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16:52:36 [glazou]
Zakim, this will be Style
16:52:36 [Zakim]
ok, glazou; I see Style_CSS FP()12:00PM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
16:52:36 [fantasai]
Bert, do you think the section starting "The middle image's width is scaled"
16:52:38 [fantasai]
is clear?
16:52:51 [fantasai]
there's an issue marked there, I'm wondering if the wording needs tweaking or if I can just remove the issue
16:54:16 [Bert]
The I automatically read "failing that" as "zero or infinity" so I don't hink a rewrite is really necessary.
16:54:22 [Bert]
16:54:22 [fantasai]
16:54:25 [fantasai]
16:54:39 [fantasai]
last issue in the text is whether the 'inset' keyword for box-shadow should be renamed 'inner'
16:55:37 [Bert]
Will bg style and bg shadow ever be used together in a shorthand?
16:55:53 [fantasai]
I sincerely doubt it
16:55:58 [fantasai]
bg-shadow is complicated enough on its own
16:56:04 [fantasai]
16:56:05 [fantasai]
box shadow
16:56:15 [Bert]
Yes, my mistake.
16:56:18 [glazou]
Bert: : thanks for answer to ITU
16:56:59 [Bert]
I think inset is fine. But I don't know id there is already a traditional name for the effect among designers.
16:57:29 [fantasai]
16:57:43 [fantasai]
I'll remove the issue for now then
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16:58:06 [Bert]
If there is no strong reason to change it, I prefer keeping inset. Avoids having to remember an extra keyword.
16:58:10 [fantasai]
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17:05:20 [glazou]
dsinger: do you have friends working on I18N at apple ?
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apparenty, it's the ftp server turning é into e+'
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17:11:18 [fantasai]
Topic: Widows and Orphans
17:11:18 [Zakim]
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17:12:27 [glazou]
hi emilyw
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hi glazou
17:13:55 [fantasai]
Melinda: I would limit the proposal to the first line there
17:13:59 [fantasai]
17:14:30 [fantasai]
I suggest changing "minimum number of lines of a paragraph" to "minimum number of line boxes in a block element"
17:14:35 [fantasai]
This is a change we made to css3
17:14:42 [fantasai]
s/This/Melinda: This/
17:14:50 [fantasai]
s/I suggest/Melinda: I suggest/
17:15:54 [fantasai]
Melinda: I'm withdrawing the second half of the proposal (wrt table rows)
17:16:00 [fantasai]
Peter: Any objections?
17:16:23 [fantasai]
Bert: I think that's what we always meant it to be, just sloppy prose
17:16:28 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I agree with Melinda's change
17:16:38 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: Accept proposal
17:16:40 [dbaron]
I agree as well.
17:17:03 [plinss]
17:17:12 [fantasai]
Topic: Margins at page and column breaks
17:17:22 [fantasai]
Melinda: I wanted to talk about top margins with respect to page breaks
17:17:29 [fantasai]
Melinda: I don't have anything wrt columns that I want to put forward
17:17:33 [fantasai]
Melinda: Shall we plunge into that?
17:17:34 [Zakim]
17:17:45 [dbaron]
Zakim, who is noisy?
17:17:54 [ChrisL]
zakim, who is talking?
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Zakim, ??P21 is howcome
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ChrisL, listening for 11 seconds I heard sound from the following: ??P21 (51%), fantasai (27%), glazou (23%), Melinda_Grant (61%)
17:18:26 [fantasai]
Melinda: Discussion on www-style started by Murakami-san about margins at page breaks.
17:18:36 [fantasai]
Melinda: Michael Day has a proposal, that I think is a very good one.
17:18:42 [fantasai]
Melinda: But a piece of it would require change to 2.1
17:18:56 [fantasai]
Melinda: Right now that we say that when a page break occurs between blocks, the margins get zeroed
17:19:11 [fantasai]
Melinda: Michael's proposal is that they only get zeroed if the break is not forced
17:19:18 [fantasai]
Melinda: If the break is forced, then the top margin is kept
17:19:23 [fantasai]
Melinda: this makes a lot of sense
17:20:05 [fantasai]
Melinda: You don't want the first page of the document, which might well be the first page of a chapter/section, to format differently from first page of a chapter or section
17:20:23 [fantasai]
Melinda: The first page is not after a page break, so the top margin there won't get zeroed
17:20:33 [fantasai]
Melinda: But when you force a page break before the first page of chapter 2, chapter 3, etc.
