Amendment regarding WebCGM v2.1
Memorandum of Understanding between OASIS and W3C
Regarding WebCGM 2.0

The status of the specification WebCGM v2.0 is addressed by W3C and OASIS in their joint Memorandum of Understanding dated 15 Deceber 2005. Pursuant to that MoU, WebCGM v2.0 has been approved as both a W3C Recommendation and OASIS Standard. The MoU contemplates that a subsequent updated version of the specification may be approved in a similar coordinated manner by signing a short Annex. W3C and OASIS hereby agree to subject WebCGM v2.1 to that process, and by this Annex, make all of the mutual agreements and licenses in the 2005 MoU apply to WebCGM v2.1 as well. As v2.1 is primarily an update continuing the joint v2.0 work, the OASIS Committee Specification v2.1 will be provided as an edited version of the v2.0 text, as an input to the W3C WebCGM Working group rather than as a formal submission.

OASIS and W3C each acknowledge that this Annex and the actions contemplated by it can be executed consistent with their respective applicable policies.

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World Wide Web Consortium