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I like kids
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Christine calls in to give regrets, as there is suddenly no electricity where she is.
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RRSAgent, make records public
18:01:35 [sandro]
she asks us to postpone discussion of the UFD.
18:01:36 [pfps]
Zakim, this will be owlwg
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ok, pfps; I see SW_OWL()1:00PM scheduled to start now
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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18:04:07 [pfps]
topic: agenda amendments
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18:04:16 [sandro]
PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (3 December)
18:04:22 [pfps]
the minutes looked OK to me
18:04:39 [sandro]
RESOLVED Accept Previous Minutes (3 December)
18:04:46 [pfps]
topic: Action Item Status
18:04:53 [Zakim]
18:04:59 [uli]
zakim, ??P11 is me
18:05:00 [bmotik]
That has been done
18:05:03 [Zakim]
+uli; got it
18:05:04 [sandro]
action-251 done
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18:05:11 [sandro]
18:05:11 [trackbot]
ACTION-251 -- Boris Motik to update the spec to include rdf:XMLLiteral and fix the annotations as proposed -- due 2008-11-26 -- PENDINGREVIEW
18:05:11 [trackbot]
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zkim, mute me
18:05:33 [pfps]
I think that that one was done quite some time ago
18:05:35 [uli]
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18:05:43 [sandro]
action-251 closed
18:05:43 [trackbot]
ACTION-251 Update the spec to include rdf:XMLLiteral and fix the annotations as proposed closed
18:05:45 [pfps]
sandro: any feedback needed
18:05:48 [pfps]
boris: nope
18:05:50 [Zakim]
+ +0122427aaff
18:05:54 [sandro]
action-254 closed
18:05:54 [trackbot]
ACTION-254 Create missing grammars in the documents closed
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zakim, aaff is me
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+JeffP; got it
18:06:06 [sandro]
action-256 closed
18:06:06 [trackbot]
ACTION-256 Set up telecon time poll for rif/owl joint coordination one-time meeting closed
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18:06:23 [bijan]
Do we need to discuss it?
18:06:52 [pfps]
RIF meeting discussion is later in the agenda
18:06:56 [sandro]
action-257 closed
18:06:56 [trackbot]
ACTION-257 Set up WBS poll for F2F times closed
18:07:12 [sandro]
18:07:12 [trackbot]
ACTION-252 -- Peter Patel-Schneider to checking progress of XML Schema 1.1 and datetime datatype -- due 2008-12-10 -- OPEN
18:07:12 [trackbot]
18:07:32 [pfps]
pfps: I'm waiting for XML Schema WG to get back to us
18:07:41 [pfps]
sandro: Any particular deadline
18:07:56 [pfps]
pfps: The sooner the better, but we need it before end of Last Call
18:07:56 [sandro]
18:07:56 [trackbot]
ACTION-250 -- Sandro Hawke to send mime-type registrations in to IETF when we do last-call publications -- due 2008-12-10 -- OPEN
18:07:56 [trackbot]
18:08:17 [sandro]
18:08:36 [pfps]
Topic: announcing last call
18:08:43 [pfps]
sandro: some has been done
18:08:53 [bijan]
18:08:57 [sandro]
zakim, who is on the phone?
18:08:57 [Zakim]
On the phone I see bijan (muted), Achille (muted), Sandro, bmotik, Peter_Patel-Schneider, clu (muted), baojie, MarkusK_, msmith, Zhe (muted), uli (muted), JeffP, schneid (muted)
18:08:59 [pfps]
sandro: do some announcement (and add to wiki page)
18:09:26 [pfps]
sandro: going around the "room"
18:09:30 [Zhe]
zakim, unmute me
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18:09:32 [pfps]
sandro: bijan?
18:09:34 [bijan]
I'm harrasing people
18:09:36 [uli]
I checked and compared my 'candidates', but Ian had already done them
18:09:44 [Zakim]
18:09:45 [MarkusK_]
I have put a small notice at
18:09:47 [pfps]
sandro: achille?
