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Zakim, this will be IA_MFWG
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ok, trackbot; I see IA_MFWG()5:00AM scheduled to start in 22 minutes
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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
09:38:01 [trackbot]
Date: 04 March 2009
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10:00:10 [jackjansen]
Is there a teleconf today? I haven't seen an agenda....
10:01:07 [raphael]
Yes Jack, agenda is at:
10:01:15 [Zakim]
IA_MFWG()5:00AM has now started
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zakim, cleophas is Gui
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+ +81.80.614.3.aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is conrad
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10:04:01 [Zakim]
10:04:31 [raphael]
Chairs: Erik, Raphael
10:04:44 [raphael]
Scribe: Guillaume
10:04:48 [raphael]
Scribenick: Gui
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10:06:14 [raphael]
Topic: 1. Admin
10:06:20 [raphael]
Propose to accept the minutes:
10:06:25 [davy]
10:06:26 [Gui]
Accept last meeting minutes?
10:06:26 [conrad]
10:06:28 [Gui]
10:06:31 [Zakim]
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Zakim, ??P6 is me
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10:06:51 [Gui]
TOPIC: Next F2F meeting
10:07:05 [Gui]
Silvia to participate in the morning
10:07:47 [Gui]
Yves to book the Zakim session for the F2F
10:08:31 [Gui]
Next TPAC meeting is in Santa Clara, raphael proposes alternative to meet at MIT in Boston. What does the group think?
10:08:51 [Gui]
TOPIC: Next TPAC meeting
10:09:12 [Gui]
2-6 November
10:09:33 [erik]
Davy & I will be able to attend at whatever premises
10:09:36 [Gui]
Yves says we should have it with the Media Annotation WG
10:10:26 [Gui]
We might want to have input from the other working group and to discuss with them
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10:13:24 [Gui]
jack mention that since most people in Europe, a European meeting might be preferred but it's about having TAPC with other groups
10:13:36 [Gui]
10:13:47 [Gui]
10:14:11 [tmichel]
Daylight Savings Time -- aka Summer Time -- coming next week to the US.
10:14:11 [tmichel]
Most of the US will be moving its clocks forward this year on March 8.
10:14:11 [tmichel]
This is 3 weeks earlier than Europe.
10:14:13 [tmichel]
Most folk outside the US will need to join teleconferences 1 hour
10:14:15 [tmichel]
earlier between 8 March and 29 March at 12:00-13:00Z.
10:14:16 [tmichel]
After 29 March most teleconferences will be back on the same relative
10:14:18 [tmichel]
local time for Europe.
10:15:24 [Gui]
Zakim bridge is on US time
10:16:53 [Gui]
The next meeting agenda will have the teleconference time message in bold
10:16:57 [Gui]
Topic: 2. Preparation of Working Draft
10:17:02 [raphael]
10:17:06 [tmichel]
We could request to have our telecon scheduled in UTC, but I would not recommend this as it may colapse with other conference which are schedulled in US time
10:17:34 [erik]
10:18:49 [Gui]
Michael would like a @tmichel in the draft
10:19:47 [Gui]
tmichel offers to do some editions : starts with the requirement section
10:19:49 [Gui]
ack q
10:19:57 [raphael]
10:20:28 [Gui]
10:20:50 [conrad]
i'd like to help with section 7
10:20:52 [raphael]
zakim, ack erik
10:20:52 [Zakim]
I see no one on the speaker queue
10:21:50 [Gui]
Raphael encourages everybody to have there section ready for next week teleconference
10:22:38 [Gui]
jackjansen needs a replacement for preparing section 6 Naming Fragments
10:23:51 [Gui]
mhausenblas offered to work on section 6
10:24:41 [Gui]
Topic: 2.2 Syntax
10:26:52 [Gui]
jackjansen worries with the current syntax using colons it's difficult to parse the different types of digits
10:28:09 [Gui]
Existing libraries do not provide clues on how to recognize a typical timecode s
10:29:03 [Gui]
Yves : Issue would be if there is an ambiguity, which makes it difficult to parse
10:29:22 [Gui]
Ask the community to comment on the issue
10:29:59 [Gui]
10:30:16 [Gui]
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10:30:20 [Yves]
10:30:37 [Gui]
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10:30:47 [jackjansen]
+1 for vote
10:30:52 [Gui]
Let's have a questionnaire for this
10:31:28 [Gui]
ACTION : Erik and Raphael to set up a questionnaire to find a name for the top level Media Fragment predicate
10:31:28 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-45 - And Raphael to set up a questionnaire to find a name for the top level Media Fragment predicate [on Erik Mannens - due 2009-03-11].
