MAWG Relation LOM 2.1 How to do the mapping Datatype XPathTested
Descriptive Properties (Core Set)
identifier exact identifier CharacterString general/identifier/entry
title exact title LangString general/title
language exact language CharacterString general/language
locator exact location CharacterString technical/location
contributor exact contribute string (vCard) lifeCycle/contribute[role='contributor']/entity
creator more general contribute string(vCard) lifeCycle/contribute[role='author']/entity
date N/A N/A
location N/A N/A
Content description
description exact description string general/description
keyword exact keyword or classification N/A
genre more specific learningResourceType string educational/learningResourceType
rating N/A N/A
relation exact relation string relation/resource/description
collection N/A N/A
copyright N/A N/A
policy N/A N/A
publisher more general contribute string (vCard) lifeCycle/contribute[role='publisher']/entity
targetAudience N/A N/A
fragments N/A N/A
namedFragments N/A N/A
Technical Properties
frameSize more general size CharacterString technical/size
compression N/A N/A
duration exact duration Duraction technical/duration
format exact format string (MIME type) technical/format
samplingRate N/A N/A
frameRate N/A N/A
averageBitRate N/A N/A
numTracks N/A N/A