18:09:48 [bcuencagrau]
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18:09:57 [pfps]
pfps: same as uli
18:10:00 [Achille]
i prefer typing
18:10:08 [Achille]
my baby is unhappy
18:10:15 [MarkusK_]
s / main page of
18:10:19 [bijan]
HCLS list?
18:10:28 [bijan]
Yes :(
18:10:30 [pfps]
sandro: I owe a blog post about this
18:10:38 [Achille]
I'll send note in ibm internal mailing lists
18:10:46 [pfps]
sandro: bijan - please put up on HCLS
18:11:05 [bijan]
Oh, we'll be doing internal review here
18:11:06 [pfps]
pfps: same as uli - my suspects have been handled
18:11:07 [Achille]
and in a talk i will give at Bolzen-Bolzano free university next week
18:11:22 [bijan]
I.e., having people inside manchester review all the documents carefully
18:11:27 [bmotik]
Zakim, mute me
18:11:27 [Zakim]
bmotik should now be muted
18:11:28 [pfps]
sandro: please publicize
18:11:29 [Zhe]
I have sent the notice to Oracle's internal list
18:11:38 [pfps]
topic: F2F5
18:11:56 [pfps]
sandro: no decision today (no Alan, no Ian)
18:12:09 [pfps]
sandro: does anyone want to answer the poll?
18:12:16 [sandro]
18:12:52 [pfps]
sandro: results are close - lead is Mar 3-4
18:13:00 [pfps]
sandro: probably chairs will decide
18:13:05 [pfps]
topic: LC comments
18:13:11 [pfps]
sandro: none yet
18:13:21 [pfps]
sandro: Ian has a page for coordination
18:13:43 [pfps]
sandro: if there are not too many comments we'll just use this wiki page
18:13:48 [msmith]
18:13:48 [pfps]
topic: test cases
18:13:54 [MarkusK_]
18:13:58 [dlm]
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18:14:04 [msmith]
18:14:18 [pfps]
msmith: there are some test cases in proper format
18:14:41 [pfps]
msmith: email asking for people to check them out was just sent
18:14:50 [pfps]
msmith: could be approved next week
18:15:01 [MarkusK_]
q+ to report on test case licensing issues
18:15:14 [pfps]
msmith: results for Pellet and Hermit are included
18:15:29 [pfps]
sandro: plan for gathering test results where others drive?
18:15:41 [pfps]
msmith: still needs to be ironed out
18:16:00 [pfps]
msmith: oracle has some suggestions
18:16:16 [Zakim]
+ +1.518.276.aagg
18:16:27 [sandro]
ack MarkusK_
18:16:27 [Zakim]
MarkusK_, you wanted to report on test case licensing issues
18:16:31 [pfps]
sandro: Webont had a way of incorporating external results
18:16:35 [sandro]
ack msmith
18:17:24 [pfps]
markus: only issue is that publicly contributed test cases need a release to agree to W3C licensing stuff
18:17:36 [pfps]
sandro: location of test repository?
18:17:53 [pfps]
markus: not determined yet, but any place is OK (in W3C space)
18:18:03 [sandro]
18:18:14 [pfps]
sandro: what about the above spot?
18:18:20 [pfps]
markus: looks OK
18:18:41 [msmith]
sounds good
18:18:42 [pfps]
sandro: we can use CVS for upload
18:18:49 [bijan]
What's the license on the suite?
18:18:57 [bijan]
Can one create derived works?
