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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 09 December 2008
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Chair: Roland
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Regrets: Phil, Yves, Peter
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scribe: eric
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(Not clear that we'll get a quorum....)
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topic: open actions
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17:07:00 [eric]
No change in the status of any actions.
17:08:16 [eric]
Roland urging everyone to tell everyone that might care about the current specification.
17:08:23 [eric]
topic: URI spec
17:08:34 [eric]
Roland: bunch of options for moving to the next stage.
17:08:36 [Roland]
17:09:57 [eric]
Roland: Talked to Nathan (?) who works at Cisco - could approach Nathan to talk to one of the area directories.
17:10:52 [eric]
... Chris Newman from Sun an IESG member - can Bhakti approach him to see if he can assist us in advancing the URI scheme?
17:12:54 [eric]
... which area might this fit into - not clear there is a natural fit.
17:13:02 [eric]
eric: I agree
17:14:12 [eric]
Roland: if approaches #1 & #2 don't work, we'll have to proceed to #3.
17:14:32 [eric]
... most likely direction is #3, although #2 is possible.
17:14:49 [eric]
... we should all take a look at
17:15:25 [eric]
... we should try to get to a point where we can make a decision about this by next week's call.
17:15:55 [eric]
Roland: Nothing further to talk about....
17:16:15 [eric]
... AOB?
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- +0196281aaee
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Attendees were Roland, +1.708.246.aaaa, Derek, +1.919.663.aabb, alewis, +1.650.846.aacc, eric, +1.408.956.aadd, bhakti, +0196281aaee
17:16:43 [eric]
... Until next week, then.
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