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Zakim, this will be IA_MFWG
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Meeting: Media Fragments Working Group Teleconference
08:25:58 [trackbot]
Date: 10 December 2008
08:26:18 [raphael]
08:26:31 [raphael]
Chair: Erik, Raphael
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08:27:22 [raphael]
Present: Jack, Yves, Erik, Frank (canon observer), Raphael, Davy, Tom, Wim, Silvia (remote)
08:27:36 [raphael]
Regrets: Michael
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ok, Yves; conference Team_(mediafrag)08:30Z scheduled with code 26631 (CONF1) for 480 minutes until 1630Z
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08:37:06 [raphael]
Topic: 1. Summary of F2F Day 1
08:37:20 [raphael]
Raphael: we have discussed mainly 3 topics
08:38:08 [raphael]
... Existing technologies: survey of the various syntaxes
08:38:30 [raphael]
... Different dimension for addressing fragments: name, time, space, track
08:38:44 [raphael]
... explain further what we mean by tracks, i.e. what is available in the container format
08:38:59 [raphael]
...discuss implementation issues dealing with ccaching
08:41:42 [raphael]
s/...discuss/... discuss
08:41:47 [raphael]
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08:47:12 [raphael]
Topic: 2. Discussion of syntax
08:47:14 [raphael]
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08:47:56 [davy]
scribenick: davy
08:48:35 [davy]
Raphael at the drawing board
08:48:55 [davy]
four different dimensions: time, space, track, name
08:50:11 [davy]
raphael: do we allow any combination of these dimensions
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09:00:14 [davy]
jack: shouldn't we use 'chapter' instead of 'name'?
09:00:53 [davy]
raphael: which combinations do we allow?
09:01:09 [davy]
jack: use either name or a combination of time, space, and name
09:01:23 [davy]
s/and name/and track
09:02:13 [davy]
jack: multiple video tracks in combination with space will cause problems
09:06:05 [davy]
... because there is no single resolution within the media resource (in contrast to the time axis)
09:07:27 [davy]
raphael: do first the time or track selection
09:07:36 [davy]
... afterwards, do the spatial clipping
09:08:09 [davy]
... we do not have any commutative problems because we specify the processing order of the axex
09:09:08 [davy]
jack: ambiguous cases are multiple track selections in combination with spatial clipping
09:09:49 [davy]
How to specify the values of the different dimensions?
09:11:12 [Yves]
09:12:26 [erik]
scribenick: erik
09:14:02 [erik]
* time representation
09:15:53 [tom]
"The sub-frame is sometimes referred to as a field in the context of synchronization with an interlaced video media object."
09:16:22 [erik]
... npt and smpte are essential
09:18:11 [erik]
ACTION: jack to describe why smpte is the only frame accurate one
09:18:11 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-25 - Describe why smpte is the only frame accurate one [on Jack Jansen - due 2008-12-17].
09:19:46 [erik]
jack: caching server will not only want to record byte ranges, but also time info
09:20:06 [erik]
(and so thinks Yves)
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09:22:16 [erik]
raphael: assumption, "&" will be our first separator (and try to avoid "/")
09:30:27 [davy]
yves: if you specify a fragment until the end of the stream, you specify a start, followed by a separator, followed by nothing
09:33:58 [erik]
brainstorming ...
09:34:14 [erik]
... begin time = download all and seek
09:34:58 [erik]
... begin time "separator" = download only the sequence and play
09:36:07 [erik]
... begin time "separator" end time = download from begin time to end time and play
09:37:00 [erik]
... [begin time] "separator" end time = download from beginning to end time and play
09:37:39 [erik]
second separator: ","
09:40:39 [erik]
s/download only the sequence and play/download from begin time to the end and play
09:41:53 [raphael]
s/begin time "separator" end time/begin time "separator" [end time]
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09:42:58 [Gui]
hi all
09:45:46 [Gui]
Let me familiarize myself with the agenda. I will only be able to attend for a short while, I am expected at a team meeting this afternoon
10:13:38 [erik]
* name representation
10:14:59 [erik]
brainstorming ...
