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Very Happy B'day !

abcd konmon11@yahoo.com, sent on 2008-12-18

All the best.

XML is the best.I really appriciate for creating such a amazing tool.Its

simply superb!!!!

All the best & Keep it up.


swapnil ind_bswapnil@yahoo.co.in, sent on 2008-12-18

Greeting from Rodrigo

I love xml


Rodrigo rodrigo.reyesco@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-16


congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zaman hbrzaman@live.com, sent on 2008-12-16

XML - wind of changes


XML totally changed my life in late 1990th - early 2000 (i meet XML & XSLT-draft as SQLXML plugin for MS SQL Server 7.0). Since that time i have rule - if somewhere no place for XML then no place for me. Look like from now i can change whole world with new tools - XForms plugin for Firefox 3.0, eXist database, Saxon 9.1, XSLT2.0-based filters for OpenOffice 3.0, OxygenXML editor. It give so strong power that only one restriction can be

present - human`s imagination.

With best wishes,


Vyacheslav Sedov vyacheslav.sedov@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-15

XML Your're Father of The Fathers

Happy 10 Years Birthday, to You XML, you the Father of all Fathers, we Youth enjoy you most, just keep it up

Abdulganiyu S. Olawale walesospecial@yahoo.co.uk, sent on 2008-12-15


Cellambù festeggiamo i dieci anni di XML!

Carmine giancarlolallopizzi@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-13

Ajax no sería lo mismo sin XML

Excelentísimo formato para trabajar en todo tipo de ambiente. En convinación con Javascript es lo mejor especialmente al realizar consultas AJAX. Y ni que hablar con PHP! es lo máximo!

Gilberto Ramos sdjbm17@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-12


I've know XML since 1999 year.

I like the pretty format language from that time, I was a little child .

Maven mawei.81@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-12

[zh-hans] Congratulations

Congratulations xml have been ten years old holp it better

wuwei iverson.wuwei@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-10

Happy birthday 2 Y.

Happy birthday 2 Y.

sunamo sunamoCZ@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-10

Happy 10th!

The time go fast! Alredy 10 year !:D

Tokiz tobias__fox@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-12-09

Happy 10th!

Here's hoping to continue and celebrate another years of XML!

Maria Karla alfante@hotmail.com, sent on 2008-12-09


my voice xml project site.

its designed for the opera voice browser or any other browser without

voice or mobile devices.


joe budd lists@codebyjoe.com, sent on 2008-12-05


Hello Simon - XML is 10! Look what you can find when you're trying to

understand the interface spec!


sent on 2008-12-05

Disfruta de XML

Con esta tarjeta, el mundo mundial te felicita por hacer de los XML

schemas un mundo mejor. Viva Espinete!

La he visto y me he acordado de ti, es una tontería como una casa, pero igual contiene alguna curiosidad

Óscar Burgos oburgos@catcert.net, sent on 2008-12-04

XML - good friend of all

XML is a good friend of all Technologies. It doesn't care Microsoft or SUN. Behaves same way more or less - and more powerful when used in


I believe it is going to live forever.

My Greetings to XML and those who are using XML !

Vadhan vadhan.lalith@wipro.com, sent on 2008-12-04


May we soon get a chance to greet xml on its 25th bday! God Bless~~

Devdatt Samant devdatt.samant@gmail.com, sent on 2008-12-04


I learned about XML one year ago.

Use the book Learning XML of ORelly.

XML is a very good skill to me.

I write my read notes in Docbook XML format. and transform it into HTML

text, and then put it on my blog.

Wish the XML will spreads more and more technical places.

Xu Shen jimmy0000@sina.com, sent on 2008-12-03


Il migliore aiuto ricevuto sul Web per creare dei siti Standard.

The best help to create Web sites Standard.

da http://www.fontesarda.it

Fabio fabio@fontesarda.it, sent on 2008-12-02