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Meeting: SVG Working Group Teleconference
10:40:26 [trackbot]
Date: 11 September 2008
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10:45:36 [shepazu]
10:45:37 [anthony]
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10:45:57 [ed]
Topic: testsuite
10:46:13 [ed]
AG: finished generating references, and made fixes
10:46:25 [ed]
...some of the animation tests revision numbers don't match
10:47:13 [ed]
...all the ones I checked have matching revision numbers, but the ones I haven't checked I'm not sure about
10:47:23 [ed]
ED: how many are left to check?
10:47:35 [ed]
AG: ~190 tests to check
10:48:48 [ed]
ED: if the reference and the testcase pass criteria don't match, which is the true pass criteria?
10:49:02 [ed]
AG: testsuite doesn't say currently
10:49:25 [ed]
DS: we can publish the testsuite, and come back and change the mismatches in the coming weeks
10:49:45 [anthony]
10:49:47 [anthony]
10:49:58 [ed]
AG: came across two tests (above)
10:50:12 [ed]
...they're font-matching tests
10:50:24 [ed]
...both have status="accepted" but are not approved yet
10:50:31 [ed]
...from svg basic 1.1
10:50:47 [ed]
...bitflash and opera pass fonts-desc-03-t.svg
10:50:55 [ed]
...bitflash passes the 05 as well
10:53:03 [anthony]
10:53:10 [anthony]
10:55:52 [ed]
10:56:37 [ed]
11:00:51 [ed]
ED: we'll come back to these for the next release we make of the testsuite
11:00:56 [anthony]
11:01:39 [ed]
11:03:11 [ed]
AG: will choose a smaller fontsize and regenerate
11:05:26 [ed] we'll go ahead and publish, some of the references will have mismatching revision numbers
11:05:35 [ed]
NH: can I help out?
11:06:07 [ed]
AG: checking references against each test is useful, but we can do it after the publication
11:06:10 [ed]
...would be good
11:06:25 [ed]
NH: when is the publication?
11:06:31 [ed]
AG: asap
11:06:55 [ed]
...will contact CL to push it out
11:07:44 [ed]
Topic: 1.2T
11:07:59 [ed]
DS: made changes to the spec in the past few days, please check them
11:08:14 [ed]
...most from actions
11:08:47 [ed]
...put in criteria for search-engines
11:09:02 [ed]
...hopefully useful for search-engines...
11:09:14 [ed]
...still working on dom 3 events -> udom, should be done later today
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11:09:37 [ed]
...then I need to put the highlevel view of the changes
11:09:45 [ed]
...and making it pubrules compliant
11:10:00 [ed]
...CL and me are probably the only ones to have spec-editing actions left
11:10:41 [ed]
...made some notes about what might be broken in the schema
11:11:08 [ed]
...that's something that can be fixed while we're in LC
11:11:19 [Zakim]
11:11:27 [aemmons]
zakim, ??p8 is me
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+aemmons; got it
11:11:28 [ed]
...finishing up title and desc, changelog and dom3events...those are the only things holding up the publication
11:12:34 [shepazu]
11:13:55 [ed]
DS: we had agreed to add @rel and @rev to svgt12
11:14:30 [ed]
...spoke to some microformat people, and there are some attributes missing for rdfa
11:15:00 [ed]
...this along with ARIA will allow svg to be processed in more interesting ways
11:15:23 [ed]
...added the 9 attributes and 'role'
11:15:32 [ed]
...only requirement is to put them into the DOM
11:15:50 [ed]
AE: if it's XML then it'll be in the dom, no additional impl. burden
11:16:01 [ed]
NH: i agree
11:16:04 [ed]
DS: ok
11:16:47 [ed] AE did you do the action for 'static'/bufferedrendering
11:16:50 [ed]
AE: yes
11:17:18 [ed]
DS: is a good addition to svg
11:17:24 [ed]
NH: agree
11:18:54 [ed]
Topic: testsuite
11:19:08 [ed]
AG: did you check revision numbers on the ones you checked?
11:19:27 [ed]
AE: most of them yes, converted most to use svg patchfiles
11:19:45 [ed]
...some of the media-anim ones are wrong, because it wasn't supported in batik
11:20:03 [ed]
...I could go through and make mockups for those
11:20:34 [ed]
ED: think we should do that after publication yes
11:20:46 [ed]
...svgpatchfiles are much simpler to handle than the png ones
11:21:06 [ed]
AG: ok, will send out an email and we can go through the ones that we have to fix up
11:24:42 [ed]
Topic: global/abstractview
11:24:45 [ed]
11:24:57 [ed]
11:25:05 [ed]
11:26:18 [ed]
DS: curious about deployment patterns
11:26:36 [ed]
...content on mobiles is a bit dynamic, right? because of sandboxing
11:27:03 [ed]
NH: we have different mobile and tv solutions, so there are different players out there
11:27:20 [ed]
...may be a problem if the content is using the old way of accessing the content
11:27:31 [ed]
DS: could you deploy it as having both?
11:27:36 [ed]
NH: yes
11:27:59 [ed]
ED: or simply ask them to change the content
11:28:29 [ed]
DS: this is the reason we want to change it: it'll ease our transition to the next phase
11:29:12 [ed]
...will help people making content, to move content out on the web as browsers see it
11:29:35 [ed]
...the impact on your impl. is probably smaller than if we wait and try to do it later
11:29:56 [ed]
NH: will get back to you in two hours or so
11:31:12 [ed]
ED: it's mostly about changing the name, the functionality will still be there
11:31:29 [ed]
NH: right, will research how it would affect us
11:32:03 [ed]
...some solutions use an svgplayer and then have a bunch of svgfiles and scripts
11:32:18 [ed]
...others package svgfiles with the player that isn't dynamically updated
11:32:28 [ed]
...some use dynamic updates from a server
11:32:55 [Zakim]
11:33:28 [Zakim]
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11:34:56 [ed]
RESOLUTION: we will remove and replace it with defaultView from DOM 2 Views
11:36:21 [ed]
ACTION: ed to remove replacing it with defaultView in the 1.2T spec
11:36:21 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2190 - Remove replacing it with defaultView in the 1.2T spec [on Erik Dahlström - due 2008-09-18].
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11:46:07 [Zakim]
11:46:13 [Zakim]
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Attendees were Andrew_Sledd, Doug_Schepers, anthony, aemmons
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11:51:23 [shepazu]
oh, wow!
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Jonathan Chetwynd has unsubscribed from all W3C lists!
11:52:15 [shepazu]
this means he won't be submitting Last Call comments
11:52:41 [shepazu]
it's a pity, though... he really has helped with SVG
12:02:19 [ed_work]
did he give a reason?
12:03:27 [ed_work]
oh, nm...*reading*
12:16:13 [heycam]
oh you're removing global, cool :)
12:17:25 [heycam]
ed_work, so that means we can remove udom-svg-202-t.svg, which tests SVGDocument::global
12:17:39 [heycam]
and also udom-svg-203-t.svg will need to be fixed, since it refers to global
12:17:51 [heycam]
i'm pretty sure in that one you can just do s/ in the file
12:18:14 [heycam]
so it picks up parseXML, etc. from the global object in the scope chain
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14:04:06 [ed_work]
heycam: please review the changes if you have time, it's possible that there are some redundant bits there still...
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14:44:56 [ed_work]
close ACTION-2190
14:44:56 [trackbot]
ACTION-2190 Remove replacing it with defaultView in the 1.2T spec closed
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