18:19:19 [sandro]
18:19:31 [MarkusK_]
q+ to answer bijan
18:19:32 [pfps]
sandro: documentation at above link
18:19:51 [pfps]
sandro: I need an SSH public key to set up access
18:19:56 [msmith]
yes, I will email you an ssh key
18:20:08 [pfps]
sandro: Markus and Mike to send PK
18:20:10 [sandro]
ack MarkusK_
18:20:10 [Zakim]
MarkusK_, you wanted to answer bijan
18:20:29 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:20:29 [Zakim]
bijan should no longer be muted
18:20:31 [bijan]
18:20:40 [pfps]
markus: derived works are allowed for tests, we'll use a creative commons license
18:20:52 [MarkusK_]
18:21:02 [sandro]
ack bijan
18:21:04 [pfps]
markus: W3C will control entire test suite
18:21:22 [pfps]
bijan: OK, I was worried about the W3C document liclense, which would not have been suitable
18:21:32 [bijan]
zakim, mute me
18:21:32 [Zakim]
bijan should now be muted
18:21:32 [MarkusK_]
My current draft license conditions are:
18:21:41 [pfps]
bijan: I want to use the test suite and modify it for other purposes
18:21:54 [pfps]
topic: plans for non-LC documents
18:22:23 [bijan]
a 3-clause BSD License for software development, bugtracking, and other applications that do not require assertions of performance to the public or implied claims of conformance to a W3C Specification. See summary of 3-clause BSD License.
18:22:23 [bijan]
a W3C Test Suite License for an Authoritative W3C Test Suite or when claims of performance with respect to a specification are required. See summary of W3C Test Suite License.
18:22:26 [pfps]
sandro: hard to make decision on REC-track today because no chairs
18:22:35 [pfps]
sandro: status checks
18:22:42 [pfps]
sandro: QRG?
18:23:06 [pfps]
dlm: there are some things that still need to be done, and they will be done
18:23:08 [baojie]
To do list:
18:23:08 [baojie]
* Create inline hyperlinks to Syntax
18:23:08 [baojie]
* Create hyperlinks to Direct Semantics and RDF-Based Semantics once the anchors in those documents are ready
18:23:08 [baojie]
* Complete inline hyperlinks to Primer when the missing ones are ready
18:23:08 [baojie]
* Create inline hyperlinks to New Features and Rationale
18:23:09 [baojie]
* Make a new 2-page print version.
18:23:11 [baojie]
* Design a similar guide for profiles with 1 page print version.
18:23:20 [pfps]
dlm: need tags in other documents
18:23:28 [bijan]
18:23:28 [pfps]
sandro: go ahead and add tags
18:23:37 [bijan]
We might derive tags from heading
18:23:39 [pfps]
pfps: need to make *sure* no duplicates!
18:23:42 [bijan]
18:23:52 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:23:52 [Zakim]
bijan should no longer be muted
18:23:54 [sandro]
ack bijan
18:24:03 [pfps]
pfps: can use W3C tools to check for dups
18:24:14 [sandro]
zakim, who is on the call?
18:24:14 [Zakim]
On the phone I see bijan, Achille (muted), Sandro, bmotik (muted), Peter_Patel-Schneider, clu (muted), baojie, MarkusK_, msmith, Zhe, uli (muted), JeffP, schneid (muted),
18:24:17 [Zakim]
... bcuencagrau (muted), +1.518.276.aagg
18:24:23 [pfps]
bijan: can this be done automatically?
18:24:46 [bmotik]
18:24:51 [pfps]
baojie: most links are there at least in Syntax and ???
18:24:58 [bmotik]
Zakim, unmute me
18:24:58 [Zakim]
bmotik should no longer be muted
18:24:58 [sandro]
ack bmotik
18:25:01 [pfps]
baojie: semantics and ??? need more tags
18:25:14 [sandro]
s/???/rdf-based semantics/
18:25:36 [bijan]
zakim, mute me
18:25:36 [Zakim]
bijan should now be muted
18:25:38 [pfps]
bmotik: QRG doesn't reflect last set of changes (annotations)
18:25:43 [sandro]
bmotik: annotation assertions don't seem to have made it into QRG
18:26:01 [pfps]
baojie: which?