10:15:59 [erik]
jack: if naming is available in container formats, what can be used?
10:17:25 [Yves]
anything could be used provided it's % escaped in the URI
10:17:53 [erik]
... ... 2.3 unreserved characters
10:18:22 [davy]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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10:19:24 [nessy]
me btw "/" has no reserved purpose inside query or fragment as per that rfc
10:20:40 [davy]
two solutions for internationalization issue for named fragments
10:21:42 [Yves]
10:22:00 [davy]
action: Davy to look at various container formats what kind of characters they allow to name their tracks/fragments
10:22:00 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-26 - Look at various container formats what kind of characters they allow to name their tracks/fragments [on Davy Van Deursen - due 2008-12-17].
10:22:35 [davy]
1. quotes + characters + % escaped
10:23:08 [davy]
2. only use the unreserved characters (specified in URI 3986, sect. 2.3)
10:24:07 [davy]
we need to specify the encoding used to define the name
10:24:23 [Yves]
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10:27:42 [Gui]
zakim, who is here?
10:27:42 [Zakim]
Team_(mediafrag)08:30Z has not yet started, Gui
10:27:43 [Zakim]
On IRC I see erik, fd, Gui, cpoppe, conrad, jackjansen, tom, davy, Zakim, RRSAgent, raphael, nessy, trackbot, Yves
10:28:00 [davy]
raphael: we will ask Felix about this internationalization issue
10:28:55 [erik]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
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Team_(mediafrag)08:30Z has now started
10:29:19 [Zakim]
+ +2712841aaaa
10:30:06 [Zakim]
+ +329331aabb
10:31:01 [erik]
* track representation
10:31:18 [erik]
brainstorming ...
10:31:48 [Gui]
zakim, mute me
10:31:48 [Zakim]
Guillaume was already muted, Gui
10:32:42 [erik]
... track="some alphanumeric stuff"
10:33:03 [erik]
... what's between quotes depends on container format
10:33:27 [Zakim]
+ +61.2.801.2.aacc
10:33:55 [erik]
Jack: do we want to predefine track names? ... very easy e.g. track="audio"
10:34:17 [Gui]
that could be left to the user agent to determine
10:35:29 [Silvia]
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10:35:57 [erik]
... predefined track names could be: audio, video, text
10:36:20 [erik]
yves: do tracks for instance always have id's?
10:36:59 [erik]
10:37:56 [erik]
resolution: we only allow tracknames that the underlying container formats know
10:40:00 [erik]
jack: is it mandatory to have a kind of ROE-file for finding out the capabilities of a resource?
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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10:45:09 [Gui]
the user agent may have schemes that will allow it to associate tracks ID to generic names such as Audio for each media type. Can track IDs or structuring help determine their type?
10:47:40 [Gui]
Examples : Audio track track=AU184, track=AU185 become track=audio1 or track=audio2 for easy addressing, the user agent will do the translation
10:47:52 [Silvia]
zakim, unmute me
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10:48:00 [Gui]
Yes please!
10:48:17 [Gui]
Silvia: It is difficult to follow on the phone, summary please
10:49:28 [Silvia]
zakim, mute me
10:49:28 [Zakim]
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10:50:03 [Gui]
Silvia - I am trying to follow from South Africa
10:50:16 [erik2]
* space representation
10:50:32 [Gui]
10:50:44 [erik2]
brainstorming ...
10:52:16 [erik2]
... resolution: last F2F ... only rectangle for v1
10:53:47 [erik2]
jack: not using the name "rect", please ... cause ambiguous ... rather have "xywh" instead
10:54:44 [Silvia]
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10:55:24 [Gui]
10:55:33 [Silvia]
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10:56:16 [Gui]
Silvia agree with Jack xywh or TRBL ?
