MBUI XG telecon
10 Nov 2008


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Jo, dsr, Sebastian, Juan, Fabio, Jaroslav, Daniel


<Sebastian_Kaebisc> Im here

<Juan_Gonzalez> Im here

<jaro> hello, I'm there, just looking for the call conference numbers ..

<scribe> agenda: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-xg-model-based-ui/2008Nov/0000.html


Daniel introduces himself.

Wiki: http://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/model-based-ui/wiki/Main_Page

unfortunately this hasn't been set up yet, Dave to chase W3C systems to do this.

Fabio had an action to provide CTT materials for study by the group.

See his email at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-xg-model-based-ui/2008Nov/0005.html

Fabio wants to provide additional materials

Some questions as to the XG roadmap

Dave points to the deliverables section of the charter

for instance, CCT and Concrete UI may be suitable for follow on standards track work.

Daniel: what is the architecture under consideration?

Fabio: there is general agreement on the layers and how to distinguish them.

To some extent architecture should be clear from this.

Daniel: how do existing standards fit into this work?

This has to explain the rationale for this approach in the overall web architecture.

Daniel: this is my first meeting and I missed the earlier discussions.

Fabio: preparing some description of the value of model based approaches would be possible.

Dave: this is something to cover in the XG Report.

e.g. what problems people face, how model-based layered approach helps, what this means for standards and for the tools that implement them.

Jo: this matches the approach where you first collect use cases, and identify the problems to be solved.

Use cases will provide a good focus for the group.

Daniel: we may decide that certain use cases are out of scope.

Jo: each of the partners has their own perspective, but if we can agree on a small set of common use cases that would be very helpful.

Fabio: we should take too long, e.g. from scratch as the world is moving on, e.g. the accessibility models.

Daniel: some work on use case would be valuable.

Dave: Juan offered to provide a comparison of task models, and Sebastian to coordinate collection of use cases.

Sebastian: I will prepare some slides for the next call, and will send out an email in advance based upon the presenations from each of the members.

I will be looking for areas of commonality

Juan: we already have some materials comparing a number of approaches and will add this to the wiki as soon as it is operational.

Daniel: this metamodel could be a basis for the architecture I was talking about.

Some kind of conventions for the wiki would be helpful, e.g. index linked to detail pages.

Jaroslav: we are targeting web applications, but do we also have an idea of what functionality is required for these applications.

Fabio: we should enable a variety of applications

Daniel: this would be driven by the use cases, no?

Fabio: the focus is model-based user interfaces, but I am not so sure about server-side approaches

Jaroslav: we are interested in some aspects of server-side behavior for user interfaces.

Dave: the final ui may well include both client and server-side components, so it will be important to clarify what the boundaries of MBUI are for this XG.

Daniel: UI involves a mix of client and server side functionality.

Fabio: yes indeed, (some comments on web services) ...

Javoslav: how to describe error handling and event handling in a generic way that is decoupled from low level details.

These are user oriented.

Jo: the use cases should identify the entities involved in the communication.

road map for telecons

Daniel to present on December 8.

Fabio: we should function as a working group and avoid too many presentations.
... asks Juan how he would prepare the comparative study?

Juan explains. Fabio: it would be helpful to have not too much material to start with. Yes says Juan.

Sebastian is collecting the use cases.

Jo: Sebastian first wants to go through the presentations, as far as I am aware we are missing materials from Daniel and Jaroslav.

Dave: Daniel's materials are linked from email archive and Mandelieu minutes.

Jaroslav: I am interested in the role of XForms and the means to generate a user interface from the abstract models.

Dave invites Jaroslav post some materials now if practical and to then expand on this in the wiki as second step.

Fabio to chair telecon on November 24.

Please send regrets via email

Also let us know if you have any people you think we should invite to join the group (e.g. as invited experts).

Finally, do we as a group want to use the member list or do we want to operate more publically, e.g. using the public list and make the minutes publically readable? Please send your comments on that to the member list.

Dave draws the meeting to a close.

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]