17:20:41 [fantasai]
Melinda: That top margin disappears
17:20:52 [fantasai]
Melinda: That means you have to do exception styling for the first page
17:21:04 [fantasai]
Melinda: Also it's very confusing for authors for the margin to disappear
17:21:16 [fantasai]
Melinda: So the proposal is to open up 2.1 to allow Prince's behavior
17:21:30 [fantasai]
Melinda: I would like to /allow/ that behavior: allow you to retain a top margin after a forced break
17:21:40 [dbaron]
Changing 2.1 to allow retention of the top margin after a forced page break sounds good to me.
17:21:41 [fantasai]
Melinda: And in CSS3 we want to move to mandating that
17:21:55 [fantasai]
howcome: I support your proposal
17:22:04 [fantasai]
howcome: I think it's a logical behavior
17:22:26 [fantasai]
howcome: I agree with allowing it in 2.1 and requiring it in 2.1
17:22:29 [fantasai]
17:22:33 [fantasai]
17:22:53 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I'm not sure if on the 4th page you want to retain the margin
17:23:06 [fantasai]
SteveZ: XSL has a property to control this
17:23:17 [fantasai]
Melinda: XSL-FO does have a property to control whether margins are present or not
17:23:26 [fantasai]
Melinda: And I think we do want to have controls in the future
17:23:38 [Zakim]
17:23:38 [fantasai]
Melinda: But I think we want to get the best default behavior now
17:23:56 [dsinger]
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17:24:02 [fantasai]
Melinda: There were some interesting proposals for margin collapsing controls in that thread
17:24:08 [Zakim]
17:24:16 [dsinger]
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17:24:16 [Zakim]
+dsinger; got it
17:24:28 [fantasai]
Melinda: The proposal for controls on margin collapsing on the margin properties is a good idea and somewhere we should go in the future
17:25:44 [ChrisL]
I agree with fantasai, this does not block future extensibility
17:25:46 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I'm concerned about this proposal to preserve margins after forced page breaks
17:25:55 [fantasai]
SteveZ: what if you don't want the margin preserved?
17:26:21 [fantasai]
SteveZ: Wouldn't this block extensibility?
17:26:33 [fantasai]
fantasai: No, this would just be the 'auto' behavior.
17:26:42 [glazou]
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17:26:44 [fantasai]
fantasai: you could then have other values that say always do this, or always do that.
17:27:22 [sylvaing]
it sounds like what we are really defining here is the smart default/auto behavior.
17:27:25 [fantasai]
howcome: We don't want to add a new property for every issue
17:27:54 [Bert]
(If table#t1 needs a page-break-before, then you can give it margin:0 in the same rule)
17:29:08 [fantasai]
SteveZ: what if I have a table and I want to force a break to put it at the top of the page?
17:29:18 [fantasai]
fantasai: set margin-top: 0; along with page-break-before: always;
17:29:33 [fantasai]
fantasai: If we preserve the margins by default, you always have the option of zeroing it out
17:29:57 [Bert]
(We also can set the first top margin by using a named page with that top margin...)
17:30:00 [ChrisL]
Yes, its a more sensible default. As fantasai says, if you are forcing a page break, you now have the option of retaining or removing the top margin
17:30:02 [fantasai]
fantasai: but you can't put it in if the algorithm requires deleting it
17:30:16 [ChrisL]
q+ to suggest a "should"
17:31:24 [fantasai]
Chris: Can we make it a should in 2.1?
17:31:39 [fantasai]
Melinda: I think that would be difficult, because we have several implementations that don't align on this
17:32:25 [dbaron]
So, for what it's worth (since it's hard to get a word in), there are some other use cases for margins that disappear.
17:32:37 [dbaron]
It's a quirks mode behavior at the edges of the body and the edges of tables cells, at least.
17:32:47 [fantasai]
Chris: but we should give some guidance to implementors
17:32:57 [fantasai]
Melinda: I'm thinking putting it in CSS3 Paged Media will give that guidance
17:33:15 [fantasai]
howcome: behavior on columns should be consistent with that for page breaks
17:33:29 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I certainly understand the argument, I'm just concerned that it's going to ...
17:33:43 [fantasai]
Melinda: I've been trying to think of counter-examples for a long time
17:33:49 [fantasai]
Melinda: I'm happy with this solution
17:34:07 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I know that what I've done for prints, I've put in page breaks for many other reasons than starting a new chapter.
17:34:19 [fantasai]
SteveZ: i understand fantasai's point about being able to turn it off in that context
17:34:28 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I'm concerned that this kind of design is usually bad
17:34:36 [fantasai]
SteveZ: It makes an assumption that one case is more important than the others
17:34:55 [fantasai]
Howcome: I've been pushing for Prince to follow the specifications, and I've pushed Michael on this specific issue
17:35:04 [fantasai]
Howcome: But he won't change it, and he points to user feedback.
17:35:45 [sylvaing]
does it make one case more important than the others, or does it pick what the default behavior should be ?