18:26:07 [sandro]
18:26:27 [bmotik]
Zakim, mute me
18:26:27 [Zakim]
bmotik should now be muted
18:26:28 [pfps]
baojie: will check and change as necessary
18:26:51 [sandro]
action: baojie update QRG for annotation assertions
18:26:51 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - baojie
18:26:55 [sandro]
action: jie update QRG for annotation assertions
18:26:56 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-258 - Update QRG for annotation assertions [on Jie Bao - due 2008-12-17].
18:27:09 [bmotik]
18:27:36 [pfps]
baojie: guide for profiles?
18:27:56 [bmotik]
Zakim, unmute me
18:27:56 [Zakim]
bmotik should no longer be muted
18:27:56 [sandro]
ack baojie
18:28:14 [pfps]
bmotik: what about reviewing?
18:28:22 [bijan]
I'm generally against proliferation of documents at this stage
18:28:27 [pfps]
sandro: was reviewed for FPWD, needs to be done for next publication
18:28:37 [pfps]
bmotik: I'll review for next publication
18:28:48 [bmotik]
Zakim, mute me
18:28:48 [Zakim]
bmotik should now be muted
18:28:54 [pfps]
ACTION: bmotik review next version of QRG
18:28:54 [trackbot]
Sorry, couldn't find user - bmotik
18:29:07 [pfps]
ACTION: motik review next version of QRG
18:29:07 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-259 - Review next version of QRG [on Boris Motik - due 2008-12-17].
18:29:34 [pfps]
sandro: next publication date for QRG
18:29:39 [bmotik]
My user name is bmotik2. However, I'd prefer not taking an action now (because I can't work it off immediately).
18:29:44 [bijan]
18:29:50 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:29:50 [Zakim]
bijan should no longer be muted
18:29:53 [pfps]
sandro: probably wait until end of LC
18:30:23 [pfps]
pfps: I'll adjust the action due date to Feb (if this is not OK, you could just kill the item)
18:30:23 [bmotik]
We can add my name to the Review list, and then when we get to next publication date, I'll be happy to take the action
18:30:33 [pfps]
pfps: OK that works
18:30:55 [bmotik]
18:31:17 [pfps]
bijan: we can generate PDF using princeXML and get hyperlinks for "free"
18:31:25 [sandro]
ack bijan
18:31:44 [pfps]
bijan: next version of primer will be ready early Jan 2009
18:32:00 [pfps]
bijan: a WD publication in Jan would be fine
18:32:08 [dlmcg1]
dlmcg1 has joined #owl
18:32:23 [pfps]
sandro: princeXML works great - W3C has a real license and can "push the button"
18:32:50 [pfps]
dlm: HTML version is longer than 2 pages - we want PDF to be 2 pages
18:33:05 [pfps]
bijan: why? I have CSS for the compact layout
18:33:09 [sandro]
18:33:31 [pfps]
dlm: I haven't looked at this - let's check it out offline
18:33:40 [pfps]
bijan: we can really make it work
18:33:55 [pfps]
baojie: current document is longer so care is needed
18:34:20 [pfps]
bijan: if content is the same then the 2-page PDF design can be generated automagically using CSS
18:34:33 [pfps]
sandro: may require some "polishing"
18:34:49 [pfps]
sandro: new features and rationale
18:34:54 [sandro]
zakim, who is on the phone?
18:34:54 [Zakim]
On the phone I see bijan, Achille (muted), Sandro, bmotik (muted), Peter_Patel-Schneider, clu (muted), baojie, MarkusK_, msmith, Zhe, uli (muted), JeffP, schneid (muted),
18:34:57 [Zakim]
... bcuencagrau (muted), +1.518.276.aagg
18:35:00 [bijan]
18:35:06 [pfps]
sandro: Christine has had a power failure so she can't be here
18:35:08 [bmotik]
I've added a note about my review of the Quick Reference to; I'm now waiting for chairs to "ping me"
18:35:14 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:35:14 [Zakim]
bijan was not muted, bijan
18:35:15 [sandro]
zakim, aagg is dlm
18:35:16 [Zakim]
+dlm; got it
18:35:45 [pfps]
bijan: I gave feedback, including demo of appendix, but I have no feedback
18:35:57 [pfps]
bijan: I think that there is some stuff that should be removed
18:36:08 [pfps]
bijan: we should schedule some time for discussion
18:36:24 [sandro]
RRSAgent, pointer?