10:56:36 [erik2]
Jack's proposal: xywh=20,20,40,40
10:57:06 [Gui]
trbl=20,20,40,40 means the margins are 20,20,40,40
10:57:34 [Gui]
xywh=20,20,40,40 means the pixel position 20,20 then offset 40 vertical and horizontal
10:57:43 [Gui]
10:58:22 [Gui]
Jack about assuming coordinate systems ( (0,0) at the top) and units (pixels or inches?)
10:58:26 [erik2]
extra questions: what's the coordinate system and/or metrics?
10:59:17 [erik2]
proposal syntax: [xywh=int,int,int,int]
11:00:04 [erik2]
proposal coordinate system: [0,0]=top-left
11:00:57 [Gui]
Typically this is a rectangular crop operation. I'm not sure that a Crop operation is best described using xywh, TRBL is clearer when cropping
11:01:17 [erik2]
proposal units: default=pixels
11:01:41 [Silvia]
with xywh we also need to specify whether w goes left/right and h goes up/down for xy position
11:01:48 [erik2]
... within v1 no alternatives allowed like cm,inch,point,%
11:02:02 [Gui]
with xyzh you have a problem that you could ask to crop regions that are out of range. With TRBL one cannot
11:02:32 [Gui]
11:03:26 [Silvia]
zakim, mute me
11:03:26 [Zakim]
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11:04:47 [Gui]
T margin-top, R margin-right, B margin-bottom, L margin-left,
11:05:17 [Gui]
but again, the ordering may be a problem.
11:05:48 [Gui]
we can choose a scheme and then user agents can do the conversion ... between cropping schemes
11:07:03 [Silvia]
I thought trbl meant (top,right) as start point and (bottom,left) as end point, offset from [0,0]
11:07:04 [erik2]
suggestion: TRBL
11:07:29 [erik2]
... pro: not possible to crop outside media
11:07:33 [Gui]
very confusing, yes Silvia
11:07:39 [erik2]
... con: not intuitive
11:09:00 [Gui]
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11:09:00 [Zakim]
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11:09:04 [erik2]
suggestion: x1y1x2y2
11:09:32 [Silvia]
I like x1y1x2y2, but I don't like this name :)
11:10:05 [Gui]
What's nice about the name is that it gives the ordering clearly
11:10:27 [Silvia]
11:10:43 [Gui]
11:11:27 [Gui]
another good feature : you don't always have to specify all the coordinates or all the margin crops
11:12:17 [erik2]
jack: that is just not a good feature
11:12:18 [Gui]
Jack : 4 separate parameters rather than one compound one
11:13:03 [Gui]
Silvia: Name suggestion for x1y1x2y2 ?
11:13:28 [Gui]
Well the other name was TopLeft-BottomRight
11:13:34 [Silvia]
cartesian ?
11:13:47 [Silvia]
cartesian coordinates?
11:14:00 [Silvia]
zakim, unmute me
11:14:00 [Zakim]
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11:14:36 [erik2]
final suggestions:
11:14:53 [erik2]
11:14:54 [erik2]
11:15:02 [Silvia]
x1y1x2y2=int,int,int,int [pixels]
11:15:11 [jackjansen]
11:15:30 [erik2]
11:16:50 [erik2]
or xy1xy2
11:16:53 [Gui]
In practice: Practically with video image cropping, you want to make sure that the width and height AND the positions are multiples of 4 (for example).
11:17:15 [erik2]
or xyxy
11:17:25 [Gui]
s/ of 4 (for example)/ (of 4 for example)
11:17:46 [Silvia]
11:17:46 [Gui]
11:18:12 [Silvia]
11:19:28 [Silvia]
zakim, mute me
11:19:28 [Zakim]
Silvia should now be muted
11:21:10 [Gui]
Jack: I remember you talking about it!
