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zakim, what conferences ?
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I see no active conferences and none scheduled to start in the next 15 minutes
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rrsagent, make log public
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restarting to recover conference list
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zakim, what conferences ?
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zakim, what conferences ?
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I see no active conferences and none scheduled to start in the next 15 minutes
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zakim, this will be mw4d
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ok, steph; I see UW_MW4D IG()8:00AM scheduled to start in 2 minutes
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zakim, aaaa is me
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+steph; got it
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zakim, aabb is betty
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zakim, ??p2 is Ken
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zakim, aacc is Nicolas
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zakim, aadd is Lauri
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13:06:30 [steph]
scribe: stephane
13:06:40 [steph]
Topic approval of last meeting minutes
13:06:44 [steph]
Topic: approval of last meeting minutes
13:06:52 [steph]
13:07:01 [kiwanja]
13:07:06 [steph]
13:07:17 [steph]
Topic: action item review
13:07:48 [steph]
Stephane to schedule a presentation by adesina about a m-health project
13:08:02 [steph]
Stephane: done for today, but Adesina missing, so will reschedule it for next call
13:08:11 [steph]
raphael to send a summary of the project review in liberia
13:08:28 [steph]
Lauri to send info about unesco project
13:09:13 [steph]
Lauri: will do this week
13:09:38 [steph]
stephane to investigate how to get profile of people
13:09:38 [steph]
from the group
13:09:53 [steph]
stephane: looked at that, not possible for now, but things might change in a near future
13:11:35 [steph]
Topic: AOB
13:11:54 [steph]
Lauri: interesting info from ericsson. will send a link to nokia magazine with related links
13:12:36 [steph]
Nicolas: info about GSM Association
13:14:05 [nicolasC]
13:17:53 [steph]
Topic: report about m4d conference in sweden december 08
13:18:13 [steph]
nicolas: multi-tracks, one on network, one on m4d
13:18:18 [steph]
lots of people from africa
13:18:36 [steph]
keynote from gsma dev funds lots of interesting numbers
13:19:07 [betty]
13:19:29 [steph]
keynote from microsoft focus on available spectrum from tv analogic
13:19:51 [steph]
nicolas: also interesting panel with ericsson
13:20:21 [steph]
nice gathering of people, with different angle, policy, business, technologies good mix of people
13:20:28 [steph]
betty: uri ?
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+ +01312799aaee
13:20:47 [nicolasC]
13:20:54 [steph]
thanks !
13:21:14 [steph]
Lauri: in nokia, we are also active in hte frequence recup from tv
13:21:26 [steph]
working with ITU on this topic
13:21:29 [steph]
ack betty
13:21:31 [betty]
Thank you very much Nicolas :-)
13:22:03 [steph]
lauri: very good document on ITU site aboutthis issue
13:22:29 [steph]
ITU proposes rules, and governments have to implement the rules, but sometimes there are discrepancy between the 2
13:22:54 [steph]
zakim, aaee is renjish
13:22:54 [Zakim]
+renjish; got it
13:23:05 [steph]
Present: Stephane, Ken, Renjish, Betty, Lauri, Nicolas
13:23:36 [steph]
Topic: Roadmap
13:23:46 [steph]
13:23:59 [steph]
13:25:40 [steph]
13:32:21 [steph]
ken: i will put my name in some area
13:32:29 [steph]
Nicolas: overlapping sections
13:32:40 [steph]
than also some other aspects like energy, should we go that deep ?
13:34:07 [steph]
steph: i believe we are focusing on mobile phones as ict platform
13:34:20 [steph]
supposing that using mobile phones is already acknowledged
13:34:52 [steph]
Renjish: we should recongnize in the challenges section that there are other challenges that are not related to the use of mobile phones to access the internet
13:35:00 [steph]
nicolas: makes sense
13:35:38 [steph]
steph: regulation and policy ?
13:36:26 [steph]
nicolas: not part of this category, like energy
13:37:25 [steph]
Ken: i believe Jeffs send info about regulation issues, we will have to decide to include or not
13:38:03 [steph]
stephane: maybe we will decide later, depending on the contribution
13:38:27 [steph]
surely we should recongize that's a challenge that might impact hte overall ecosystem
13:38:59 [steph]
stephane: other factors ?
13:39:29 [steph]
nicolas: about 20 issues i listed
13:39:52 [steph]
ACTION: Nicolas to send a link to the list of issues he already identified, some related to mobile internet some not
13:40:20 [steph]
stephane: how did you build this list ?
13:41:01 [steph]
nicolas: part of an eu project with the space agency. at the beginning of the project, we did a risk analysis including these factors
13:41:10 [steph]
will sen dlinks to the project and to the deliverables
13:42:08 [steph]
Topic: AoB
13:43:16 [steph]
Stephane: deadline for W3C workshop
13:44:23 [steph]
12 monday
13:44:49 [steph]
s/12 monday/ 12 january, next monday, let me kno wif you plan to submit somthing or need more time, members of the group are invtied to join/
13:45:43 [Zakim]
13:45:44 [Zakim]
13:45:45 [Zakim]
13:45:46 [Zakim]
13:45:56 [steph]
Stephane: next Call: January 19
13:45:59 [Zakim]
13:46:00 [kiwanja]
steph - will email later
13:46:02 [steph]
rrsagent, draft minutes
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I have made the request to generate steph
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UW_MW4D IG()8:00AM has ended
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Attendees were +, steph, +0196266aabb, betty, Ken, +31.15.285.aacc, +035850558aadd, Nicolas, Lauri, +01312799aaee, renjish
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