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This document includes Implementation data regarding the W3C's Widgets Family of Specifications.

Disclaimers regarding the data in this document:

  • The contents of this document are subject to change without warning.
  • Neither the W3C nor the Web Applications Working Group has verified the data in this document.
  • Implementations cited in this document may or may not implement the latest version of the related specification.

Please send reports of other implementations, corrections, and related information to public-webapps@w3.org.

See Also ...

Widget Packaging and XML Configuration (P&C)

Resources: P&C Test Suite and P&C Implementation Report.

Implementation data:

  • Wookie; Apache Incubator Project
  • widgeon; "A W3C Widgets implementation using XULRunner"
  • LG; The LG Mobile Widgets solution is based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Widgets 1.0 specifications
  • Oregan Networks; "Implemented as per W3C Widgets 1.0 specification, represents a client-side web application for displaying and updating data."
  • GPAC by Telecom ParisTech; MPEG-U; "a conformant MPEG Widget is by default a W3C conformant widget and that a conformant MPEG Widget Manager is a fully compliant W3C Widget User Agent."
  • Bitstream BOLT 1.7; BOLT users can discover, select and install specific Web apps through a BOLT Widget Gallery. BOLT’s widgets are written as standard W3C widgets (www.w3.org/TR/widgets/), a standard with broad industry support.
  • Opera Unite; offline web applications in the browser (with additional Unite APIs and functionality).
  • Opera Extensions; built on the W3C Widget specs (with additional extension APIs and functionality)

Digital Signatures for Widgets

Implementation data:

The Widget Interface (TWI)

See TWI Test Suite and TWI Implementation Report.

Implementation information:

  • Wookie; Apache Incubator Project

Widget Access Request Policy (WARP)

A Candidate Recommendation of the WARP spec was published 20-Apr-2010. See WARP Test Suite and WARP Implementation Report.

Implementation data:

Widget Updates