18:36:24 [RRSAgent]
18:36:29 [bijan]
zakim, mute me
18:36:29 [Zakim]
bijan should now be muted
18:36:47 [sandro]
action: sandro make sure chairs know about document review/suggestion points at
18:36:47 [pfps]
zakim, who is talking?
18:36:47 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-260 - Make sure chairs know about document review/suggestion points at [on Sandro Hawke - due 2008-12-17].
18:36:59 [Zakim]
pfps, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: Sandro (50%), dlm (39%)
18:37:06 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:37:06 [Zakim]
bijan should no longer be muted
18:37:40 [sandro]
bijan: still planning to get Primer feature-complete over winter break
18:37:42 [pfps]
bijan: primer will be upgraded by mid-Jan
18:38:40 [pfps]
sandro: next publication? self-standing or with a bunch of other stuff
18:38:45 [pfps]
bijan: arguments either way
18:39:03 [pfps]
sandro: primer alone may entice attention and reviews
18:39:30 [pfps]
bijan: reasonable publication time would be early Jan - to allow time before end of LC
18:39:36 [pfps]
sandro: yes
18:39:41 [sandro]
18:39:41 [pfps]
bijan: I'll give it a shot
18:39:48 [pfps]
ack bijan
18:40:15 [pfps]
sandro: should be able to line up a reviewer nowish - volunteers?
18:40:24 [uli]
i would
18:40:26 [bmotik]
I can do a review of the Primer.
18:40:36 [bmotik]
18:40:38 [bmotik]
Zakim, unmute me
18:40:38 [Zakim]
bmotik should no longer be muted
18:40:39 [bijan]
zakim, mute me
18:40:40 [Zakim]
bijan should now be muted
18:40:41 [sandro]
ack bmotik
18:41:10 [uli]
good point, Boris
18:41:21 [pfps]
bmotik: IJCAI deadline is early Jan (12?) which knocks out 7-12
18:41:40 [uli]
me too
18:41:52 [pfps]
sandro: decision should be made on 7 Jan, so reviews need to be done by then
18:41:53 [uli]
difficult for me
18:42:01 [pfps]
bmotik: review before then would be acceptable
18:42:11 [uli]
before christmas :(
18:42:21 [pfps]
sandro: when does the primer need to be done?
18:42:26 [uli]
18:42:30 [pfps]
bmotik: by 1 Jan
18:42:35 [bijan]
18:42:40 [pfps]
sandro: bijan - does that work?
18:42:42 [bijan]
And I'll am for before xmas for uli
18:42:45 [bijan]
18:42:45 [pfps]
bijan: sure
18:42:54 [sandro]
proposed schedule: bijan done by Jan 1, Uli and Boris reviews by Jan 6, WG publication decision Jan 7.
18:43:01 [bmotik]
18:43:07 [uli]
zakim, unmute me
18:43:07 [Zakim]
uli should no longer be muted
18:44:00 [pfps]
uli: I will be moving so I can't promise a review
18:44:11 [sandro]
Understanding the Boris will be travelling on Jan 7, and Uli will be moving and off-line until Jan 8.
18:44:16 [pfps]
uli: by jan 7 (8th is OK)
18:44:27 [bijan]
Could probably get a review from Matthew Horridge
18:44:39 [uli]
18:44:39 [bijan]
18:44:47 [pfps]
pfps: Matthew is not in the WG
18:44:48 [uli]
zakim, mute me
18:44:48 [Zakim]
uli should now be muted
18:44:48 [bijan]
He's author of a document
18:44:55 [bijan]
We canmake hima member pretty easily
18:45:17 [uli]
18:45:18 [bijan]
Or he can fake uli's email :)
18:45:37 [uli]
me neither
18:45:40 [pfps]
sandro: can we get Matthew to sign up for a review (and show up on the 7th)
18:46:02 [bijan]
18:46:09 [pfps]
sandro: repairs section?
