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W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Program

Stéphane Boyera

W3C TPAC 2008

Mandelieu, France, October 2008


ICT for Development

An Indian Monk with a mobile phone
  • ICT: a cheap and scalable solution to bridge historical divides:
    • Access to health services
    • Access to education
    • Access to finance services
    • Access to employment
    • Access to government Services
    • Access to information
    • Access to trade and commerce
    • ...
(Photo Source: Der Spiegel)

How to provide access to ICT?

Can Mobile phones be an ICT platform? How?

a child with a fake mobile phone
(Photo Source : The Economist )

Proof of Concept

sms based system to get the market price for goods
  • Many Success Stories
    • m-banking
    • agriculture
    • government
    • ....
  • But
    • lots of activities but still disconnected
    • a limited impact at the Worldwide level
    • high barriers for potential service providers
    • high access barriers for potential end users
(Photo Source: Vodafone)

W3C Mobile Web for Social Development (MW4D)

Service Development challenges

Access Challenges


MW4D Expected Results

MW4D Factsheet

MW4D Status


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