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16:11:25 [benadida]
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16:12:35 [benadida]
bringing Mark up to speed on the @prefix discussion from last week
16:14:19 [benadida]
... no need to confuse things with prefix="=u1"
16:15:03 [benadida]
Mark: agree on this need not to confuse things with prefix="=u1"
16:15:38 [benadida]
... agree on concept of prefix="p1=u1 p2=u2", but may argue about specific attribute name, a bit uncomfortable with = inside attr
16:16:34 [benadida]
Ben: colon instead?
16:16:37 [benadida]
Shane: hah!
16:17:03 [benadida]
... don't know that anyone's had this particular assignment problem before.
16:17:27 [benadida]
... XSLT?
16:17:32 [benadida]
Mark: they don't use "="
16:18:10 [benadida]
... schemaLocation? space-separated values
16:19:43 [benadida]
Mark: haven't finished the "bundle idea" writeup. Not until new year.
16:20:22 [markbirbeck]
16:20:23 [markbirbeck]
16:20:23 [markbirbeck]
16:20:23 [markbirbeck]
16:20:24 [markbirbeck]
16:20:24 [markbirbeck]
16:20:25 [markbirbeck]
16:20:27 [markbirbeck]
16:20:29 [markbirbeck]
16:20:31 [markbirbeck]
typeof="vcard Agent"
16:20:33 [markbirbeck]
16:20:35 [markbirbeck]
16:20:37 [markbirbeck]
<span property="title">Dr</span>
16:20:39 [markbirbeck]
<span property="fn">Ivan Herman</span>
16:20:42 [markbirbeck]
16:20:43 [markbirbeck]
<a rel="url" href=""
16:20:45 [markbirbeck]
>Ivan Herman's homepage</a>
16:20:47 [markbirbeck]
16:20:49 [markbirbeck]
16:20:58 [benadida]
Ben: talked last time about using RDF to map tokens to full URLs
16:21:03 [benadida]
Mark: yes, see example above
16:21:40 [benadida]
... critics will say that this looks too complicated.
16:21:59 [benadida]
... so take xmlns declarations out into different document.
16:25:11 [benadida]
Ben: worried about how existing RDFa might generate new triples later.
16:26:47 [benadida]
Mark: don't have a problem with a different syntax, as long as we have this tokenization approach.
16:27:15 [ShaneM]
16:27:22 [benadida]
ack Shane
16:27:38 [benadida]
Mark: could be a feature of only @prefix or @token
16:27:48 [benadida]
Shane: is there a follow-your-nose story here?
16:27:54 [benadida]
Mark: still working on that.
16:28:12 [benadida]
... trying to make it as close to microformats as possible, but they're not completely consistent.
16:29:17 [benadida]
... trying to leverage existing microformat work + XDMP
16:29:34 [benadida]
Shane: description of a way to do this with extended XMDP mechanism
16:29:36 [benadida]
... on wiki
16:30:31 [benadida]
Mark: would be good to have a full follow your nose
16:32:10 [benadida]
Ben: I like the idea that a single attribute would provide both the ability to define prefixes without xmlns *and* the new token feature for bundles of terms
16:34:09 [markbirbeck]
a:b a x:y .
16:34:34 [benadida]
Mark: if you know the context of something, then why bother with a:b.
16:34:41 [benadida]
... letter a is fine if you've got context.
16:34:59 [benadida]
... it's good to move away from the qname world to a token-mapping world.
16:35:29 [benadida]
... maybe a good reason to call it @token rather than @prefix.
16:38:02 [benadida]
Topic: email issues
16:38:28 [benadida]
recursion when datatype is xmlliteral
16:39:29 [benadida]
CONSENSUS: we agree that when datatype is plain, recursion continues, when datatype is xmlliteral, recursion stops.
16:40:09 [benadida]
@about on head
16:45:55 [benadida]
problematic example:
16:46:00 [benadida]
<html about="#foo">
16:46:07 [benadida]
<head><link rel=...></head>
16:46:11 [benadida]
16:46:29 [ShaneM]
16:47:43 [markbirbeck]
"If no URI is provided by a resource attribute, then the first match from the following rules will apply:
16:47:44 [markbirbeck]
if the element is the head or body element then act as if there is an empty @about present, and process it according to the rule for @about, above;"
16:48:11 [markbirbeck]
In 5.5
16:48:14 [markbirbeck]
step 4
16:49:20 [markbirbeck]
<html about="">
16:53:05 [markbirbeck]
16:53:16 [markbirbeck]
16:54:09 [markbirbeck]
16:59:57 [ShaneM]
absolute-URI = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ]
17:03:13 [benadida]
ACTION: Mark to review reasoning on setting explicit about="" on HEAD and BODY
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ACTION: Mark to review reasoning on setting explicit about="" on HEAD and BODY [1]
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Meeting: RDFa Task Force
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ACTION: Mark to review reasoning on setting explicit about="" on HEAD and BODY
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[PENDING] ACTION: Ben to add public-rdfa examples to wiki and think of slightly improved top-level organization [recorded in]
17:08:44 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Ben to put up information on "how to write RDFa" with screencast possibly and instructions on bookmarklet. [recorded in]
17:08:50 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Jeremy to demonstrate GRDDL with XHTML/RDFa once the NS URI is set up. [recorded in]
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ACTION: Mark to review reasoning on setting explicit about="" on HEAD and BODY [1]
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ACTION: Mark to review reasoning on setting explicit about="" on HEAD and BODY [2]
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[PENDING] ACTION: Manu talk with Jamie McCarthy about an AskSlashdot piece [recorded in]
17:09:18 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Manu to write summary for Semantic Web Use Cases for Ivan. [recorded in]
17:09:23 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Manu write the perl code for Slashdot. [recorded in]
17:09:27 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Mark create base wizard suitable for cloning [recorded in]
17:09:31 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Mark to send Ben ubiquity related wizard stuff [recorded in]
17:09:35 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Mark write foaf examples for wiki [recorded in]
17:09:42 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Michael to create 'RDFa for uF users' on RDFa Wiki [recorded in]
17:09:47 [benadida]
[PENDING] ACTION: Ralph think about RSS+RDFa [recorded in]
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