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Meeting: RIF-PRD telecon Sept 16
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"/invite zakim #channel-name
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+ +1.503.533.aaaa - is perhaps GaryHallmark?
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zakim, [NRCC] is me
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+Harold; got it
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sorry, GaryHallmark, I do not recognize a party named 'aaaa'
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"zakim, room for 5?
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zakim, who is on the phone?
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On the phone I see csma, Harold, GaryHallmark?, Hassan_Ait-Kaci (muted)
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me zakim, unmute me
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17:15:30 [GaryHallmark]
resolved: csma chairs, we take turns scribing
17:15:36 [GaryHallmark]
I'll scribe now
17:15:57 [GaryHallmark]
scribe: GaryHallmark
17:16:17 [GaryHallmark]
topic: Architectural Principles
17:16:42 [Hassan]
17:16:52 [csma]
ack hassan
17:17:16 [GaryHallmark]
hassan: need a brainstorming kickoff to this taskforce
17:17:51 [GaryHallmark]
... e.g. why do we need (to start with) an xml schema?
17:18:34 [GaryHallmark]
csma: attendance is important!
17:19:05 [GaryHallmark]
... taskforce job is to make proposals, not to make decisions
17:20:27 [GaryHallmark]
csma: today we need to organize work for WD2 to have freeze before F2F
17:22:05 [GaryHallmark]
topic: WD2
17:22:40 [Hassan]
17:23:14 [csma]
ack hassan
17:23:33 [GaryHallmark]
finish/polish the model-theory of conditions
17:23:55 [GaryHallmark]
hassan: semantics is hard to read
17:24:11 [GaryHallmark]
... (in latest wiki version)
17:24:36 [csma]
17:25:15 [GaryHallmark]
... unclear what the semantic structures are there for (confusing mix of denotational and operational)
17:26:43 [GaryHallmark]
csma: 1st WD was all operational, but did not define "matching theory" -- no links to DTB
17:29:52 [GaryHallmark]
now, we want a model-theory for the conditions but not for the rules
17:32:19 [GaryHallmark]
hassan: there will be extra-BLD condition constructs, e.g. aggregate, that must be added
17:35:06 [GaryHallmark]
should ask Michael how to do aggregates in FLD
17:36:17 [Harold]
17:36:31 [GaryHallmark]
harold: aggregates could be added to DTB
17:37:29 [Harold]
I'd like to have a version of aggregates both in PRD and BLD, perhaps via DTB.
17:38:54 [Harold]
Aggregate can be semantically treated similarly to external builtins.
17:39:12 [GaryHallmark]
I believe that PRD and BLD conditions (not rules) agree on NAF
17:41:21 [GaryHallmark]
csma: will PRD and SWC fit?
17:41:41 [Harold]
I agree perhaps PRD could be considered a superset of BLD (with only Asserts in conclusions).
17:42:19 [Harold]
So RIF-SWC would agree on the BLD subset of PRD.
17:42:52 [GaryHallmark]
but BLD is not a subset of PRD - we are still searching for a non-empty CORE
17:43:46 [Harold]
Depends on how big PRD will ultimately be.
17:45:58 [GaryHallmark]
does current spec have model theory for NAF?
17:47:56 [Harold]
(Re aggregates, also see "Aggregate functions in DLV" and later DLV work).
17:49:45 [GaryHallmark]
csma: a bind or let construct makes it easier to specify no-repeat
17:51:28 [Harold]
"bind", "let", "where" are equivalent variable-scoping constructs similar to quantifiers.
17:52:08 [Harold]
They may also benefit an extension of BLD.
17:54:29 [Hassan]
On aggregates and comprehions:
17:54:59 [Hassan]
17:56:37 [GaryHallmark]
I will add "assert new" and "object delete" to PRD
17:56:51 [csma]
rrsagent, make log public
17:57:09 [csma]
rrsagent, make minutes
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I have made the request to generate csma
17:57:29 [GaryHallmark]
add "assert new" and "object delete" to PRD
17:57:50 [GaryHallmark]
add "assert new" and "object delete" to PRD
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disconnecting the lone participant, GaryHallmark?, in SW_RIF(PRD)1:00PM
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Attendees were csma, +1.503.533.aaaa, Harold, Hassan_Ait-Kaci
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