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We discussed Accessibility support and it will be on next week's survey
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Oct 9th survey
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meeting: WCAG
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chair: Loretta Guarino Reid
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20:28:44 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution accept: Failure of 2.4.4 due to using null alt on an image where the image is the only content in a link?
20:29:04 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Failure of 2.4.4 due to using null alt on an image where the image is the only content in a link?
20:29:39 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Using a text alternative on one item within a group of images that describes all items in the group? as amended
20:30:01 [David_MacDonald]
s/link?/link? as amended
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Resolution: accept: Using labels, names, and text alternatives consistently for content that has the same functionality?
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topic: Input Control Default Text
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Resolution: Input Control Default Text accepted as amended
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Action: leave open Issue 2666: On behavior of containers that are designed to fit limited text, CHristophe will reword response
20:57:56 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2632: Instances where technique G153 is not met as revised
20:58:46 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Accept Issue 2636: H33 Creates accessibility issues as amended.
20:59:41 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2642: Don't make contrast conditional on font size
21:00:17 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Accept Issue 2652: Sign Language for Videos
21:00:50 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Issue 2660: Complex tables
21:01:51 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Accept Issue 2659: Complex diagrams
21:02:00 [David_MacDonald]
Topic Oct 2 survey
21:02:49 [Ben]
21:03:51 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: leave open Issue 2606: SC 3.2.5 vs. SC 2.2.4 and G75 and G76
21:06:56 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Accept Issue 2615: Image use cases that WCAG doesn't address as amended.
21:10:46 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2626: large scale text for CJK as amended. Note: the working group will accept suggestions from JIS as an editorial amendment.
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Resolution: Accept Issue 2634: "all" or "potentially serious" mistakes? as amended.
21:21:21 [David_MacDonald]
Issue 2638: Inconsistent labeling causing confusion
21:21:37 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Issue 2638: Inconsistent labeling causing confusion as proposed
21:22:09 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2644: Are characters in the Windows Character Map images of text? as amended
21:30:33 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2647: Two common failures missing as amended
21:37:27 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2648: F42 is overly broad as amended
21:44:14 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: Accept - Issue 2649: Common failure needed for elements that should allow focus, but don't as accepted
21:53:12 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2651: Extended Audio Description as amended
22:06:40 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2653: Audio Background as amended
22:07:43 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2654: Space-and-a-half between paragraphs as proposed
22:08:53 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2657: Failure for 2.4.6 asamended
22:09:03 [Zakim]
22:09:29 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2658: Decorative Images as proposed
22:10:29 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2661: Clarification of SC 1.4.7 as amended
22:11:00 [David_MacDonald]
Resolution: accept Issue 2664: Do modal dialogs violate keyboard trap? as proposed
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Meeting: WCAG Weekly Telecon
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Attendees were Loretta_Guarino_Reid, +1.617.584.aaaa, David_MacDonald, Bengt_Farre, Tim_Boland, Sofia_Celic, Ben_Caldwell, Cooper, Roberto_Ellero, [IPcaller], Roberto_Scano,
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... Andrew_Kirkpatrick, Christophe_Strobbe, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Alex_Li
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