11:22:06 [Gui]
no objection to x1y1x2y2
11:22:41 [erik2]
resolution: go for x1y1x2y2 !
11:22:50 [Silvia]
11:23:19 [jackjansen]
Time currently has: [format:]begin, end
11:23:40 [Silvia]
is that time=[format:]begin,end ?
11:23:40 [jackjansen]
So space could have [format:]x1, y1, x2, y2
11:23:58 [jackjansen]
Then default for format would be "pixel" but allow for extension later
11:24:26 [tobias]
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11:24:43 [Silvia]
possible confusion about format -> LTRB/x1y1x2y2 and format -> unit
11:26:14 [jackjansen]
11:26:52 [Gui]
Almost a draw !
11:28:31 [erik2]
s/space could have [format:]/space could have [unit:]
11:29:14 [erik2]
11:29:40 [Gui]
Jack, are you talking about relative dimensions such as % and em ?
11:29:48 [erik2]
raphael: good idea to NOT mix units
11:30:51 [Gui]
What are the units proposed?
11:30:57 [erik2]
... and they should all be possitive integers
11:31:09 [Yves]
gui, yes, we are talking also about %
11:31:17 [Yves]
(and parsecs for floating number examples)
11:34:27 [erik2]
ACTION: yves to propose by email a good list of units that can be used
11:34:27 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-27 - Propose by email a good list of units that can be used [on Yves Lafon - due 2008-12-17].
11:34:49 [Gui]
Hey !
11:36:14 [Gui]
Before lunch !
11:36:16 [Silvia]
zakim, unmute me
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11:36:30 [Gui]
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11:39:17 [Gui]
Fragments 11 Annotations 0
11:39:39 [Zakim]
11:40:14 [Zakim]
11:40:26 [Gui]
Bon Appetit
11:40:29 [Zakim]
11:40:30 [Zakim]
Team_(mediafrag)08:30Z has ended
11:40:31 [Zakim]
Attendees were +2712841aaaa, Guillaume, +329331aabb, Frank, Davy, Erik, Raphael, Tom, Wim, Jack, Yves, +61.2.801.2.aacc, Silvia
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13:06:14 [Gui]
Attending a meeting, brb.
13:11:44 [erik]
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13:30:44 [raphael]
Topic: 3. Summary of syntax brainstorming
13:33:00 [erik]
... (thx Raphael for quick summary)
13:37:49 [raphael]
scribenick raphael
13:37:59 [raphael]
We are going through the summary
13:40:30 [raphael]
ACTION: Jack to suggest an exhaustive list of possible values for (temporal) format in the proposed syntax
13:40:30 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-28 - Suggest an exhaustive list of possible values for (temporal) format in the proposed syntax [on Jack Jansen - due 2008-12-17].
13:54:04 [raphael]
Discussion on separators: primary can be '&' or ';' secondary can be ','
13:54:43 [raphael]
Jack: I suggest we choose one in the WD but put in bold the question, which one we should use
13:55:02 [raphael]
Yves: I would almost prefer ';' instead of '&'
13:56:54 [raphael]
Action: Erik and Raphael to organize an informal poll what is the best separator
13:56:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-29 - And Raphael to organize an informal poll what is the best separator [on Erik Mannens - due 2008-12-17].
13:57:30 [raphael]
Yves: should the value of the name dimension quoted?
13:58:11 [raphael]
... i would say:"the%20kiss%20scene"
13:58:21 [Zakim]
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13:58:43 [Zakim]
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13:58:57 [raphael]
Jack: I hate x1y1x2y2!
13:59:06 [raphael]
... I would almost prefer xywh
13:59:31 [raphael]
Action: Erik and Raphael organize an informal poll what is the best way of specifying rectangle
13:59:31 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-30 - And Raphael organize an informal poll what is the best way of specifying rectangle [on Erik Mannens - due 2008-12-17].
