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16:01:35 [shepazu]
Zakim, call shepazu
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ok, shepazu; the call is being made
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Zakim, who is here?
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On the phone I see +1.713.851.aaaa, +1.149.1.aabb, JeffSchiller, Shepazu, ??P56, Manuel
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16:07:31 [shepazu]
scribeNick: gwadej
16:09:15 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: SVG Open issues
16:09:24 [Donald_Doherty]
Jeff, I'm on IRC on both HCLS and SVGIG. I'll be just looking in from time to time.
16:09:37 [JeffSchiller]
Donald_Doherty: np, thanks
16:10:03 [gwadej]
shepazu: Google and Yahoo talking about sponsoring
16:10:11 [JeffSchiller]
16:10:18 [gwadej]
... Google may provide venue
16:11:12 [gwadej]
... not sure about local contacts and what they would need to do.
16:12:07 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: if Brad Newberg is working on it we might be able to get some help from him
16:12:30 [gwadej]
shepazu: We need to decide what needs to be done locally
16:13:01 [gwadej]
... since much would be done by phone, could be done non-locally as well.
16:13:42 [gwadej]
Stelt: Google has geek meetings all the time, so good venuje
16:13:53 [gwadej]
16:14:02 [rlongson]
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16:14:11 [gwadej]
... Google would have wifi and such handled
16:14:29 [gwadej]
shepazu: we could trust a lot if Google did it
16:14:43 [gwadej]
... maybe a few days before.
16:15:02 [gwadej]
... might be better on the weekends, maybe better turnout
16:15:12 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: Depends on the audience
16:16:22 [Zakim]
16:16:29 [gwadej]
shepazu: during the week everyone works or whatever. Weekends more likely to be free.
16:16:48 [gwadej]
gwadej: weekends for family
16:17:10 [gwadej]
shepazu: technical presentations on the weekday
16:17:11 [shepazu]
Zakim, ??P16 is rlongson
16:17:11 [Zakim]
+rlongson; got it
16:17:40 [gwadej]
... maybe overlap end of week over weekend
16:18:08 [JeffSchiller]
16:18:22 [gwadej]
shepazu: Maybe Google provide better venue on weekend?
16:19:14 [gwadej]
... don't know about Pittsburg as a location. Been then nice.
16:19:19 [gwadej]
16:19:33 [gwadej]
... maybe Boston, or Bay area.
16:19:58 [gwadej]
... not enough information for deciding location
16:21:14 [gwadej]
... stelt has most planning expeience
16:21:38 [gwadej]
... call for papers even without venue decision
16:22:19 [gwadej]
... abstract even without knowing and might be willing to decide if chosen.
16:23:11 [gwadej]
stelt: If someone from Mozilla is willing to help, we might be able to get more info
16:23:38 [gwadej]
shepazu: Rob has contact with Mozilla
16:24:07 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: Direct questions to Jonathan to push for Mozilla help.
16:24:38 [gwadej]
shepazu: good chance to get Mozilla to sponsor
16:24:52 [gwadej]
... Robert O'Callahan?
16:25:08 [gwadej]
... others at Mozilla might be able to come
16:25:46 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Maybe invite someone like Sam Ruby to give a keynote
16:25:56 [gwadej]
shepazu: Might bring in more from IBM
16:26:10 [gwadej]
... Shelley Powers?
16:26:42 [gwadej]
... present, not necessarily a keynote, but present and promote book.
16:26:45 [stelt]
Cant we finalize (make sure) on Google venue and then let Andreas do the call?
16:27:54 [gwadej]
stelt: seemed like it was close to certain, maybe we can push a little with Andreas to get it completed
16:28:15 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: still no information on dates
16:28:42 [gwadej]
shepazu: D. Dailey had commented about before school had started
16:28:48 [stelt]
dates should be good for USA folks
16:28:55 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Not during the first week of classes
16:29:11 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: try to finalize the dates on the mailing list
16:29:37 [gwadej]
shepazu: if at Google, I would count on twice the attendance
16:29:50 [gwadej]
... how long since easy one for Americans to attend
16:29:57 [stelt]
16:30:47 [JeffSchiller]
16:31:34 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Move on to Website
16:31:37 [stelt] is back, but for how long?
16:31:43 [gwadej]
... still work that needs to be done.
16:32:04 [gwadej]
.... was not reachable a few days ago, but appears to be back.
16:32:26 [gwadej]
shepazu: maintainer is currently in China, fixed some configuration problems.
16:32:59 [gwadej]
... interested in new site and help with hosting new site. Would be willing to provide a data dump
16:33:40 [gwadej]
... still can't get input from owner of domain
16:34:06 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Let's proceed with planetsvg and ignore
16:34:21 [gwadej]
shepazu: SVG Tiny 1.2 is a recommendation!!!
16:34:36 [stelt]
congrats shepazu
16:34:50 [gwadej]
... WG happy that it is done and apologetic that it took so long.
16:35:19 [gwadej]
... doing errata for 1.1, cleanup, tests, one errata for 1.2, looking toward next version of language.
