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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 13 January 2009
16:57:04 [Roland]
16:57:10 [Roland]
Chair: Roland
16:57:23 [Roland]
Regrets: Mark
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+ +1.919.663.aaaa
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Zakim, Roland_Merrick is Roland
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+Roland; got it
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Topic:Outstanding actions
17:07:11 [Roland]
Scribe: Peaston
17:07:24 [peaston]
scribetopic: outstanding actions
17:07:44 [peaston]
topic: outstanding actions
17:07:46 [Roland]
17:07:49 [peaston]
chair: roland
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17:10:43 [peaston]
Need to see Yves wrt act 55 because of last call status revisit next week
17:11:55 [Roland]
17:13:35 [peaston]
topic: URI Spec
17:14:36 [peaston]
eric: Cisco employee awaiting email internally
17:15:31 [peaston]
topic: last call review comments from TSG
17:16:17 [peaston]
give this a week for responses to be made
17:17:02 [peaston]
awaiting from Oracle, SDA input on spec
17:17:44 [peaston]
topic: review testing and Dereks email re property test
17:17:50 [Roland]
17:18:36 [peaston]
derek: have spec and a testing question
17:18:59 [peaston]
action: derek to raise spec question independently after call
17:19:00 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-57 - Raise spec question independently after call [on Derek Rokicki - due 2009-01-20].
17:20:59 [peaston]
derek: should we be testing the how or source of the message property wsdl uir etc
17:21:17 [peaston]
17:21:47 [peaston]
derek: how do we test the precedence rules?
17:24:09 [peaston]
eric: we should not have individual tests try and accomplish multiple properties in one test
17:26:08 [peaston]
roland: I think we need specific tests
17:27:10 [peaston]
phil: true individual test cases but not necessarity individual tests
17:29:37 [peaston]
roland: criteria is to provide a test suite to validate assertions
17:30:04 [peaston]
phil: do we need a concrete suite
17:32:08 [peaston]
eric: first priority is to ensure testability of all assertions also smaller test collateral is better
17:32:32 [peaston]
eric: value also to test individual failed tests
17:33:48 [peaston]
eric: but don't get too specific e.g. JAXWS might not be the environment
17:34:49 [peaston]
eric: no value in massive number of tests
17:35:16 [peaston]
roland: no rules for this on W3C
17:36:15 [peaston]
roland: stick to goal can we test all the assertions
17:37:46 [peaston]
derek: ok consensus is that fewer physical tests is better
17:39:10 [peaston]
derek: do we have to spell whole WSDL or just shell
17:39:43 [peaston]
eric: keep all WSDL tests in one section
17:40:01 [peaston]
roland: yes because of conformance groupings
17:45:03 [peaston]
roland: perhaps an aspect approach e.g. WSDL conformance needs tests x,y,z
17:46:25 [peaston]
topic: delivery mode issue
17:47:32 [peaston]
property name for non persistent is incorrect or inconsistent propose NON_PERSISTENT i.e. underscore present
17:48:53 [peaston]
topic: AOB?
17:49:13 [peaston]
eric: time frame for approval ?
17:49:26 [eric]
17:50:11 [peaston]
amy: rules of thumb are 3 months between cr,pr etc
17:50:24 [peaston]
roland: we need implementations
17:51:24 [peaston]
I have lost my phone !!!
17:51:53 [Roland]
thats all f9olks
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bye all
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Attendees were +1.919.663.aaaa, Roland, alewis, +1.512.286.aabb, Derek, Peter_Easton, eric, Phil
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rrsagent, generate minutes
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