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Meeting: Timed Text Working Group Teleconference
16:06:32 [trackbot]
Date: 10 September 2008
16:06:47 [plh]
Chair: David
16:07:02 [plh]
ScribeNick: plh
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test test
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Topic: Introduction
16:09:12 [plh]
[going around the table]
16:10:31 [plh]
Regrets: Dick
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16:19:04 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to contact Adobe regarding their participation in Timed Text
16:19:04 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-1 - Contact Adobe regarding their participation in Timed Text [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
16:20:02 [plh]
Topic: Scribe
16:20:14 [plh]
next scribe will be Goeff
16:20:39 [plh]
Topic: Next meeting
16:20:56 [plh]
David: next week, same day, same time
16:21:10 [plh]
Glen: I'm in GMT+8
16:22:08 [plh]
... 7AM or 8AM in Boston would be better for me
16:22:22 [plh]
Goeff: I could do 7AM, but 7:30AM
16:23:12 [plh]
Philippe: can't do 8AM on Wednesdays
16:23:19 [plh]
... but could on Fridays
16:23:40 [plh]
Resolution: Friday, 9AM US/Eastern
16:23:50 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to book the Zakimm bridge
16:23:50 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-2 - Book the Zakimm bridge [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
16:25:01 [plh]
Topic: Resources
16:25:55 [plh]
16:30:08 [plh]
Philippe: WGBH, Microsoft, BBC need to rejoin the Group
16:30:54 [plh]
Geoff: screen subtitling might want to have them as invited expert
16:31:54 [plh]
Philippe: what about IP?
16:32:41 [plh]
Glen: they had no knowledge in the past, and they can provide a letter
16:32:48 [plh]
Philippe: sounds ok to me then
16:33:09 [plh]
David: EBU was also involved in the past
16:33:34 [sean]
franz de jong
16:34:12 [plh]
Sean: also been active in SMPTE as well
16:35:29 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to follow up with EBU/Franz De Jong
16:35:29 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-3 - Follow up with EBU/Franz De Jong [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
16:35:52 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to follow up with Screen Subtitling
16:35:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-4 - Follow up with Screen Subtitling [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
16:35:53 [sean]
action on John Birch?
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Sorry, couldn't find user - on
16:36:02 [plh]
Topic: Editing
16:38:37 [plh]
Philippe and Glen should sync up
16:40:22 [plh]
Glen will remain as editor
16:40:32 [plh]
Topic: WG schedule
16:41:22 [plh]
David: tight schedule!
16:41:34 [plh]
Topic: Face-to-face meetings
16:42:00 [plh]
Sean: unless we have a huge influx of new people, we don't really need one. Maybe after Last Call.
16:42:40 [plh]
Topic: Initial work
16:43:09 [plh]
David: Goeff, any thoughts about the dynamic flow processing?
16:43:18 [plh]
Goeff: I do, but need to post on the list
16:43:41 [plh]
ACTION: Goeff to send a proposal for the dynamic flow processing
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Sorry, couldn't find user - Goeff
16:43:50 [plh]
trackbot, status
16:44:52 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to remain Goeff to send a proposal for the dynamic flow processing
16:44:52 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-5 - Remain Goeff to send a proposal for the dynamic flow processing [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
16:45:00 [plh]
16:46:01 [plh]
Glen: we spent time defining set of features. If we can agree on those sets, we can document that for a presentation processor
16:46:17 [plh]
... we can include an other profile that includes all of the features
16:46:42 [plh]
... we can also list the requirements for processors
16:47:29 [david]
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16:47:32 [plh]
... don't try to remove features from the spec but instead keep them and classify them into compliance mode
16:47:36 [geoff]
i think the problem is in the spelling of my name: GEOFF, nor GOEFF
16:48:36 [plh]
Philippe: we ought to remove features that are not implemented
16:48:52 [plh]
Glen: some features were adopted from CSS and XSL, like bidi
16:49:04 [plh]
... not of the existing processors support those
16:49:21 [plh]
... but there are many other types of processors that implement those
16:49:33 [plh]
... in the general case, there are implementations of those features
16:49:54 [plh]
... what is the goal?
16:50:40 [plh]
Philippe: implementation status of DFXP
16:50:54 [plh]
David: there is also a role as an interchange format
16:51:30 [plh]
... we need to be clear on what it mean to be an implementation
16:52:19 [plh]
Glen: we can easily transform all the features in a target format
16:52:38 [plh]
... but it may be difficult to produce a presentation processor for all of them
16:54:07 [plh]
Philippe: agreed, we'll need to match our implementation requirements with our compliance mode(s).
16:55:06 [plh]
David: indeed, the presentation role will include a subset of the features
16:55:49 [plh]
Glen: there are many specifications that do not have presentation processors.
16:56:22 [plh]
... conformance requirements for Unicode, but not requirements for Unicode to have all characters being displayed.
16:57:02 [plh]
... for features that we identify as information interchange, we define them in semantic terms and we transform those into alternative representations
16:57:17 [plh]
David: I wonder if we can use the CSS test suite...
16:57:45 [plh]
Goeff: is the requirement is "to be transformed" or "to be transformed and displayed"?
16:58:06 [plh]
Glen: HTML if you recall does not define the rendering
16:58:29 [plh]
... it would be a disservice to remove features just because we couldn't implement a presentator processor
16:59:12 [plh]
... we need a good definition for features and implementations, make a compelling case for that, and act along those lines
17:00:42 [plh]
... as long as the feature can be transformed semantically should be sufficient
17:02:25 [plh]
David: we need to check that the feature has been correctly transformed
17:03:35 [plh]
Sean: as homework, let's all take a look at the features and classify them "presentation" or "transformation" role
17:03:40 [plh]
Glen: I did this in the past
17:03:47 [plh]
... will dig this out
17:04:18 [plh]
... the only feature I'm uncomfortable with is the dynamic flow text
17:04:32 [plh]
... if we modify it, I could be more comfortable with it
17:04:47 [plh]
David: what implementations of DFXP do we have out there?
17:05:34 [plh]
... Goeff Magpy, Microsoft work, BBC work, World Airline entertainment association?, ...
17:05:52 [plh]
Goeff: I'll put a list together for next week
17:06:07 [plh]
David: also one open source software seems to support DFXP
17:06:56 [plh]
Philippe: tests/test suite?
17:07:15 [plh]
Glen: My previous company did put together a test suite in the past
17:07:25 [plh]
ACTION: Glen to git out the test suite/tests
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Sorry, couldn't find user - Glen
17:07:53 [plh]
ACTION: Philippe to remind Glen about tests/test suite
17:07:54 [trackbot]
Created ACTION-6 - Remind Glen about tests/test suite [on Philippe Le Hégaret - due 2008-09-17].
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