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For discussion of matters related to DOM3 Events, the WebApps WG uses the mailing list (archive).


The goal of the DOM3 Events sub-group, part of the Web Applications Working Group, is to complete the DOM3 Events specification according to market needs, to drive its adoption and implementation, to provide a comprehensive test suite (for implementability at least, and hopefully for interoperability, too), and to move it along the Recommendation Track to W3C Recommendation status.


The current editors of the DOM3 Events specification are Microsoft's Travis Leithead and Jacob Rossi.

We should also take into account the studies at


Although there used to be regular voice conferences for this spec, they are no longer being held.


Last Call Comments

Comments from Last Call Ending Sept. 27, 2012

ID Date Status Who Comment Type WG Response Commentor's Response
1 08/31/2012 Resolved Masayuki Nakano "Scroll" should be "ScrollLock" Normative Accepted
2 09/11/2012 Closed Olli Pettay Should mousemove event be cancellable? Normative Rejected - No spec change Agreed
3 09/12/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Necessary compositionupdate event isn't written in the examples in 6.2.4 Editorial TODO
4 09/12/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Necessary compositionupdate event isn't written in the examples in 6.2.3 Editorial TODO
5 09/12/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Indentation is wrong (nit) Editorial TODO
6 09/12/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Re-consider updating the definition of 'key'/'char' under CTRL modifier Normative TODO
7 09/06/2012 New Gary Kacmarcik Proposal for inclusion of usb keycodes to the spec Normative TODO
8 09/20/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Define when compositionupdate event is fired Normative TODO
9 09/13/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Add examples of key/char values for non-ASCII keyboard layouts when CTRL key modifier is in use Editorial TODO
10 09/13/2012 New Masayuki Nakano Can't tell when a key event will cause text input Normative TODO

Open Issues

  • Bug Database
    • Need for detailed review by implementors
    • Need for comprehensive test suite