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Logistics 6th F2F Meeting in Korea


Please send an email to let me know if you are coming: "wslee at etri.re.kr"


Two hotels are recommended as below. If you want to reserve the hotel, please let me(Wonsuk, wslee at etri.re.kr) know. I will reserve the room for you.

- The price of the standard room(include breakfast) is 121,000 KRW(around 108 USD) per day.
- The price of the standard double room(not include breakfast)  is 140,000 KRW(around 125 USD) per day.


Meeting Venue

The meeting will take place in the headquarters of the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) in Seongnam City, south part of Seoul. After allocated, the meeting room will be announced.

From the Airport...

TTA is located in the downtown area and the center of Seongnam-City, approximately one hour from Airport. Please refer following websites for airport transportation information.

In order to ensure smooth access from Incheon International Airport to TTA, we are please to provide some practical information.

  • Arrival at Incheon International Airport: When you’re arrived at the airport, please pick up some useful information, e. g., City Maps, Tourist Information booklet at Information Center located inside of the airport building, please see the right picture.
  • At near to Exit Number #5: you can buy the Ticket for Airport Limousine Bus from the Airport to Bundang (or Seohyoen Station), the fare is 12,000Won.
  • If you are sure to get the Ticket, then you can move to Airport Limousine BUS STOP #7B with getting out the Airport building through the Exit Number #7.
  • As soon as you’re getting out from the Airport Building, you can find the Bus Stop #7B. The Interval of the Bus operation is about 20 minutes. Please wait there for moments when you’re middle of the Interval.
  • When you’re in time, you’ll get right Airport Limousine Bus to Bundang (or Seohyoen Station).
  • Another picture of Airport Limousine Bus to Bundang (or Seohyoen Station). From the Airport to Bundang will takes about an hour. Please remember the name of Bus Stop, Seohyoen-Station, first stop after departure from the Airport.

※ Please Note; Using the TAXI from the Airport to TTA or to Downtown is not recommended due to high cost. (50,000Won/85,000Won for Delux Taxi)

General tourist information

Please visit the following Websites for more information on Korea and possible tours: