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19:00:40 [Sandy]
meeting: W3C SML Teleconference of 2009-01-15
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scribenick: Sandy
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scribe: Sandy Gao
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19:01:20 [Sandy]
chair: John Arwe
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19:01:50 [Sandy]
regrets: Kumar, Kirk
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zakim, [Micorsoft] is Len
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sorry, lencharest, I do not recognize a party named '[Micorsoft]'
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ok, MSM; the call is being made
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zakim, [Microsoft] is lencharest
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+lencharest; got it
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see johnarwe_, lencharest, Sandy, MSM
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On IRC I see johnarwe_, RRSAgent, Zakim, Sandy, lencharest, MSM, trackbot
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19:07:48 [Sandy]
topic: Approval of 2009-01-08 telecon minutes
19:07:56 [johnarwe_]
19:08:20 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: approve 2009-01-08 telecon minutes at
19:10:27 [Sandy]
topic: Face to Face on Feb 23
19:10:45 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: cancel SML F2F on Feb 23.
19:12:06 [Sandy]
topic: W3C Technical Plenary in Nov. 2009
19:12:28 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: SML very unlikely to meet during Tech. Plenary.
19:12:35 [Sandy]
topic: Review Action Items
19:14:11 [Sandy]
Len: action 213 is done, see But both notes still need some editorial changes.
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19:15:54 [Sandy]
Len: 215 not done yet. expect to finish next week.
19:17:24 [Sandy]
Len: action 216 is done. checked in the spreadsheet, but not the generated documents.
19:17:55 [Sandy]
John: for now checking in the spreadsheet is sufficient.
19:18:55 [Sandy]
Len: WG home page has links to .doc files. Suggest to change to html files, and remove .doc files from CVS.
19:19:16 [MSM]
zakim, who'shere?
19:19:16 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, MSM.
19:19:21 [MSM]
zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see johnarwe_, lencharest, Sandy, MSM, Ginny_Smith
19:19:22 [Zakim]
On IRC I see ginny, johnarwe_, RRSAgent, Zakim, Sandy, lencharest, MSM, trackbot
19:19:38 [MSM]
Actions 190, 211, 212 still open, no progress.
19:19:39 [MSM]
Partial progress on action 210; please check
19:19:39 [MSM]
19:19:39 [MSM]
19:19:39 [MSM]
19:19:39 [MSM]
19:20:56 [Sandy]
MSM: made progress on action 210. Please check the above 4 links for suggested changes to old namespace documents.
19:21:45 [Sandy]
Len: in, the title says "Version 1.1 Namespaces". Should not be plural.
19:22:03 [Sandy]
MSM: I will fix it.
19:22:29 [Sandy]
Len: same is true for the latest namespace document
19:22:42 [Sandy]
John: and in the second paragraph.
19:25:21 [Sandy]
Len: IE7 reports an error when trying to load the xsd file linked from the old "sml" namespace document
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19:25:34 [lencharest]
IE7 cannot display sml-schema.xsd. Error is:
19:25:37 [lencharest]
The XML page cannot be displayed
19:25:38 [lencharest]
Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
19:25:38 [lencharest]
19:25:38 [lencharest]
19:25:38 [lencharest]
19:25:39 [lencharest]
19:25:41 [lencharest]
Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'xsl'. Error processing resource ''. Line 1, Po...
19:25:44 [lencharest]
19:25:46 [lencharest]
19:25:48 [lencharest]
19:25:50 [lencharest]
Second try:
19:26:02 [lencharest]
Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'xsl'. Error
19:26:29 [Sandy]
Sandy: The stylesheet does not contain a document element. The stylesheet may be empty, or it may not be a well-formed XML documen...
19:26:29 [lencharest]
processing resource ''. Line 1, Po...
19:26:30 [lencharest]
19:27:56 [Sandy]
s/Sandy: The/Sandy: the error I see in IE7: The
19:28:20 [Sandy]
topic: Next Steps on Documents
19:28:41 [Sandy]
Len: Kirk mentioned he didn't plan to make any content changes to the EPR scheme document
19:28:59 [lencharest]
EPR note is at
19:29:12 [lencharest]
XLink note is at
19:29:27 [Sandy]
John: WG members should review these two documents
19:30:01 [Sandy]
John: are Formulae fixed in the test documents?
19:30:30 [Sandy]
Ginny: yes. checked into CVS.
19:32:00 [Sandy]
topic: Team Contact transition plan
19:33:14 [lencharest]
Meeting Tuesday at 9am would be fine
19:33:19 [Sandy]
John: to accommodate Henry in UK, Tue. 8:00PT OK for everyone?
