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19:01:15 [johnarwe_]
zakim, who's on the phone?
19:01:15 [Zakim]
On the phone I see JohnArwe
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19:02:28 [lencharest]
Scribe: Len Charest
19:02:47 [lencharest]
ScribeNick: lencharest
19:03:23 [lencharest]
Meeting: SML Working Group Teleconference
19:03:30 [lencharest]
Chair: John Arwe
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19:04:47 [johnarwe_]
19:05:19 [lencharest]
Topic: Approval of minutes 11-20
19:05:36 [lencharest]
RESOLUTION: Minutes approved
19:07:27 [lencharest]
John: need to get 2 notes (EPR and XLink Ref Scheme) into CVS
19:09:48 [lencharest]
John: need to either find owner for test plan spreadsheet or agree not to update it until Kumar is back
19:10:03 [lencharest]
Ginny: What's the meeting schedule for rest of year
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19:13:31 [lencharest]
Len: agress to take responsibility for spreadsheet
19:13:58 [lencharest]
John: Comments from 11-20 meeting need to be folded into spreadsheet
19:15:27 [lencharest]
Ginny: I'll fold the 11-20 stuff into the spreadsheet
19:20:01 [lencharest]
Len: volunteers to finish cleaning up the bug spam!
19:21:43 [lencharest]
Discussion of bug 6260
19:22:07 [lencharest]
John: Any objections to leaving bug 6260 marked editorial?
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19:22:38 [lencharest]
RESOLUTION: Bug 6260 to be left as is
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John: When Henry transitions in as team contact, meeting time will probably have to change since Henry is located in Scotland
19:25:18 [lencharest]
John: 9am is a likely time
19:26:14 [lencharest]
John: 1 hour meetings may be sufficient
19:29:21 [lencharest]
John: Does XLink note need revision to conform to pub-rules?
19:29:29 [lencharest]
Len: Don't know
19:30:02 [lencharest]
Ginny: should we review the note now?
19:30:16 [lencharest]
John: Let's wait until it is checked into CVS
19:31:12 [lencharest]
John: Re Bug 6245
19:32:34 [ginny_]
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19:33:00 [lencharest]
... shall we add an additional example to the SML spec as suggested by Yves Savourel
19:38:39 [lencharest]
Ginny: We should at least change the names of the locale-specific files as suggested
19:39:15 [johnarwe_]
(previous refers to comment 2 text: One side note on your existing example: ...)
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19:46:50 [lencharest]
Ginny: Proposes to add the example given by Yves in bug 6260
19:47:29 [lencharest]
RESOLUTION: Example will be added as per bug 6260
19:48:10 [lencharest]
Ginny: Proposes to change the names of the locale-specific files as suggested in bug 6260
19:48:32 [johnarwe_]
(from Yves' email) One last note: There is a spelling error in the French message in the draft document: "L'identifieur specifie" should be
19:48:32 [johnarwe_]
"L'identifiant specifiť" (an accent is missing, and 'identifier' should really be 'identifiant').
19:48:32 [lencharest]
RESOLUTION: File names will be changed as per bug 6260
19:50:03 [lencharest]
Len: Proposes that the French text be corrected as suggested by Yves in bug 6260
19:50:29 [lencharest]
RESOLUTION: The french text will be corrected as per bug 6260
19:50:55 [johnarwe_]
here is what i plan to add to the bug: The working group discussed this bug on its telecon of 2008-12-04 and decided to make the following changes:
19:50:55 [johnarwe_]
19:50:55 [johnarwe_]
1. Correct the existing French spelling mistake (see email).
19:50:55 [johnarwe_]
2. Change the "java resource bundle" file names as suggested in comment 2.
19:50:55 [johnarwe_]
3. Add the requested ITS-based example offered at the end of comment 2.
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19:53:22 [lencharest]
Topic: Test Case Discussions
19:55:38 [lencharest]
John: Need some directory structure in CVS to hold test cases
19:56:01 [lencharest]
ACTION: Len to create directories in CVS
19:56:01 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-208 - Create directories in CVS [on Len Charest - due 2008-12-11].
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Attendees were JohnArwe, Sandy, [Microsoft], Ginny_Smith
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