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Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 10 December 2008
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chair: kevin, john
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regrets: oscar, martin, kjetil
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zakim, take up next agendum
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agendum 1. "appoint a scribe" taken up [from josema]
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scribe: josema
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again! ;(
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zakim, take up next agendum
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agendum 1 was just opened, josema
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agendum 2. "agenda adjustments" taken up [from josema]
14:16:22 [Zakim]
14:16:42 [josema]
[TWB could not secure funding to host joint event with OASIS, so we are not organizing it for now]
14:16:47 [josema]
zakim, move to next agendum
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agendum 3. "outline of first editor's draft" taken up [from josema]
14:27:54 [josema]
[jose explains why the "new" topic areas speaking in gov terms]
14:32:07 [josema]
[john on they are familiar, and we also need to think about the different audiences we target, some even dealing with XSDs]
14:32:21 [josema]
josema: do you miss some big area?
14:32:41 [josema]
john: maybe on government as provider of information, not entirely transparency
14:35:20 [josema]
[we start to find same problem as yesterday, some not only about the topic area where they are, but affecting more]
14:35:47 [josema]
john: some, eg. transparency is about public policy outcome, while interoperability is about tchnology
14:35:58 [josema]
14:36:44 [josema]
... a public policy outcome is a thing like "reducing fraud"
14:39:59 [josema]
... maybe we could use the kind of policy outcomes as a list under every area
14:40:07 [josema]
... and stick to those that are technology challenges
14:41:47 [josema]
josema: I like this idea, we should try it
14:42:08 [josema]
john: we could also list specific examples of countries doing this or that
14:42:32 [josema]
... what they are trying to achieve, when they are confronting the same technology challenges
14:45:44 [josema]
... this needs much discussion in the mailing list
14:45:52 [josema]
... about both points of view
14:46:18 [josema]
... I personally like the list and just have issue with "Participation..." and "Transparency"
14:46:33 [josema]
... they should be written in technology challenges terms
14:47:51 [josema]
john: I'd also like us to mention something beyond current existing challenges
14:48:10 [josema]
... and put something about what they should be looking into for the next 3-5 years
14:51:15 [josema]
rick: from experience in Groups like these key is how it can be effective
14:51:50 [josema]
... what's exactly W3C role here in affecting the eGov echo system of players
14:52:22 [josema]
... I would suggest a focus on what W3C does that is really special about W3c
14:52:45 [josema]
... categorization is common problem, it gets in the message of the way of having the message crafted
14:52:51 [josema]
... and reaching people
14:53:20 [josema]
... is W3C trying to influence a legislator, an administrative leader?
14:53:35 [josema]
... that reduces the context
14:54:04 [josema]
... I suggest some very short term focus on things that can be accomplished
14:54:24 [josema]
... before the Group expires in May
14:54:59 [josema]
... I personally focus on some small problem, knowing that I loose some context
14:55:17 [josema]
... but keeping work alive and achieve a smaller goal
14:55:38 [josema]
john: we wanted to position the Group as mediator between the very technical
14:55:54 [josema]
... stuff that W3C produces and the government needs
14:56:32 [josema]
... touching on things largely unique to W3C
15:03:10 [Zakim]
15:08:53 [josema]
rick: useful discussion, building the paths takes time, happy to discuss further later in time
15:10:20 [josema]
john: let's convene a Group call next week, give time to people to review draft and commment
15:10:22 [josema]
josema: ok
15:10:48 [josema]
RESOLUTION: convene Group call next week, 17 Dec 2008; 14:00Z
15:11:02 [josema]
ACTION: josema to setup conference bridge
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Created ACTION-41 - Setup conference bridge [on José Manuel Alonso - due 2008-12-17].
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move to next agendum
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agendum 4. "open actions" taken up [from josema]
15:15:26 [josema]
[skipping this one]
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move to next agendum
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agendum 5. "next meeting" taken up [from josema]
15:15:50 [josema]
[resolved above: 17 Dec 2008; 14:00Z]
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zakim, who's here?
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On the phone I see Josema, john
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rrsagent, draft minutes
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chair: john
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