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The W3C Web Applications (WebApps) Working Group is chartered to create specifications that enable improved client-side application development on the Web, including specifications both for application programming interfaces (APIs) for client-side development and for markup vocabularies for describing and controlling client-side application behavior.

Feedback on our work and chartered deliverables is welcome, via the WG's various Mail Lists and the #webapps channel (logged here) on the W3C IRC server (, port 6665).

See the WebApps' Publication Status page for a list of all of the specs in progress and their publication status.

The group's WorkMode wiki defines how the group actually operates in practice and enumerates various group resources including the mailing lists used for technical discussions.


The group is working on several specifications and all of these specifications are included in Mercurial or CVS as described in the CVS and Mercurial section of WebApps' WorkMode wiki.

Publication Status

See the group's PubStatus page for the latest publication status regarding all of the group's specifications, in particular:


The charter is publicly available. For a historical view of the WebApps WG charter, see the Charter History.

See also notes on future development.


The WG's Testing wiki describes the WG's testing process and included links to various related resources (e.g. the Hg/Mercurial repository for the WG's test suites).


The WebApps WG does not have regular distributed voice conferences although the group may hold some topic-specific regular telcons. The group does have occasional face-to-face meetings.

Our meetings minutes are Publicly available.

Some general information about WebApps' meetings is documented in the Meetings? What Meetings? section of WebApps' WorkMode wiki.

Bugs, Issues and Actions Tracking

The WebApps WG uses the W3C Tracker tool to: a) track of issues for a few of the group's specifications; and b) to track administrative type actions. For more information about Tracker see the Tracker Guidelines.

See the Bugs, Issues and Actions section of WebApps' WorkMode wiki for more information and WebApps' Bugzilla Components for the group's specification and testing Bug lists.

Coordination with Other Working Groups

WebApps' specs are relevant to some other W3C Working Groups and external organizations, as documented in WebApps' Charter. Active coordination points are documented in Coordination wiki.


The Web developer community is actively encouraged to participate in the technical discussion on our mailing lists, to provide scenarios and requirements, create tests, and review and comment on our technical specifications. All technical discussion takes place on our public mailing lists or in our occasional meetings.

In addition to general public participation, the WebApps WG consists of representatives from W3C Members and Invited Experts.


For a current list of Members organizations of the WebApps WG, see the participant list (Member-only view).

Invited Experts

Only editors of specifications, or testing leads, are invited to formally join the WebApps WG and asked to commit to Royalty-Free licensing for Intellectual Property (IP). See our policy on Invited Experts for more details.


  • The WG liases with ECMA's TC39 for the Web IDL spec