IRC log of egov on 2008-09-26

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Meeting: eGovernment Interest Group Teleconference
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Date: 26 September 2008
15:00:23 [josema]
chair: kevin, john
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15:10:53 [josema]
josema: welcome ideas on how to move forward
15:11:27 [josema]
john: I have some ideas that can share
15:13:46 [josema]
...we need to focus on basic things
15:14:20 [josema]
[talk about US/UK approaches]
15:14:52 [josema]
[practicalities, is WebArch really understood?]
15:17:15 [josema]
[key: how we can support the people involved in those projects to understand the basics]
15:17:37 [josema]
[maybe we take some from granted, but it should be understandable for them]
15:20:34 [josema]
[need to improve the way we communicate wrt standards]
15:23:07 [josema]
[from W3C stack of technologies to useful government suite of W3c standards]
15:23:41 [josema]
[risk of some people thinking this too easy, but a long standing challenge]
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15:27:24 [josema]
[we need to contextualize]
15:28:22 [josema]
[we could do start it ourselves, but how to engage the Group?]
15:28:55 [josema]
[but it's very inclusive activity, everybody can contribute]
15:29:33 [josema]
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15:30:43 [josema]
zakim, aadd is oscar
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15:31:53 [josema]
[use cases: we are not expecting people to get to any technical detail]
15:32:07 [josema]
[we were expecting simple things, overview]
15:32:55 [josema]
[risk of people going into very technical detail]
15:39:15 [josema]
[agreement on that we need to go ahead with this]
15:39:34 [josema]
[basic use cases + good practice on how to use the basics]
15:39:47 [josema]
[example topic: content syndication]
15:40:03 [josema]
john: working on something along these lines
15:40:14 [josema]
...will be able to share in a while
15:40:37 [josema]
john: we should start with very simple diagrams
15:40:46 [josema]
...very simple text
15:41:05 [josema]
...two step process: very easy first, and then guidance on
15:41:10 [josema]
...W3C standards use
15:42:07 [josema]
josema: where to start? compilation of use cases?
15:42:23 [josema]
john: could be ok as start but from elementary level
15:42:38 [josema]
...not deeply technical stuff
15:48:08 [josema]
[another key issue: provenance and authoritative source of information]
15:48:50 [josema]
[...and need to achieve trust]
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zakim, list attendants
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15:50:25 [josema]
[another topic: what information should be available for free]
15:50:45 [josema]
s/free/ free or paid for
15:51:14 [josema]
[scope is getting huge again though]
15:51:58 [josema]
kevin: pressure to agencies to make their data openly available
15:52:14 [josema]
...but big challenge: how they can control is used according to the "terms of service"
15:52:36 [josema]
john: and you enter the licensing issues world...
15:53:54 [josema]
[need a use case on trust/authority,/provenance]
15:54:02 [josema]
15:56:12 [josema]
zakim, mute oscar
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15:57:25 [josema]
josema: regular chairs call?
15:57:29 [josema]
kevin: ok
15:57:32 [josema]
oscar: ok
15:59:48 [josema]
john: ok, but better one hour later
16:00:31 [josema]
resolved: group call to stays as it is for now
16:00:41 [josema]
zakim, unmute oscar
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16:01:10 [josema]
RESOLVED: chairs call at 13:00 UTC
16:01:16 [josema]
zakim, mute oscar
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16:02:13 [josema]
josema: how to proceed?
16:02:24 [josema]
kevin: need to discuss by email
16:02:44 [josema]
...john and I, then present to the Group
16:04:15 [josema]
ACTION kevin, john to prepare agenda for next Group call
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16:04:26 [josema]
zakim, who's here?
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