17:36:13 [fantasai]
SteveZ worries about this auto behavior closing off the possibility of controls in the future.
17:36:47 [fantasai]
Melinda: We don't want to close off the possibility of controls in the future. How about you think about that for the next week and report back if you find any issues
17:36:59 [fantasai]
17:37:45 [fantasai]
SteveZ: My concern is that the decision for whether you want to collapse or not doesn't depend on the element but on the container
17:38:09 [fantasai]
SteveZ: We're talking about a different behavior when you're positioned somewhere particular in a container
17:38:20 [fantasai]
Melinda: I don't understand. could you draw some use cases
17:38:30 [fantasai]
SteveZ: So your use case is the margin at the beginning of a chapter
17:39:24 [fantasai]
more discussion between Melinda and SteveZ, not much very clear
17:39:58 [fantasai]
Howcome: THe one use case you've mentioned so far is you have a table, and you want it to start on a new page, and you want to collapse the margin.
17:40:14 [fantasai]
Howcome: When you set the break, you can remove the margin
17:40:27 [fantasai]
Melinda: The current behavior is not that the margin collapses, but that it is removed
17:41:05 [fantasai]
SteveZ: You want to remove all the margins at that point, however deep they are
17:41:15 [fantasai]
fantasai: So you want something like margin-top: hidden;
17:42:10 [fantasai]
SteveZ: You can't zero the margin if you don't know whether you're at the top of the page
17:42:24 [fantasai]
Melinda: You're always at the top of the page after a forced break
17:42:30 [fantasai]
SteveZ: what about keep-together?
17:42:45 [fantasai]
Melinda: That's not a forced break. The margins get zeroed as currently defined
17:43:05 [fantasai]
17:43:10 [fantasai]
SteveZ: Ok, I'm understanding the logic.
17:43:18 [fantasai]
SteveZ: I'm concerned about future compat.
17:43:32 [fantasai]
ACTION SteveZ: Think about this
17:43:32 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-121 - Think about this [on Steve Zilles - due 2009-01-21].
17:43:50 [glazou]
Zakim, unmute me
17:43:50 [Zakim]
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17:44:05 [Zakim]
17:44:09 [Zakim]
17:44:48 [fantasai]
TENTATIVE RESOLUTION: Accept Melinda's proposal to allow margins to be kept after a forced page break
17:44:53 [fantasai]
PENDING: SteveZ's ok
17:45:30 [fantasai]
Topic: Background Layering
17:45:48 [fantasai]
fantasai: I heard from Hyatt that basing layering on background-image only was ok
17:45:50 [fantasai]
dsinger confirms
17:45:57 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: layering based on background-image only
17:46:14 [fantasai]
Topic: June F2F
17:46:31 [fantasai]
Peter: We'd like to confirm the dates for June in Sophia-Antipolis
17:46:36 [fantasai]
Peter: Currently listed for 24-26
17:46:39 [arronei]
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17:46:44 [fantasai]
Bert: With me those are still fine
17:46:59 [fantasai]
Howcome: The holidays start then, and kids are out of school
17:47:03 [fantasai]
Howcome: I will not be able to attend
17:47:34 [fantasai]
dbaron: I remember signs in Antibes that had parking restrictions starting the middle of June
17:47:42 [dsinger]
overlaps a 3GPP SA4 meeting (Ystad) but that's not serious
17:47:51 [emilyw]
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17:47:56 [fantasai]
Melinda: how far back would we have to move it to enable you to join, howcome?
17:47:58 [dsinger]
I always stay in Valbonne, where one can usually park (unless there is an antiques fair)
17:48:20 [fantasai]
Howcome: beginning of the month would be better
17:48:27 [fantasai]
Howcome: I think the holidays start around the 14th
17:48:38 [fantasai]
Howcome: 12th
17:48:42 [fantasai]
Howcome: Friday the 12th
17:48:51 [fantasai]
SteveZ: Bert, you're on vacation in June?
17:49:01 [fantasai]
Bert: I'm away from 7-20
17:49:18 [fantasai]
Howcome: What about the first week of June?
17:49:20 [dsinger]
please, no earlier, the current week already starts 5 on the road for me
17:49:45 [fantasai]
SteveZ and fantasai can't do the last week of May
17:49:53 [fantasai]
Glazou: 1st of June is a holiday in France
17:50:02 [fantasai]
Chris: What about 3-5th of June
17:50:12 [fantasai]
Bert: probably ok, but I'd like a few days to check that
17:50:21 [dsinger]
not sure I would travel as it would be a standalone...bit I don't have a conflict
17:50:37 [fantasai]
Melinda: Would we lose anyone on the call if we moved it there?
17:51:16 [fantasai]
*dsinger said
17:51:16 [glazou]
Bert: excellent suggestion indeed !
