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rrsagent, make log world
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meeting: WCAG
19:57:33 [MichaelC]
chair: Loretta Guarino Reid
19:57:45 [MichaelC]
19:58:47 [MichaelC]
regrets: Alex Li, Christophe Strobbe, Drew LaHart
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WAI_WCAG()3:00PM has now started
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+ +1.410.961.aaaa
20:01:25 [Zakim]
20:01:30 [rscano]
zakim, ??P1 is Roberto_Scano
20:01:30 [Zakim]
+Roberto_Scano; got it
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20:01:47 [Zakim]
20:01:47 [Zakim]
20:01:50 [Zakim]
20:01:52 [rscano]
zakim, I am Roberto_Scano
20:01:52 [Zakim]
ok, rscano, I now associate you with Roberto_Scano
20:01:54 [Zakim]
20:02:05 [rellero]
zakim, ??P2 is Roberto_Ellero
20:02:05 [Zakim]
+Roberto_Ellero; got it
20:02:15 [Zakim]
20:02:30 [Zakim]
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20:02:49 [MichaelC]
zakim, IBM is Andi_Snow-Weaver
20:02:49 [Zakim]
+Andi_Snow-Weaver; got it
20:02:55 [Zakim]
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20:03:05 [MichaelC]
zakim, ??P4 is Gregg_Vanderheiden
20:03:05 [Zakim]
+Gregg_Vanderheiden; got it
20:03:16 [MichaelC]
zakim, Alex is Sofia_Celic
20:03:16 [Zakim]
+Sofia_Celic; got it
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20:03:30 [MichaelC]
zakim, +1.410 is Tim_Boland
20:03:30 [Zakim]
+Tim_Boland; got it
20:03:38 [MichaelC]
zakim, who's on the phone?
20:03:38 [Zakim]
On the phone I see Tim_Boland.a, Roberto_Scano, Gregg_Vanderheiden, Cooper, Andi_Snow-Weaver, Roberto_Ellero, Tim_Boland, Don_Evans, Sofia_Celic, Katie_Haritos-Shea
20:03:42 [Zakim]
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20:03:51 [MichaelC]
zakim, Tim_Boland.a is Bruce_Bailey
20:03:51 [Zakim]
+Bruce_Bailey; got it
20:06:06 [Zakim]
20:06:17 [MichaelC]
zakim, Microsoft is Cynthia_Shelly
20:06:17 [Zakim]
+Cynthia_Shelly; got it
20:10:19 [MichaelC]
scribe: Sofia
20:11:08 [Sofia]
zakim, take up agendum 1
20:11:08 [Zakim]
I see nothing on the agenda
20:12:28 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Face to Face agenda
20:14:08 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Sufficient technique for SC 2.1.1, 4.1.2: Using HTML form controls and links
20:18:25 [Loretta]
20:18:51 [Zakim]
20:19:02 [greggvanderheiden]
Scribe: Gregg
20:19:21 [greggvanderheiden]
scribe: greggvanderheiden
20:19:56 [greggvanderheiden]
Resolution: Accept as ammended
20:20:10 [greggvanderheiden]
TOPIC: Sufficient technique for SC 2.2.1: Providing a mechanism to allow user to display moving, ...
20:20:12 [Zakim]
20:20:30 [MichaelC]
zakim, klanz2 is Sofia_Celic
20:20:30 [Zakim]
+Sofia_Celic; got it
20:20:35 [greggvanderheiden]
RESOLUTION: Accept as proposed
20:20:52 [greggvanderheiden]
Scribe: Sofia
20:21:26 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Sufficient technique for SC 2.2.1: Providing a way for the user to turn the time limit off
20:26:30 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: leave open
20:26:45 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Sufficient technique for SC 1.3.2, 2.1.1, 2.4.3: Creating Custom Dialogs in a Device Independent Way
20:34:57 [Sofia]
ACTION: Loretta to add explanation for keyboard trapping and dialog
20:37:36 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
20:37:43 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Sufficient technique for SC 4.1.2: Using CSS to hide label elements when visible ...
20:46:59 [Sofia]
ACTION: Gregg to bring back information about AT support for this technique and related technique for positioning off screen
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20:47:42 [Zakim]
20:47:46 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
20:48:16 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Test Procedure for H57: Using language attributes on the html element
20:48:31 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
20:48:49 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Proposal to move Sufficient Technique #3 of SC 2.1.1 to advisory
20:48:59 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
20:49:17 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Proposal to modify definition of Accessibility Support
20:49:43 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: leave open
20:52:58 [Zakim]
20:53:14 [Zakim]
20:54:09 [Zakim]
20:55:24 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2639: G65 - editorial correction
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20:57:02 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
20:57:15 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issues 2646, 2635: H44 and H65 do not seem related to 3.2.4
20:58:06 [Zakim]
20:59:33 [Loretta]
21:04:03 [Sofia]
ACTION: David to draft technique "Using labels, names, and text alternatives consistently for content that has the same functionality"
21:04:47 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: Accept as proposed
21:05:12 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2637: H30 examples encourage wordy links
21:05:40 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:06:02 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2604: H81: Nested Lists
21:08:54 [David_MacDonald]
21:09:05 [Sofia]
ack d
21:10:01 [Zakim]
21:16:38 [Zakim]
21:18:23 [Zakim]
21:20:06 [Zakim]
21:20:53 [Zakim]
21:23:49 [Zakim]
21:31:25 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
21:31:55 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2628: on a full-screen window
21:32:03 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:32:17 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2631: G182: will this include underlining text links
21:32:46 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:33:04 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2650: F78: Overwriting default focus indicator
21:34:03 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:34:14 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2632: Instances where technique G153 is not met.
21:36:12 [Zakim]
21:36:48 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: leave open
21:37:03 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2640: G156 should be a sufficient technique
21:37:44 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
21:38:01 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2642: Don't make contrast conditional on font size
21:40:11 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: leave open
21:40:25 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2655: Evaluating Reading Levels
21:47:25 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:47:36 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2656: Editorial problems - German translation
21:48:02 [Zakim]
21:48:12 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:48:26 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2645: Provide success feedback
21:49:06 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
21:49:20 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2643: Success Criteria seem redundant, etc.
21:51:05 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as proposed
21:51:20 [Sofia]
TOPIC: Issue 2633: Is 3.3.1 relevant if errors are not automatically detected?
21:51:45 [Sofia]
RESOLUTION: accept as amended
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21:57:02 [Zakim]
21:57:02 [Zakim]
21:57:04 [Zakim]
21:57:04 [Zakim]
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21:57:12 [Zakim]
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22:31:15 [Zakim]
Attendees were +1.410.961.aaaa, Roberto_Scano, Cooper, Roberto_Ellero, Tim_Boland, Don_Evans, Alex_Li, Andi_Snow-Weaver, Katie_Haritos-Shea, Gregg_Vanderheiden, Sofia_Celic,
22:31:18 [Zakim]
... Loretta_Guarino_Reid, Bruce_Bailey, Cynthia_Shelly, [Microsoft]
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