13:59:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate raphael
14:06:30 [raphael]
Yves: RFC 3986 says that simple quote is a sub-delimiter in a URI
14:06:39 [raphael]
... but double quotes should be escaped
14:08:29 [Yves]
(allowed in fragments: ALPHA / DIGIT / "-" / "." / "_" / "~" / "!" / "$" / "&" / "'" / "(" / ")" / "*" / "+" / "," / ";" / "="
14:08:47 [Yves]
everything else has to be %-escapes
14:09:59 [raphael]
Jack: do we want "time=" or "t="?
14:10:09 [raphael]
All: we tend to prefer "t="
14:11:39 [raphael]
Davy: use "id=" instead = "name=" ... as CMML
14:11:46 [raphael]
ALL: we ted to prefer "id="
14:18:43 [raphael]
Yves: we should also quote track value, as they can come from an unbounded set of caracters
14:18:50 [raphael]
All: agree
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I have made the request to generate raphael
14:20:33 [raphael]
scribenick: raphael
14:22:39 [jackjansen]
14:31:32 [RRSAgent]
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14:46:18 [raphael]
Topic: 4. Internationalization
14:46:26 [raphael]
Raphael: we welcome the assistance from Felix
14:48:44 [raphael]
Felix: you should use UTF-8, and %-escape caracters as per RFC3986
14:49:44 [raphael]
Jack: I thought that %-escape were latin-1 caracters
14:51:08 [raphael]
14:51:44 [raphael]
Felix: a procedure is described for translating any unicode caracters into %-escape UTF-8 caracters
14:53:44 [raphael]
Jack: in this case, we can just assume that the identifiers are UTF-8 encoded
14:54:06 [raphael]
Raphael: so the syntax does not need to include a particular encoding
14:54:43 [raphael]
Jack: if a movie has chapter names in Japanese, then we can have a UTF-8 translation of this name, either using a %-escape or not
14:57:39 [erik]
15:08:23 [jackjansen]
am I still in?
15:08:25 [davy]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
15:08:25 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate davy
15:09:12 [fd]
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15:09:22 [raphael]
raphael has joined #mediafrag
15:10:30 [raphael]
Raphael: the answer is then provided by either URIs, or IRIs RFC (check later LEIRIs)
15:10:39 [erik]
erik has joined #mediafrag
15:10:45 [raphael]
Topic: 5. Review of Action Points
15:11:32 [raphael]
close action-14
15:11:32 [trackbot]
ACTION-14 Review the use cases and requirements document closed
15:14:26 [tom]
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15:15:57 [jackjansen]
am I alive?
15:16:53 [raphael]
raphael has joined #mediafrag
15:17:36 [raphael]
ACTION: Erik and Raphael to organize a poll to see whether the quotes around track and id are optional
15:17:36 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-31 - And Raphael to organize a poll to see whether the quotes around track and id are optional [on Erik Mannens - due 2008-12-17].
15:17:59 [raphael]
Jack: I think quotes should be optional
15:18:13 [raphael]
Yves: I think quotes should be mandatory
15:19:38 [raphael]
Raphael: future telecon: 17/12 and 07/01
15:19:47 [raphael]
... no telecon on 24/12 and 31/12
15:23:44 [jackjansen]
15:24:11 [jackjansen]
15:28:23 [Yves]
15:28:24 [tom]
tom has joined #mediafrag
15:28:33 [erik]
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15:28:39 [Yves]
15:32:43 [raphael]
Action: Yves to check and grant cvs access to the key members of the group (erik, raphael, jack, silvia)
15:32:43 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-32 - Check and grant cvs access to the key members of the group (erik, raphael, jack, silvia) [on Yves Lafon - due 2008-12-17].
15:38:45 [erik]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
15:38:45 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate erik
15:39:45 [erik]
Topic 6: first document
15:39:54 [erik]
1. intro
15:40:00 [erik]
2. Use Cases
15:40:30 [erik]
3. Requirements (see page + types of fragment addressing)
15:41:11 [erik]
4. Naming Fragment (identification)
15:41:32 [erik]
... # vs ?