18:46:10 [sandro]
ack bijan
18:46:11 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:46:14 [Zakim]
bijan was not muted, bijan
18:46:34 [pfps]
bijan: this was to add a section to primer on repairs
18:46:40 [bmotik]
+1 to bijan
18:46:45 [pfps]
bijan: I don't find this suitable for the primer
18:47:08 [pfps]
bijan: primer is not dumping spot for things that don't fit elsewhere
18:47:25 [pfps]
bijan: primer is not normative so putting repairs there doesn't gain anything
18:47:30 [pfps]
bmotik: agree
18:47:46 [pfps]
sandro: no one has argued for this
18:47:48 [sandro]
no one arguing in favor of repairs in Primer
18:47:54 [sandro]
(here, today.)
18:47:59 [bijan]
18:48:08 [pfps]
bmotik: Alan was pushing this
18:48:11 [bijan]
18:48:23 [pfps]
sandro: Manchester syntax?
18:49:00 [sandro]
pfps: I believe MS is done, modulo any error reports we get
18:49:04 [pfps]
pfps: I think that it is done, and consistent with current state of primary documents
18:49:16 [pfps]
sandro: datarange extension
18:49:16 [bijan]
Same schedule as before
18:49:21 [bijan]
We plan for something by jan
18:49:22 [bijan]
18:49:34 [bijan]
Yes please
18:49:36 [pfps]
sandro: publication timing?
18:49:47 [pfps]
bijan: wait for next chunk of publications
18:49:48 [sandro]
publication -- same time as next big round
18:50:12 [pfps]
sandro: rec-track status - no decision, just discussion
18:50:24 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:50:24 [Zakim]
bijan was not muted, bijan
18:51:00 [baojie]
18:51:12 [pfps]
bijan: I prefer notes, but will acceed to rec track, so long as everything has same status
18:51:27 [baojie]
18:51:29 [sandro]
ack baojie
18:52:03 [dlmcg1]
18:52:12 [pfps]
baojie: QRG, Primer, and ??? should be rec track
18:52:25 [sandro]
ack dlmcg1
18:52:27 [pfps]
sandro: let's only take note arguments
18:52:29 [pfps]
18:52:34 [sandro]
ack dlmcg1
18:52:44 [sandro]
ack dlmcg1
18:52:46 [schneid]
18:52:47 [sandro]
ack dlmcg
18:52:50 [sandro]
ack pfps
18:52:58 [pfps]
pfps: I agree with Bijan
18:53:02 [sandro]
pfps: I agree with Bijan in all his Revealed Glory
18:53:06 [Achille]
+1 for rec trac as suggested by bijan
18:53:07 [sandro]
pfps: I agree with Bijan in all His Revealed Glory
18:53:10 [uli]
which are the ???
18:53:14 [schneid]
zakim, unmute me
18:53:14 [Zakim]
schneid should no longer be muted
18:53:15 [sandro]
ack schneid
18:53:19 [uli]
just to ensure that we don't agree too soon
18:53:29 [sandro]
schneid: I'd also prefer to have them all rec track.
18:53:36 [pfps]
schneid: prefer rec track, but only slightly
18:53:46 [schneid]
zakim, mute me
18:53:46 [Zakim]
schneid should now be muted
18:53:52 [uli]
18:54:10 [sandro]
PROPOSED: QRG, NFR, and Primer are all Rec Track
18:54:14 [pfps]
18:54:18 [sandro]
ack uli
18:54:20 [pfps]
18:54:22 [bmotik]
18:54:22 [uli]
zakim, unmute me
18:54:22 [Zakim]
uli was not muted, uli
18:54:47 [pfps]
yes, I'll update the ???s
18:55:20 [uli]
zakim, mute me
18:55:20 [Zakim]
uli should now be muted
18:55:32 [pfps]
18:55:39 [pfps]
18:56:04 [bijan]
zakim, unmute me
18:56:04 [Zakim]
bijan was not muted, bijan
18:56:39 [pfps]
bijan: happy with just these three tied together
18:56:42 [sandro]
PROPOSED: Quick Reference Guide, New Features and Rationale, Primer will all be Recommendation Track. Not making any decision on Manchester Syntax or Data Range Extension at this point.
