MBUI XG Telecon

15 Dec 2008


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Dave, Gottfried, Fabio, Juan, Sebastian, Jo., Daniel, Simone, Jean



Meeting MBUI XG Telecon

<scribe> Scribe: dsr

minutes from last meeting

Fabio says Jose took minutes, Dave to ask Jose for a copy to link from web page

Guest appearance by Gottfried Zimmerman

Dave invites Gottfried to introduce himself.

Gottfried is experience with UI work and is current unemployed. He was at the Univ. Wisconsin for 3 years.

Have sent details to the public MBUI page.

Worked on an ISO standard.

Interested in open standards for UI. Now back in Germany. I have worked with a number of clients including MERL (Mitsubishi), working on task modelling standard.

Currently I am the technical coordinator for an EU Project I2Home.

<Gottfried> www.i2home.org

I am also working with the Univ of Tubingen.

Fabio: which part of ISO are you associated with?

Gottfried: ISO USA ...

<Gottfried> ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 User Interface

Use cases

Sebastian sent email today, he has added a use case to the MBUI wiki and invites review.

Fabio: in a recent project we looked at use cases in a home scenario, we could add some details on this if you like.

Daniel: Please add a brief description of the use case with a pointer to the paper. A one page summary for each use case would be helpful.

Jo: I would love to have a summary as in wikipedia with links to more information.

Fabio: my example is very similar to the one from Siemens.

<Gottfried> C-Lab Paderborn, Markus Dubielzig

Is Sebastian involved in the I2Home project, no.

Dave encourages people to add more use cases, as this will be important for explaining our work to people outside of the XG.

Daniel: what is the scope for our work as that will determine what kinds of use cases are relevant.

We should try to focus on a connection to the Web given that the XG is part of W3C.

For example, if the application is based on URIs that can be used to access resources.

Dave gives a short summary - essentially use cases relating to how model-based UI could apply to web applications, but not just conventional web pages. The web of things is an important new application areas.

We invite Daniel to start a page on the Wiki on scope for use cases.

<DS> Here is an example of a web appllcation with lots of interactions http://www.alibabuy.com/

Abstract UI

Fabio: on this topic there is a big EU project and Jose is coordinating this, but unfortunately he is not here today.

<DS> My understanding is that we were going to use the USE CASES to derive a general architectural vision of how interfaces integrate with applications

It has similar aims to this XG and it would be interesting to bring their materials to the W3C for review.

Juan: as soon as we have a stable version we will do so (I believe that was the resolution).

Fabio asks how we can make progress on the Abstract UI, e.g. with work on XForms etc.

Daniel: does everyone have a clear understanding of the concepts for the layers including the abstract UI?

Would like to see a description of the architecture.

Fabio: this was covered when the group was started

Daniel: we just need to spell this out as a reference.

Fabio: we should add a summary to the wiki

<scribe> ACTION: Fabio to add a description of the layered approach to MBUI to the Wiki drawing upon existing papers. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/12/15-mbui-minutes.html#action01]

Dave invites Juan to expand on his email of Dec 15

See http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-xg-model-based-ui/2008Dec/0010.html

Daniel: couldn't find the reference to the paper at the UCL website.

Juan will add a link to the wiki asap.

Jaroslav has volunteered to add some text e.g. on Xforms, see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-xg-model-based-ui/2008Dec/0016.html

Juan: can we have some info on CTTE meta-model in the wiki as well.

It would be great to have a snapshot of all current meta-models on the wiki, Fabio agrees.

task models

<Juan> ISO 24744 Method engineering standard proposal also includes task model definition (Jean)

Fabio: we weren't sure how much detail to give.

We probably need to add some introductory materials to explain the context for the various approaches.

Juan: asks Fabio if you have a formal model of the semantics that you could share with us

<Juan> Jean asked

Fabio asks about the steps needed to take CTT into the standards track.

Dave says that to do that we first need to establish the context and to show the relationship to existing work, and to demonstrate that there is a rough concensus about moving the work forward into a standards track.

Fabio volunteers to add some more background materials to the wiki with that in mind.

date of next teleconference

Dave notes that due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, we need to decide the date of our next call.

He proposes Jan 5th. Several people will still be on vacation. We agree to holding the next call on Monday, January 12.

Dave encourages everyone to keep contributing to the wiki as a basis for working towards an XG Report.

scribe: end of call ....

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Fabio to add a description of the layered approach to MBUI to the Wiki drawing upon existing papers. [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2008/12/15-mbui-minutes.html#action01]
[NEW] ACTION: Daniel to add a wiki page on scope for use cases
[End of minutes]