15:42:32 [erik]
... details of formal grammar & semantics
15:42:55 [erik]
... TODO interaction with other standards (SVG, SMIL, ...)
15:43:27 [erik]
5. Retrieving Fragment
15:43:48 [erik]
... HTTP 2-way & 4-way handshake
15:43:57 [erik]
... caches/proxies
15:44:12 [erik]
... client-side requirements
15:44:31 [erik]
3.5 Technologies Survey
15:45:48 [erik]
s/...)/...) and extreme cases
15:46:27 [erik]
RRSAgent, drafr minutes
15:46:27 [RRSAgent]
I'm logging. I don't understand 'drafr minutes', erik. Try /msg RRSAgent help
15:46:39 [erik]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
15:46:39 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate erik
15:54:25 [erik]
who will write initial chapters?
15:54:36 [erik]
... 5. Raphael
15:54:44 [erik]
4. Jack
15:55:02 [erik]
3. 5 Erik
15:55:21 [erik]
s/4./... 4.
15:55:33 [erik]
s/3. 5/... 3.5
15:55:48 [erik]
... 3. Silvia/Raphael
15:55:58 [erik]
... 2. Silvia
15:56:15 [erik]
... 1. Intro ???
15:56:33 [erik]
... starting up Raphael/Erik
15:56:51 [erik]
RRSAgent, draft minutes
15:56:51 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate erik
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15:59:38 [raphael]
Action: Erik and Raphael to start the template of the document
15:59:38 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-33 - And Raphael to start the template of the document [on Erik Mannens - due 2008-12-17].
15:59:53 [RRSAgent]
I have made the request to generate raphael
16:00:54 [raphael]
Topic: 6. AOB
16:01:08 [raphael]
Raphael: let's talk about implementation
16:03:08 [raphael]
Yves: i can work on implementation from February
16:03:12 [raphael]
... not before
16:04:40 [raphael]
Davy: we have a server pretty independant of encoding format, we can work together
16:05:23 [raphael]
Jack: on client side, the easiest thing to do will work on a smil player, and just deal with a temporal selection
16:10:44 [raphael]
Raphael: will, for example, a firefox plugin be able to generate good http packets and communicate with the server ?
16:12:10 [raphael]
Jack: why we don't use a python-url library, or curl ?
16:12:25 [raphael]
... then we are independant of the browser and replicate its behaviour
16:13:32 [raphael]
Yves: I can talk to the curl maintainer on the html mailing list, to see whether curl is doing some syntax checking
16:13:41 [raphael]
... otherwise, we can do that with a wget
16:13:57 [raphael]
Jack: so our first implementation will be a shell script on client side
16:16:04 [raphael]
Action: Jack to look at python-url library to see whether he could implement the logic on client side
16:16:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-34 - Look at python-url library to see whether he could implement the logic on client side [on Jack Jansen - due 2008-12-17].
16:16:35 [raphael]
Action: Raphael to look at curl and/or wget to see whether the logic could be implemented on client side
16:16:35 [trackbot]
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16:17:42 [jackjansen]
zakim, who is here?
16:17:47 [jackjansen]
tracknot, who is here?
16:17:54 [jackjansen]
trackbot, who is here?
16:17:54 [trackbot]
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16:18:10 [Yves]
16:18:20 [Yves]
trackbot, status
16:18:43 [jackjansen]
Action: Raphaël to look at curl and/or wget to see whether the logic could be implemented on client side
16:18:44 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-35 - Look at curl and/or wget to see whether the logic could be implemented on client side [on Raphaël Troncy - due 2008-12-17].
16:19:50 [Yves]
16:19:50 [trackbot]
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16:24:15 [raphael]
The room thanks IBBT for the brilliant organization
16:24:20 [raphael]
meeting adjourned
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16:24:24 [erik]