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18:08:21 [Sandy]
meeting: W3C SML Teleconference of 2008-08-14
18:08:31 [Sandy]
scribenick: Sandy
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scribe: Sandy Gao
18:09:18 [Sandy]
topic: Approval of minutes from previous meeting(s)
18:09:38 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: approved meeting minutes for 2008-08-07 at
18:10:36 [Sandy]
topic: Action items
18:11:19 [Sandy]
JA: For action 137, Pratul should complete the action before the LC period ends for schema 1.1.
18:12:11 [Sandy]
18:12:35 [Sandy]
Kumar: Pratul is looking at action 184.
18:12:40 [Sandy]
John: reassign it to Pratul.
18:13:28 [Sandy]
Ginny: action 197 is done. need to get rid of the needsReview keyword from bug 5760.
18:16:30 [Sandy]
topic: bug 5788 target complete identifiers - distinguish between before-normalization input and after-normalization output
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regrets: MSM, Jim, Kirk, Julia
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chair: John Arwe
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s/reassign it/reassign action 184
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18:26:18 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: mark 5788 resolved+fixed. remove needsReview.
18:26:34 [Sandy]
bug 5902 sml:nilref and PSVI
18:26:51 [Sandy]
18:27:07 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: mark 5902 resolved+fixed. remove needsReview.
18:27:30 [Sandy]
s/bug 5902/topic: bug 5902
18:30:48 [Sandy]
topic: bug 5922 Allow an instance document to not be bound to any schema
18:33:13 [Sandy]
Sandy: the proposal doesn't cover the case if an SML-IF consumer does *not* choose to process the schemaBindings.
18:35:15 [Sandy]
Sandy: in that case, a schema should be constructed using all the schema documents, and that schema is used to validate all instance documents.
18:35:34 [Sandy]
Ginny: I can add a paragraph at the end of section 5 to cover that case.
18:36:12 [ginny]
Add a paragraph that describes what a consumer does if it does not process schemaBindings. It should construct a default schema from all schema documents and apply this schema to all instance documents.
18:37:54 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: Editors to add such a paragraph. Needs review after the change is made.
18:38:33 [Sandy]
topic: bug 5923 Requirements on schema documents
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18:41:36 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: add links suggested in comment #3. no further revew is needed.
18:42:11 [Sandy]
topic: bug 5924 Are violations of "Schema Component Rules" conformance or validity issues?
18:42:17 [Sandy]
18:44:18 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: mark 5924 resolved+fixed. remove needsReview.
18:44:37 [Sandy]
topic: bug 5925 Schema used to assess instance validity
18:44:43 [Sandy]
18:48:28 [Sandy]
RESOLUTION: mark 5925 resolved+fixed. remove needsReview.
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topic: LC publication
18:50:23 [Sandy]
John: expect to take a vote next Thursday on whether to public second LC
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Attendees were Sandy, johnarwe_, Kumar, [Microsoft], ginny, Ginny_Smith
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