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This document includes information about WebApp's Widget Embedding deliverable which is briefly defined in the charter as:

Widgets Embedding: a mechanism to allow embedding of packaged applications within other Web content, such as referencing via the HTML object element.

For the context of this deliverable, a widget can be: a packaged web application à la Widget Packaging and Configuration that may be stalled as a stand-alone application or embedded in some container such as a Web browser or chrome-less Web run-time engine; a set of resources that can be packaged (in some way other than the ZIP and XML manifest defined in P&C) and installed in a Web browser; something else. In other words, the scope and definition of widget in this context is still very much a Work In Progress ...

Problem Statement

ToBeWritten ...


Resources related to the general topic of Widgets, Web Application Packaging and Web Application Embedding (alphabetical order):

Threads on various mail lists

Discussions threads on public-webapps related to the general subject of widget embedding (most recent thread first):

Use Cases and Requirements

ToBeWritten; See Widgets v2 list

Specification Work

Currently, WebApps has not done any specification work for this deliverable.