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Meeting: SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group Teleconference
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Zakim, this will be WS_SOAP-JM
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ok, RolandMerrick; I see WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM scheduled to start in 8 minutes
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Chair: Roland
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TOPIC: Oustanding Actions
17:06:49 [Roland]
17:07:17 [mphillip]
Roland: Actions 19 and 32 still outstanding
17:07:26 [mphillip]
Roland: Action 46 is updated
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17:07:58 [mphillip]
close action-46
17:07:58 [trackbot]
ACTION-46 Make changes for name and value attributes and place xml schema as appendix in spec closed
17:08:22 [mphillip]
close action-47
17:08:24 [trackbot]
ACTION-47 Incorporate jndi- props into spec closed
17:09:06 [mphillip]
Roland: Action 48 is only editorial in nature - not required for last call - Roland will change the due date
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17:09:20 [mphillip]
Eric: Action 49 is complete
17:09:50 [mphillip]
Eric: Will post another copy of the URI Spec to IETF
17:09:51 [mphillip]
close action-49
17:09:51 [trackbot]
ACTION-49 Update URI spec to adopt Alfred's comments and the jndi context parms closed
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+ +1.919.742.aabb
17:10:23 [mphillip]
Roland: Action 50 note for feedback has been added
17:10:40 [mphillip]
close action-50
17:10:40 [trackbot]
ACTION-50 Add note for Last Call regarding feedback requested on precedence wordings etc closed
17:11:12 [mphillip]
TOPIC: URI spec, new draft to be submitted to IETF
17:12:00 [mphillip]
Eric: 2 comments were outstanding on URI Spec
17:12:14 [mphillip]
Eric: Incorporated everything ntoed by Alfred ??
17:12:49 [mphillip]
Eric: Mark Baker also re-raised some issues which we had discussed in March (re: definition of operations for URI)
17:13:25 [mphillip]
Eric: We responded to Mark asking him to clarify which issues are still outstanding
17:17:32 [mphillip]
Roland: So we are pretty much complete on the URI spec - when Eric sends the latest draft Roland will update the link in the Binding spec.
17:18:08 [Roland]
anyone object to submitting the latest draft prepared by Eric?
17:18:31 [mphillip]
...No-one has any issues with Eric submitting the URI spec as-is. Eric will submit after this call
17:19:01 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Binding Document - Editor Draft ready for Last Call?
17:19:38 [mphillip]
Roland: All the changes are in, and there have not been any comments. Any comments / observations?
17:19:54 [mphillip]
Roland: If not then we are ready to go to last call
17:19:58 [Roland]
anyone object to moving to Last Call?
17:20:19 [mphillip]
RESOLUTION: We will move to Last Call
17:21:23 [mphillip]
Roland: Will start the last call process
17:21:28 [mphillip]
TOPIC: Testing
17:22:12 [mphillip]
Roland: This should be the main focus now - so the main subject for next week's call
17:22:25 [mphillip]
Roland: Anyone secretly writing test cases ?
17:22:33 [mphillip]!
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WS_SOAP-JM()12:00PM has ended
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Attendees were Phil, Peter_Easton, Roland, eric, +0196270aaaa, mphillip, +1.919.742.aabb, alewis
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Regrets: Derek, Yves
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