17:51:19 [dsinger]
don't decide on me...
17:51:47 [sylvaing]
we can hang out on howcome's yacht. avoids parking issues.
17:52:16 [Bert]
You have no idea how expensive parlking for yachts is here :-)
17:52:29 [dbaron] was our previous discussion of meeting scheduling for this meeting
17:52:45 [fantasai]
Peter: Ok, we'll give Bert a chance to look at that
17:52:53 [fantasai]
Peter: And we'll keep both sets of dates penciled in, come back to this
17:52:59 [dbaron]
I think the reason we rejected first week of June before was Bert's constraints, since he was unsure of dates.
17:53:15 [fantasai]
Topic: Invited Experts
17:53:36 [fantasai]
17:56:39 [fantasai]
RESOLVED: proposal accepted
17:57:46 [fantasai]
Topic: Backgrounds and Borders
17:57:54 [fantasai]
fantasai: Preparing for last call
17:57:59 [fantasai]
dbaron: thinking about at-risk
17:58:34 [fantasai]
dbaron, peter: put thinks at risk if they don't have at least one implementation
18:00:19 [dsinger]
18:00:20 [Zakim]
18:00:22 [Zakim]
18:00:22 [Zakim]
18:00:23 [Zakim]
18:00:23 [Zakim]
18:00:25 [Zakim]
18:00:27 [Zakim]
18:00:31 [Zakim]
18:00:37 [Zakim]
18:00:39 [Zakim]
18:00:41 [Zakim]
18:00:43 [Zakim]
18:00:46 [Zakim]
Style_CSS FP()12:00PM has ended
18:00:50 [Zakim]
Attendees were plinss, dsinger, Bert, +1.206.324.aaaa, glazou, Melinda_Grant, sylvaing, ChrisL, fantasai, SteveZ, dbaron, emilyw, howcome
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20:19:21 [fantasai]
Bert: I've added a sentence to handle fixed backgrounds in paged media,
20:19:31 [fantasai]
20:19:34 [fantasai]
Let me know if that works
20:21:11 [melinda]
Where is the image to be anchored?
20:21:43 [fantasai]
initial containing block
20:21:48 [fantasai]
20:22:21 [melinda]
But which corner of the image is anchored to which corner of the initial containing block?
20:22:27 [fantasai]
Bert, is that your post-processor?
20:22:32 [fantasai]
melinda: determined by background-position
20:54:17 [fantasai]
Bert, don't remove the sane IDs!
21:10:01 [anne]
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21:11:11 [anne]
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21:26:53 [Bert]
Fantasai, if you put in an ID yourself, the postprocessor will use it and not generate one of its own.
21:27:18 [Bert]
If you're missing two that you out in earlier, it's me who removed them...
21:27:23 [krijnh]
krijnh has joined #css
21:28:25 [Bert]
(But I find it's rarely needed to invent anchors. The auto link from an inline elt to a dfn is usually enough.)
21:36:28 [krijnh]
krijnh has joined #css
21:39:31 [anne]
they are usually really ugly
21:39:40 [anne]
the ones Anolis generates are prettier
21:40:02 [anne]
but Anolis is not a stable Web service quite yet last I checked, although HTML5 appears to be using it
21:40:34 [anne]
on an unrelated note, is TJ planning on replying to each e-mail?
21:44:36 [krijnh]
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21:52:31 [krijnh]
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21:54:38 [dbaron]
Bert, I think putting in the IDs is much better, since then they stay stable as the spec changes.
21:54:45 [Bert]
The IDs are typically the first one or two words concatenated, with a digit added if that is not unique.
21:54:48 [dbaron]
Bert, whereas otherwise changes in the spec change bcakground5 to background6, etc.
21:55:04 [dbaron]
Bert, and that breaks people's links
21:55:46 [Bert]
You can put in the IDs that you know you need, but I don't like to do work that that computer can do for me. That's why the cross-refs are automatic.
21:56:34 [krijnh]
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21:58:02 [Hixie]
anne: define "stable"?
21:58:32 [Hixie]
it's mostly compatible with bert's script
22:02:11 [dbaron]
stables are specifically for horses; barns are for general animal housing
22:03:45 [anne], sweet
22:05:45 [krijnh]
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22:23:33 [fantasai]
Bert, I agree with David. It's fine to let the post-processor generate the links, but the anchors should be manual anytime we start seeing digits
22:23:46 [fantasai]
so <dfn>property-name</dfn> usually is ok
22:24:02 [fantasai]
but <dfn>bla bla</dfn> starts generating bla1 bla2
22:24:04 [fantasai]
22:24:18 [fantasai]
also <dfn>property</dfn>
22:24:44 [fantasai]
your dfn ID generator should use the entire contents of <dfn>, not just the first word