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Mobile Phones in ICT4D

Stéphane Boyera

2nd International Meeting on ICT for Development and Cooperation

Gijon, Spain, February 12 2009



Mobile Phones: a Revolution

a booth celling airtime in africa

a booth celling charging time in africa

a worker mobile phone number on a sign in brazil
(source: Ken Banks

itu graphic: evolution of mobile phone subscribers 2000-2008
(source: ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators (WTI) database.)

Mobile Phones are changing people's lives in the Developing World:

But no evidence that mobile phones had significantly impacted development challenges.

Next Step: ICT Revolution

ICTD Challenges

ICTD in the past

Less than satisfactory results !

Mobile Phones: a potential ICT revolution

Bottom-up Approach

a child with a fake mobile phone
(Photo Source : The Economist )
An Indian Monk with a mobile phone
(Photo Source: Der Spiegel

Challenges of Empowering People

Challenges of Information Accessibility

Next Generation of technologies

Next Steps

Mobile phones to rule them all ?



But for this potential to be realized