18:56:47 [Achille]
18:56:49 [pfps]
18:56:54 [pfps]
pfps: +1
18:56:58 [schneid]
18:56:59 [bmotik]
18:57:02 [pfps]
pfps: 0
18:57:05 [msmith]
18:57:06 [Zhe]
18:57:06 [bcuencagrau]
18:57:07 [JeffP]
18:57:07 [bijan]
+1 but thinks that people should not argue after someone has graciously conceded already!
18:57:07 [baojie]
18:57:10 [dlmcg1]
18:57:10 [MarkusK_]
18:57:18 [uli]
18:57:24 [sandro]
RESOLVED: Quick Reference Guide, New Features and Rationale, Primer will all be Recommendation Track. Not making any decision on Manchester Syntax or Data Range Extension at this point.
18:57:27 [bmotik]
Zakim, mute me
18:57:27 [Zakim]
bmotik should now be muted
18:58:02 [pfps]
bijan: Manchester Syntax for next week
18:58:08 [pfps]
topic: RIF coordination
18:58:10 [bijan]
18:58:21 [pfps]
sandro: meeting tomorrow (noon EST, 5pm GMT)
18:58:26 [pfps]
pfps: I'll be there
18:58:40 [pfps]
sandro: agenda was sent out
18:58:58 [pfps]
bijan: need to worry about timing
18:59:12 [pfps]
sandro: acknowledged
18:59:15 [JeffP]
18:59:28 [pfps]
sandro: coordination a while ago would have been better
18:59:54 [pfps]
bijan: there may be other coordination issues besides RL datatypes
19:00:10 [pfps]
bijan: I'll send out email
19:00:12 [sandro]
ack pfps
19:00:14 [pfps]
19:00:18 [sandro]
ack bijan
19:00:18 [bijan]
ack bijan
19:00:20 [sandro]
ack JeffP
19:00:22 [bijan]
zakim, mute me
19:00:22 [Zakim]
bijan should now be muted
19:00:46 [pfps]
jeff: similar issues - worry about scope of coordination
19:01:26 [pfps]
sandro: scope had several influences
19:01:42 [bijan]
Is rif planning a LC comment?
19:01:52 [pfps]
sandro: RIF folks may have had larger concerns
19:02:20 [pfps]
sandro: don't know about any LC comments - hopefully things can be figured out in advance
19:02:20 [sandro]
19:02:43 [pfps]
topic: Features "at-risk"
19:03:17 [Zakim]
19:03:28 [pfps]
pfps: My belief is that this is to remind us not to drop them.
19:03:31 [bmotik]
No more issues, please!
19:03:45 [pfps]
sandro: any comments?
19:03:54 [pfps]
topic: any other business
19:03:59 [bmotik]
19:04:01 [Zhe]
19:04:01 [schneid]
19:04:02 [MarkusK_]
19:04:02 [Zakim]
19:04:03 [JeffP]
thanks, bye
19:04:04 [uli]
19:04:06 [Zakim]
19:04:07 [Zakim]
19:04:07 [msmith]
msmith has left #owl
19:04:08 [Zakim]
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19:04:16 [Zakim]
19:04:19 [Zakim]
19:04:30 [Zakim]
19:04:31 [Zakim]
19:04:40 [Zakim]
19:04:42 [Zakim]
19:04:46 [Zakim]
19:04:57 [Zakim]
19:05:06 [Zakim]
19:05:08 [Zakim]
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