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meeting: W3C SML Teleconference of 2008-07-10
18:05:54 [julia]
scribenick: Julia
18:06:00 [julia]
scribe: Julia McCarthy
18:06:13 [julia]
chair: Jim
18:06:33 [Sandy]
18:06:48 [julia]
regrets: John Arwe
18:06:53 [julia]
regrets: MSM
18:07:04 [julia]
regrets: ginny
18:07:08 [julia]
regrets: pratul
18:07:31 [julia]
regrets: John Arwe, MSM, Ginny, Pratul
18:08:30 [Sandy]
18:08:35 [julia]
topic: approval of minutes from previous meeting
18:09:23 [julia]
RESOLUTION: minutes from 2008-07-03 are approved
18:10:59 [julia]
topic: October CG meeting - no action required - note shows that we will meet October 28-30
18:12:12 [julia]
topic: Action Items
18:12:25 [julia]
Kumar: 186 and 196 are done
18:12:32 [julia]
Kumar: Pratul is working on 184
18:12:47 [Sandy]
18:13:32 [julia]
topic: Bugs
18:13:40 [julia]
Jim: no "decided" bugs found
18:14:44 [julia]
18:15:40 [julia]
RESOLUTION: We need to review the draft once Pratul has created it.
18:15:50 [julia]
18:17:17 [julia]
18:19:18 [julia]
Kumar: We did discuss this on the second day of the F2F, although not with the entire group. The discussion is not recorded in the minutes.
18:20:28 [julia]
Kumar: Julia and I agreed to a resolution which includes keeping the schematron example but changing the example so that it does not use "sch:value-of".
18:22:01 [julia]
Proposal: Ammend the proposal from comment #3 by modifying the message example to not use "sch:value-of".
18:23:22 [julia]
Test Proposal: <sch:assert test="smlfn:deref(.)[starts-with(u:ID,'99')]"
18:23:22 [julia]
18:23:22 [julia]
The specified ID "$var" does not begin with 99.
18:23:22 [julia]
18:25:35 [julia]
Take this offline to come up with the actual example.
18:25:49 [julia]
Also, we need to find out if Ginny is satisfied with the use of deref.
18:26:15 [julia]
RESOLUTION: wait to update the bug until we have an email thread result to paste in.
18:27:09 [julia]
18:27:38 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Waiting for final draft. Kirk wants to have a discussion with John before making final proposal.
18:27:45 [julia]
18:29:35 [julia]
18:32:43 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Wait until MSM and Ginny are here to discuss this one.
18:36:32 [julia]
Jim: John sent a note with an option 4 to 5542 today. Folks need time to read it.
18:36:33 [julia]
Kirk: (5542) CA is interested in finding a compromise. John's option 4 is a good direction.
18:37:05 [julia]
18:37:45 [julia]
Kumar: We are waiting for Henry to get information from someone else before proceeding.
18:39:55 [julia]
Sandy: Has talked to Henry who has received this information. (But has not passed it on to us yet.)
18:43:44 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Wait for Henry. Since we have not heard from him, we may choose not to address this in the next LC draft.
18:45:30 [julia]
s:RESOLUTION: Wait for Henry. Since we have not heard from him, we may choose not to address this in the next LC draft./
18:46:03 [Jim]
Henry added a comment to this but as we were discussing this.
18:46:29 [julia]
Jim: Henry added information to the bug as we spoke. He will formally object if we proceed without support for barename pointers.
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18:59:41 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Kumar and Sandy to decide offline about text for their proposal and then get Henry's reaction. Kumar will start an email thread.
19:01:31 [Sandy]
because a) not all xml processors are *required* to expose DTD IDness, and b) schema IDs may or may not be recognized depending on whether you actually do schema validation.04 01the best we can do is probably to allow bare name, but makes its behavior impl-defined.
19:03:50 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Current status is RESOLVED. Jim has changed that to "REOPENED".
19:06:41 [julia]
19:07:30 [julia]
Jim: This comes up because we search for bugs that are closed but have keyword "reviewerNotSatisfied". But we have resolved multiple times to not fix this. Resolution is WONTFIX.
19:12:52 [julia]
RESOLUTION: There is nothing to do for this bug.
19:17:17 [julia]
19:17:36 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Henry has accepted this one. Add reviewerSatisfied keyword and close.
19:17:45 [julia]
19:19:54 [Sandy]
Henry is OK with "mapping from schema" -> "sml constraint construction"
19:22:47 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Reopen as editorial.
19:25:01 [julia]
Sandy: There are 5 sections that use the old title. The proposed change only works for 2 of them. The editor will need to consider what to do with the others.
19:27:07 [julia]
Jim: Shall we discuss the date for the next LC working draft? We have not reached consensus - 5542 is holding us up.
19:27:16 [julia]
Kirk: Let's wait for resolution of 5542.
19:28:50 [julia]
19:32:53 [julia]
RESOLUTION: Add keyword needsAgreement. Set target to LC.
19:33:11 [julia]
19:34:35 [julia]
RESOLUTION: We agree with proposed text changes. Mark editorial.
19:34:46 [julia]
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Attendees were julia, Sandy, Kumar, Kirk, +1.610.277.aaaa, Jim
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