19:33:27 [Sandy]
Len: not for me.
19:33:32 [Sandy]
Sandy: me neither.
19:34:07 [Sandy]
John: Please post what time works for you.
19:34:45 [Sandy]
John: Also likely to reduce the call to 1hr/wk.
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19:37:27 [Sandy]
topic: Bugs 5341 and 5561
19:37:45 [Sandy]
John: Should update then since Len updated the documents.
19:38:11 [Sandy]
topic: Bug 5492
19:38:13 [Sandy]
19:39:20 [Sandy]
MSM: will look at this again. expect to report back next week. continue to believe manually updating the html is worth doing.
19:39:34 [Sandy]
topic: Bug 5680
19:39:39 [Sandy]
19:39:51 [Sandy]
rrsagent, generate minutes
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19:45:24 [ginny_]
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19:45:54 [Sandy]
John: walk through the proposal in the above PDF file
19:49:15 [Sandy]
Len: question about usage and consistency of curly and square brackets.
19:49:56 [Sandy]
John: curly are normally for schema component property names; square are for infoset properties. often happy to leave the consistency issue to the editors.
19:52:40 [Sandy]
Len: toward the bottom of page 2. may want to replace "the following line" with "the following entry", to avoid line-wrapping issues.
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zakim, please call MSM-617
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ok, MSM; the call is being made
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zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see johnarwe_, lencharest, Sandy, MSM, Ginny_Smith, MSM.a
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On IRC I see ginny_, MSM, ginny, johnarwe_, RRSAgent, Zakim, Sandy, lencharest, trackbot
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zakim, drop MSM
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MSM is being disconnected
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zakim, please call MSM-617
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ok, MSM; the call is being made
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20:08:03 [johnarwe_]
MSM: propose changing last paragrpaph (in red):
20:08:05 [Sandy]
MSM: suggest to change the second sentence in the last paragraph on page 4, from "insufficient" to "not necessarily sufficient".
20:08:51 [Sandy]
MSM: also "xsl:varialble is one possible choice" to "xsl:varialbe and sch:let are possible choices"
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20:15:09 [Zakim]
20:21:16 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: adopt the proposal for 5680 in the PDF file, with above amendments. editors to incorporate it. mark it "editorial". no WG review needed.
20:21:40 [johnarwe_]
20:21:48 [Sandy]
topic: Implementation report
20:25:11 [Sandy]
John: yellow column for "Eclipse COSMOS Result" will become "valid" or "invalid". and they all match the expected result.
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20:25:41 [Sandy]
s/John:/John: for test case report,
20:26:20 [Sandy]
Ginny: does that mean the two "no" answers in the feature report are not correct?
20:27:23 [Sandy]
John: given how they are worded, COSMOS has to say no, because they are for when certain other features are not supported, but COSMOS does support them.
20:28:26 [Sandy]
Ginny: seems appropriate to change the description of those features.
20:33:58 [Zakim]
20:34:59 [Sandy]
John: in test case report, orange cell on first row was artificial error. Should be required.
20:35:24 [ginny_]
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20:36:38 [Sandy]
Ginny: can't answer some of the orange cells, without Kumar on the MS impl.
20:37:01 [Sandy]
John: for base64 tests, where "expected result" is either yellow or orange, expect them to become "valid".
20:41:56 [Sandy]
John: for smlref test "MultipleNonRootXpointer", feature type inconsistency needs to be fixed.
20:43:05 [Sandy]
Ginny: 2 lines down is caused by a blank line in the spredsheet.
20:45:24 [ginny_]
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20:47:03 [Sandy]
John: test "ValidNilRefPSVI" in smlref, expected result should be "valid".
20:50:16 [Sandy]
John: "Feature rules, locid": because XSL doesn't like 2 feature names. Seems the tests are really about "locid." "rules" is just the mechanism used to test "locid". Suggest to use "locid" as the feature name, and move "rules" out of "primary feature".
20:50:59 [Sandy]
20:52:13 [Sandy]
John: similarly for "Feature rules, rule-binding", suggest to use "rule-binding" as primary, and move "rules" to secondary.
20:52:26 [Sandy]
Ginny: +1
20:52:32 [Sandy]
Len: +1
20:53:07 [Sandy]
John: test "ValidSchematronRule" in "rules". Expected result should be "valid".
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21:00:09 [Sandy]
John: need to decide next week what should be the required pass rate. May also make the PR transition decision next week.
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21:00:24 [Zakim]
21:00:25 [Zakim]
21:00:25 [Zakim]
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Attendees were johnarwe_, Sandy, MSM, lencharest, Ginny_Smith, MSM.a, Kirk_Wilson
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