10:32:01 [conrad]
Zakim, mute me
10:32:01 [Zakim]
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10:33:18 [Gui]
Topic 2.23. Time units, optional?
10:34:00 [Gui]
ACTION: Yves Check on later version of the grammar - 25/03/2009
10:34:01 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-46 - Check on later version of the grammar - 25/03/2009 [on Yves Lafon - due 2009-03-11].
10:34:54 [Gui]
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10:36:26 [jackjansen]
10:36:42 [Gui]
10:37:01 [Gui]
TOPIC: 2.4 Existing Technologies Survey
10:37:56 [Gui]
Send email to mailing list to get feedback, otherwise we put the content into main document
10:38:17 [Gui]
10:38:22 [raphael]
10:38:38 [Gui]
Does our MF URI syntax imply that we need to update MIME Type
10:38:39 [Gui]
10:40:16 [Gui]
We should do it the generic way (to ensure the adoption of the media types)
10:41:11 [Gui]
ACTION: Michael Write the options and the procedure on Wiki
10:41:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-47 - Write the options and the procedure on Wiki [on Michael Hausenblas - due 2009-03-11].
10:42:52 [Gui]
Priority is to have the draft ready
10:43:01 [Gui]
Remember the 1 hour earlier next week
10:43:02 [Zakim]
10:43:02 [Gui]
10:43:03 [Zakim]
10:43:04 [Gui]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
10:43:04 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate Gui
10:43:04 [conrad]
10:43:05 [Zakim]
10:43:06 [Zakim]
10:43:06 [Zakim]
10:43:08 [Zakim]
10:43:10 [Zakim]
10:43:11 [raphael]
meetings adjourned
10:43:18 [raphael]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate raphael
10:43:22 [Zakim]
10:43:23 [Zakim]
IA_MFWG()5:00AM has ended
10:43:24 [Zakim]
Attendees were raphael, Yves, Jack_Jansen, Gui, +81.80.614.3.aaaa, conrad, Thierry, Erik, Davy, mhausenblas
10:43:25 [raphael]
RRSAgent, make logs public
10:43:27 [raphael]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
10:43:27 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate raphael
10:43:31 [raphael]
bye Zakim
10:43:33 [Gui]
zakim, bye
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10:44:05 [Gui]
Thanks for your help, Raphael
10:46:06 [raphael]
10:46:11 [raphael]
minutes sounds good
10:46:25 [raphael]
Yves, can you just remove the draft ? I will then send them on the mailing list
10:47:02 [Yves]
sure, 2s
10:47:23 [raphael]
10:48:44 [Yves]
10:53:04 [nessy]
10:53:07 [nessy]
just as I remembered
10:53:09 [nessy]
10:53:11 [nessy]
10:53:22 [nessy]
an hour later would suit me better
10:54:11 [raphael]
for the next 3 weeks ?
10:54:30 [raphael]
sorry Silvia, we might revise that, but currently it is just the fault of the daylight saving times in US
10:54:37 [raphael]
before Europe applies the same
10:58:15 [nessy]
maybe we are an hour later, if you are an hour earlier in Europe
10:58:18 [nessy]
that will work well for me
10:58:27 [nessy]
didn't miss much, did I?
10:59:10 [raphael]
re: calendar, I will send in the agenda for next week telecon the exact hour for all time zones :-)
10:59:15 [raphael]
no, you didn't ..
10:59:20 [Yves]
we decided that the fragment name would be "fragmentfragmentfragment"
10:59:28 [raphael]
10:59:32 [Yves]
10:59:48 [raphael]
main point is: WD is in place, we need ALL to update asap the various sections ... editing the xml portion
10:59:55 [raphael]
first copy the content from the wiki
11:00:26 [raphael]
i will send later today *my* description of the 2-ways and 4-ways handshake and request your comments :-)
11:08:42 [Yves]
don't be scared :)
11:31:21 [nessy]
11:31:45 [nessy]
I have kept the page open to remind me to do the editing this week
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