Test results
14:11:23 [plh]
Sean: I'm working on an implementation, called TimedTextPad
14:11:32 [plh]
... I cover all of the timing
14:11:55 [plh]
... Paragraph002 is incorrect now, since body is a par
14:12:11 [plh]
... so Timing and content are well covered
14:12:24 [plh]
... and Glenn covers those pretty well as well
14:12:29 [plh]
... issue is with Timing
14:12:40 [plh]
... three major grouping of functionalities
14:12:51 [plh]
... color: background, visibility, opcate, color
14:13:03 [plh]
... I pass all of those. Glenn does. Philippe as well
14:13:06 [plh]
... so we're fine
14:13:09 [plh]
... then fonts stuff
14:13:31 [plh]
... fonts is relatively easy to pass for me and should be straighforward
14:13:44 [plh]
... both Glenn and Philippe pass those
14:14:05 [plh]
... tests aren't very well organized
14:14:18 [plh]
... some of those tests need to be slightly reworked
14:14:34 [plh]
... the only one at is the blur raduis on text outline
14:14:46 [plh]
... Glenn and Philippe don't do
14:15:24 [plh]
Philippe: willing to submit new tests for font family?
14:15:53 [plh]
Sean: eventually, I'll figure out if every test is correct
14:16:19 [plh]
... some of the tests cannot be told if they work or not
14:16:41 [plh]
... biggest concern is writing mode and unicode bidi group
14:16:46 [plh]
... vertical text and right to left
14:17:08 [plh]
so, we don't have that many feature that don't have two implementations
14:17:44 [plh]
... there are some stress tests we could provide
14:17:55 [plh]
... like lots of nested, multiple regions
14:18:38 [plh]
... ie testing the implementation rather than the spec
14:18:45 [plh]
Philippe: would be nice to have
14:20:30 [plh]
Sean: could put them into a separate bucket
14:21:37 [plh]
... we need the animation tests
14:21:51 [plh]
... and all the other
14:21:54 [plh]
Philippe: will do
14:23:31 [plh]
Sean: can you run Glen's implementation?
14:23:41 [plh]
Philippe: not for the 27 unfortunately
14:24:36 [plh]
Sean: I'll run tests on Glen then
14:25:15 [plh]
David: what about the metadata test?
14:28:20 [plh]
Sean: our implementations don't do anything with those
14:28:26 [plh]
Philippe: at least, we don't crash :)
14:28:43 [plh]
Sean: If I get around the rest, I might do something
14:29:33 [plh]
David: we do something with them, when converting to our own XML format
14:30:20 [plh]
... the color code that we use is sophisticated
14:30:27 [plh]
... using scene details as well
14:31:19 [plh]
... I could send a pointer around, it's under license GPLv2
14:32:08 [plh]
Sean: so, we're in a pretty good shape
14:32:24 [plh]
... paramaters: cell resolution? clock mode?
14:33:10 [plh]
David: if you're dealing with region, it would be relatively easy
14:33:16 [plh]
Sean: yes
14:34:06 [plh]
Sean: framerate is fine, no sure with multipliers. but that basic arithmetic
14:37:06 [plh]
Topic: Schedule
14:37:16 [plh]
Sean: let's pick May 1. June 1 for end of last call
14:37:48 [plh]
... July 1 done with comments
14:37:53 [plh]
... PR by July 1
14:40:02 [plh]
Philippe: that would be REC in August. not the best time for a press release
14:41:31 [plh]
sean: press release last week of August or first week of september
14:44:12 [plh]
Philippe: if Glenn doesn't show up by April 1, we can look into finding an alternate editor
14:45:10 [plh]
David: there was two or three required features what the authoring system is required to support
14:46:38 [plh]
Sean: I'll look at the features in appendix C
14:47:00 [plh]
... we should leave April for writing and testing implementations
14:48:49 [plh]
... for example. for blur radius, we need to have that text provisional.
14:51:51 [plh]
Philippe: we should make it clear that everything needs to be implemented no later than July 1. Everything that it is not is out.
14:53:52 [plh]
Topic: Next meeting
14:54:06 [plh]
No meeting on March 20
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Attendees were Plh, +0154558aaaa, +41.22.717.aabb
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Next meeting is March 27
14:54:24 [plh]
Regrets from plh
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