16 Jul 2008


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Shadi, Mike, CarlosI, Johannes
CarlosI, Mike


Updates and announcements

SAZ: publication is on the queue

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/charter4

SAZ: nearby update
... ask for comments for a couple of days
... have a look now to the scope section
... next topic is F2F date and venue
... seems that AT WG is meeting at the plennary
... ERT WG members are very welcome to their meetings
... would be fairly easy to meet just after or before the TPAC
... can not get a room during the TPAC

CI: what are F2F objectives?

SAZ: mainly put all the pieces together
... also solve any potential pending issue
... may be easier get our independent F2F appart from TPAC
... we can think about the beginning of October
... we can mark 3rd of Nov as a potential date
... anyway you are all welcome to come to the TPAC
... remember some meetings are member only and need to contact with the group chair

MS: venue for October?

SAZ: near Cologne

Review Pointers-in-RDF editor's draft

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/Pointers/WD-Pointers-20080623

CI: open issues include XPath v. XPointer pointers
... XPointerPointe now subclass of XPathPointer
... Namespace class with prefix and URI properties but where does it belong?
... working on pointers best practices
... editorial improvements to intro and abstract
... pointers into HTML docs
... changed RangePointer to CompoundPointer
... consider making char optional property
... in LangChar class
... any priorities within these issues?
... created an issues document and can send to list

SAZ: document is looking good and get into public working draft
... rules can be put into the document rather than separate
... forget about joint example for now
... can be tackled at F2F

CI: thinking more of contained examples, small snippet pointers with actual docs

SAZ: RDF Primer actually uses snippets from full document but that doc is not in the actual spec
... not CI's responsibility to look across all docs and allign them
... fewer nesting levels is prefered but up to CI

CI: two options for HTMLPointer
... take it out of the document completely
... leave it as placeholder and try to distinguish as much as possible

SAZ: 3rd option - real example, more than just a placeholder
... can we provide a suffficient definition of HTMLPointer?

CI: pointer used to point to documents that are not well-formed

MS: problem is example of HTMLPointer, not definition

CI: two definitions, one based on serialization / normalization
... other was simplified expression based on hierarchy of elements
... more in favor of simplified expression bc serialization is out of our domain and resources
... in favor of simplified approach and wait to see what HTML5 does with serialization / normalization

SAZ: much more discussion of two options CI mentioned

MS: prefer to elave it in bc it indicates mindfulness of our attention to web contnet

JK: add something and see what directions we get from reviewers

CI: also get feedback on work on normalization and how this fits

SAZ: what is the feeling about a public issues document?

JK: could use tracker to track issues

<shadi> http://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tracker/

SAZ: public page for tracker so that not restricted to members
... people can start working with tracker, using products = documents
... anybody can open an issue or add actions or change status
... any objections to CompoundPointer over RangePointer?

RESOLUTION: use CompoundPointer rather than RangePointer

SAZ: RDF domains and optional char property
... pick up domains in content n RDF
... thoughts on next emeting?

CI: on vacation so not sure of availability during regular meeting time

MS: available

JK: traveling and will check with CV

SAZ: send out agenda on Mon and confirm availability

MS: not available following week, Jul 30

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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