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This wiki contains information about the relationships and coordination points between the Web Applications WG (aka WebApps) and other Working Groups such as the Device API WG (aka DAP) and the HTML WG.

WG charters formally define each WG's scope, deliverables, related groups, etc. The information in this document is superseded by the WGs' Charters.

The information is this page subject to change at any time. Members of the WGs mentioned here are encouraged to update this document. Change requests should be submitted to

WebApps and CSS WG

WebApps and the CSS WG coordinate on the following specification:

WebApps and DAP WG

WebApps' specifications do not include any normative references for any of DAP's specifications.

The following DAP specifications include one or more normative references to WebApps' specs:

The DAP WG is interested in the following specs being produced by WebApps:

The DAP WG and WebApps WG have the following spec as a "joint deliverable" between the two WGs:

WebApps and HTML WG

The following specifications were part of the HTML WG's HTML5 specification effort but were moved from the HTML WG to WebApps. Naturally, these specifications are a coordination point for the HTML WG and some of them are of interest to other WGs in W3C and/or other standards organizations:

In addition to the above specifications, some members of the HTML WG expressed interested in at least the following Web API specifications:

WebApps' Widget specs and HTML5

One or more of WebApps' Widgets specs include a normative reference to HTML5 and/or a HTML5 API spec:

Additionally, a widget instance based on HTML5 may use HTML5's AppCache capability. None of the widget specifications specify application cache functionality.

WebApps and WebAppSec WG

The WebApps and WebAppSec WGs have the following spec as a joint deliverable: