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Meeting: Mobile Web Initiative Test Suites Working Group Teleconference
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Date: 02 December 2008
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Chair: Dom
15:54:54 [dom]
15:56:09 [hendry]
i have 55? we start early?
16:00:32 [dom]
zakim, code?
16:00:32 [Zakim]
the conference code is 8794 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), dom
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MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has now started
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16:01:01 [hendry]
hmm, poor voice quality. getting crackling.
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16:02:11 [Zakim]
16:02:18 [dom]
zakim, list attendees?
16:02:18 [Zakim]
I don't understand your question, dom.
16:02:20 [dom]
zakim, list attendees
16:02:20 [Zakim]
As of this point the attendees have been wilhelm, Dom
16:02:27 [dom]
zakim, who's on the phone?
16:02:28 [Zakim]
On the phone I see ??P50, wilhelm, ??P52, Dom
16:02:41 [dom]
zakim, ??P50 is probably kai
16:02:41 [Zakim]
+kai?; got it
16:02:45 [Zakim]
16:02:48 [dom]
zakim, ??P52 is Dmitri
16:02:48 [Zakim]
+Dmitri; got it
16:03:41 [Zakim]
16:03:51 [dom]
zakim, ??P64 is Kai
16:03:52 [Zakim]
+Kai; got it
16:04:32 [dom]
Topic: Widgets Testing
16:04:47 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to follow up on widgets testing with Kai [recorded in] [DONE]
16:05:39 [dom]
Wilhelm: we'll doing more cleaning up and then release it publicly
16:05:54 [dom]
... we're open to make any changes needed to make it useful for its purposes
16:06:25 [dom]
Kai: It's quite a complicated system - Robert has given me a number of details on how it works, and how to possibly make it suit my needs
16:06:41 [dom]
... hopefully I won't spend too much time with the framework - I'd rather write tests
16:06:51 [dom]
Wilhelm: feel free to provide feedback directly to Robert
16:06:58 [dom]
Kai: I think we'll get there
16:07:09 [dom]
... Is opera also going to contribute actual test cases too?
16:07:20 [dom]
Wilhelm: our current test suite is not suitable for publication
16:07:29 [dom]
... we're rewriting it, and then we'll release it
16:08:05 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to continue integrating his tests WTF
16:09:24 [dom]
-> Art's response
16:09:33 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to import his test cases on
16:10:00 [dom]
16:11:17 [dom]
Dom: would be good if you could upload them in 2006/waf/widgets/tests/; may be good to upload generated zip files to that people can start looking at them
16:11:27 [dom]
Topics: Cookies test suite
16:11:42 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to look into opera's test suites for cookies [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:11:50 [dom]
Wilhelm: made more progress, still pending
16:11:57 [dom]
Topic: Device Independent Testing Guidelines
16:12:06 [dom]
Regrets: Carmelo
16:12:20 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to contribute to the di guidelines (an example?) [recorded in] [DONE]
16:12:40 [dom]
-> Kai's copy of the DI guidelines
16:13:26 [dom]
Dom: you don't see much added value to the document as is compared to CSS Test Guidelines, right?
16:13:53 [dom]
Kai: yeah - currently, it seems to mostly repeat the CSS guidelines
16:14:11 [dom]
... not sure how to proceed
16:14:27 [dom]
... I've started to ask myself what people got wrong in test cases for mobile
16:14:34 [dom]
... can't really think of anything
16:15:07 [dom]
Dom: we identified a few things when we reviewed perf tests (e.g. memory, number of requests, ...)
16:15:31 [dom]
Kai: I think it is good to share our experience in the guidelines, e.g. javascript is likely broken
16:15:48 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to review the di guidelines [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:17:36 [dom]
Dom: [mentioning ideas of what could get in there]
16:17:45 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhelm to review the di guidelines [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:17:51 [dom]
Wilhelm: will send them by next week
16:19:06 [dom]
Kai: would be good if Carmelo could give feedback on the comments I made
16:20:31 [dom]
... It's kind of weird that we work both on highlighting issues in browsers, and then work on creating mobile-specific test cases
16:21:42 [dom]
Dom: I think the two activities are complementary
16:21:53 [dom]
16:22:14 [dom]
16:23:47 [hendry]
CSS testcases -- these ones ? ?
16:24:19 [hendry]
not these ?
16:26:03 [dom]
Dom: [summarizing some of the issues encountered in the review of existing conformance test suites]
16:26:46 [dom]
... feel free to edit it direclty
16:26:54 [dom]
16:27:07 [dom]
Topic: Web Compatibility Test
16:27:26 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to verify IE mobile with new inputmode/contenteditable tests [recorded in] [DONE]
16:27:38 [dom]
-> Kai's findings
16:28:16 [dom]
Dom: so IE Mobile fail both these tests, right?
16:28:19 [dom]
Kai: yeah
16:28:33 [dom]
Dom: so how comes it passed them in the WCTMB? have you figured it out?
16:29:07 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to check if IE Mobile passes contenteditable/inputmode in WCTMB or not
16:30:00 [dom]
Dom: so, contenteditable still in html5, but inputmode on the verge to be removed?
16:30:23 [dom]
Kai: only checked quickly - more generally, I think we need to keep an eye on what's still relevant and update WCTMB accordingly
16:31:21 [hendry] # oh yes, 10 & 15 do pass. But Wilhem's test fail. So... we have a problem.
16:33:00 [dom]
Topic: WCTMB blog
16:33:27 [hendry]
16:33:28 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to propose a first "draft" of the white paper on WCTMB [recorded in] [DONE]
16:33:39 [dom]
-> Kai's draft blog post
16:34:36 [dom]
Dom: I wasn't clear about your suggestion to submit scores - where to and from?
16:34:51 [dom]
Kai: note that you can edit that page if you have an openId account
16:35:03 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to send feedback on the blog post
16:35:35 [dom]
Kai: if we could submit the score automatically somewhere, it would be really useful
16:36:43 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to look into setting up a system to track scores of the WCTMB
16:37:44 [hendry]
dumping a post to a 'date-ua' file like would be good
16:38:07 [dom]
ACTION: Kai to send details on his idea for a local blog system to Dom [recorded in] [DONE]
16:39:16 [dom]
16:40:53 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to set up a blog for MWTSWG
16:41:40 [dom]
Topic: Agreement on test suites with OMA
16:42:04 [dom]
ACTION: Wilhem to send Opera's feedback on OMA test suites [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:42:15 [dom]
Wilhelm: will send something out - made progress
16:42:39 [dom]
ACTION: Dom to look back at OMA situation and report [recorded in] [PENDING]
16:42:52 [dom]
Topic: Next meetings
16:43:19 [dom]
Wilhelm to Chair on Dec 9
16:44:00 [dom]
RESOLVED: no meeting on Dec 23rd and 30th
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16:44:49 [Zakim]
MWI_TSWG()11:00AM has ended
16:44:51 [Zakim]
Attendees were wilhelm, Dom, kai?, Dmitri, Kai
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