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This is the root of the Web Application WG's Testing wiki. It includes information about the high-level goals of the WG's testing effort, a short description of the WG's test repository, links to the WG's various testing resources (e.g. the test case contribution process) and links to other testing resources.

This document is a Living Document and as such may change. Comments on this document are welcome and should be submitted to the WG's public-webapps-testsuite e-mail list (archive).

Goals of the Testing Process

The high-level goals for the WG's testing efforts include:

  • Use a light-weight, asynchronous participation model that is consistent with the WG's WorkMode practices
  • Use explicit Calls for Consensus (CfC) to determine the level of support for specific questions, issues etc. (For instance, a CfC to Approve test cases X, Y and Z for spec A)
  • Each spec should have its own test suite
  • Test suites should use a consistent directory structure and consistent processes (e.g. submission and approval)
  • It should be possible for a test suite to re-use part(s) of another test suite
  • Test suites should use processes that are consistent (as much as possible) with other closely related WGs such as the HTML WG
  • The status of a test suite (e.g. all tests formally Approved by the WG, test cases A,B,C approved by WebApps' testing group, no test cases approved, etc.) should be clear

Test Repository

The WG uses the W3C's Hg (Mercurial) source control tool for its tests. WebApps' root and mirror are as follows:

The directory structure of the repository is described in Submission.

WebApps Testing Resources

  • Submission - defines how test cases and test suites are submitted (contributed) and the structure of the WG's testing repository
  • Approval - defines the various Roles of the testing process and the Review and Approval process for tests
  • Harness - describes the test harness used by the test suites
  • public-webapps-testsuite@w3.org - WebApps' testing mail list used to discuss test cases, announce new test contributions, announce CfCs to review and approve tests, etc.

Other Testing Resources at the W3C