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This document contains some general and historical information about WebApps' testing effort.

See WebApps' GitHub Testing wiki for information about how to Submit a test, the test case review and approval workflow, etc.

Comments on this document are welcome and should be submitted to the WG's public-webapps-testsuite e-mail list (archive).

Goals of the Testing Process

The high-level goals for the WG's testing efforts include:

  • Use a light-weight, asynchronous participation model that is consistent with the WG's WorkMode practices
  • Use explicit Calls for Consensus (CfC) to determine the level of support for specific questions, issues etc. (For example a CfC could be used to approve a set of tests used to qualify a Candidate Recommendation.)
  • Each spec should have its own test suite
  • Test suites should use a consistent directory structure and consistent processes (e.g. submission and approval)
  • It should be possible for a test suite to re-use part(s) of another test suite
  • Test suites should use processes that are consistent (as much as possible) with other closely related WGs such as the HTML WG
  • The status of a test suite should be clear (e.g. which tests formally Approved by the WG to qualify a Candidate Recommendation)

Test Repository

The WG uses GitHub as described in WebApps' GitHub Testing wiki.

WebApps Testing Resources

  • Harness - describes the test harness used by the test suites
  • public-webapps@w3.org - WebApps' primary mail list is used to discuss test cases, announce new test contributions, etc.

Other Testing Resources at the W3C