16:35:59 [gwadej]
... news item on planetsvg, not on
16:36:32 [gwadej]
... putting a lot of pressure on Rob. How can we help?
16:36:47 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: The theming went well,
16:36:59 [gwadej]
... guides need to be written, etc.
16:37:35 [gwadej]
... the bits that need to be done, like feeds, etc. working on.
16:37:58 [gwadej]
... imporvement to moderation view will make it easier for moderators.
16:38:17 [gwadej]
... SVG upload for the gallery is a big piece
16:38:33 [gwadej]
... anyone willing to help with the server-side stuff
16:38:53 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Will check his access to make certain it worked
16:39:12 [gwadej]
... what is part of the theme from Manuel
16:39:29 [stelt]
Rob, saw BSVG/B bug in moderation view?
16:39:37 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: theme as a zip sent, fixed, and returned
16:39:56 [gwadej]
Manuel: working on the changes
16:40:43 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: it is in a SVN repository, so maybe easier access for Manuel
16:40:59 [gwadej]
... workflow for the multiple servers
16:41:19 [gwadej]
... update repository, then have servers svn up for the changes.
16:41:32 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: try out the css changes this way
16:41:42 [shepazu]
stelt, that sounds great... we need more content on the wiki
16:41:58 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: Making changes rapidly is not the problem yet, so he can be in the middle.
16:42:11 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: outgoing feeds problems?
16:42:40 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: have not tracked down where all of the outgoing feeds already work, much may be
16:42:52 [gwadej]
... there without any more work,
16:43:11 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Check if its there and then do the css changes.
16:43:25 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: Put in a link for the feeds we find.
16:43:51 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Email subscriptions for forums and such after the themes and such.
16:44:09 [stelt] gone, where do people get the official logo now?
16:44:40 [shepazu] is really dark, hard to read
16:44:47 [gwadej]
shepazu: after the aqua buttons, tutorial on reusable content
16:45:10 [gwadej]
Manuel: SVG -based websites and such
16:45:48 [shepazu]
stelt: was never intended to provide the logo... it will be available from W3C soon
16:45:49 [gwadej]
... wireframing websites with SVG, realize in HTML, in about a month..
16:46:12 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Checklist from stelt for the website?
16:46:39 [gwadej]
shepazu: solicit content from developers list
16:47:21 [gwadej]
... two French guys, one who had his own site and a book, another with a widgets framework.
16:47:31 [Manuel]
i found the logo on the site of the designer who created it...
16:47:32 [gwadej]
... maybe a forum on making widgets.
16:47:33 [Manuel]
16:47:46 [gwadej]
... Niko (he's Italian)
16:47:58 [gwadej]
... very good framework.
16:48:30 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Ferd (sp?) used to do some games, now has a blog.
16:48:51 [JeffSchiller]
s/Ferd/Fyrd =>
16:48:51 [stelt]
i found my SVG site checklist:
16:48:53 [gwadej]
shepazu: Firefox widget set
16:49:13 [gwadej]
... works in browsers, not just Firefox
16:49:37 [JeffSchiller]
stelt: I was talking about content for the website that you might be willing to write, I think you mentioned a checklist or something
16:49:44 [gwadej]
... Kevin Lindsey, I wonder if he would do a tutorial?
16:50:24 [gwadej]
... maybe not need to worry about the content. We need to have something to point to from the W3C site.
16:50:50 [stelt]
wants to move his links
16:51:04 [gwadej]
Rob_Russell: Once we're using the new theme as default, then put this on W3C.
16:51:50 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: let's fix the theme and then, if no show-stoppers let's put it out, (then we can teak forever._
16:52:28 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: Little space at top was for links, but we don't use it for now.
16:52:50 [gwadej]
JeffSchiller: identify low-handing fruit in browser bugs.
16:53:29 [gwadej]
shepazu: run across a few browser bugs in Firefox, because it's the one he uses the most.
16:53:53 [gwadej]
... putting some priority on SVG fonts, not in 3.1 but soon.
16:54:01 [gwadej]
... SMIl is a big one.
16:54:21 [gwadej]
... little stuff, like the title not giving a tooltip.
16:54:39 [gwadej]
... workaround like misuseing XLink title.
16:55:33 [gwadej]
... part of engine core, so it's stuck in review
16:55:51 [gwadej]
rlongson: can't review it, and people who can aren't doing it yet.
16:56:28 [Zakim]
16:57:07 [JeffSchiller]
16:57:28 [stelt]
if we write about low hanging fruit bugs, make sure to add links to bug tracking systems
16:57:37 [Rob_Russell]
zakim, 1.149 is Rob_Russell
16:57:37 [Zakim]
sorry, Rob_Russell, I do not recognize a party named '1.149'
16:59:37 [JeffSchiller]
zakim, aabb is Rob_Russell
16:59:37 [Zakim]
sorry, JeffSchiller, I do not recognize a party named 'aabb'
16:59:56 [Zakim]
16:59:59 [Zakim]
17:00:02 [Zakim]
17:00:04 [Zakim]
17:00:22 [Zakim]
17:01:02 [shepazu]
trackbot, end telcon
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