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zakim, this will be ert
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ok, shadi; I see WAI_ERTWG()8:30AM scheduled to start in 6 minutes
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meeting: ERT WG
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chair: Shadi
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12:25:18 [shadi]
agenda+ Updated "Content-in-RDF" document
12:25:32 [shadi]
agenda+ Updated "Pointers-in-RDF" draft
12:29:10 [shadi]
zakim, code?
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the conference code is 3794 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), shadi
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zakim, take up agendum 1
12:33:09 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Updated "Content-in-RDF" document" taken up [from shadi]
12:33:24 [shadi]
12:33:35 [MikeS]
SAZ: abstract of previous revision was improved
12:33:41 [MikeS]
np - have it up
12:33:59 [MikeS]
SAZ: introduction was also updated
12:34:33 [MikeS]
....Starting with abstract
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12:36:09 [MikeS]
...abstract refers to capacity to describe "any type of content" - is this too broad?
12:36:45 [MikeS]
CV: Base64Content probably does cover any type of content
12:37:21 [MikeS]
SAZ: abstract accepted by group since no comments
12:38:48 [MikeS]
CI: drop "describe"; doesn't describe, but providees series of classes that serve as containers for content
12:38:59 [MikeS]
+1 on represent
12:39:20 [MikeS]
walk me through
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12:40:53 [MikeS]
SAZ: change suggested by CI done; moving on to intro
12:42:43 [MikeS]
CI: other forms of the 'describe' (e.g. description, describing) may also need to be changed to e.g. representation, representing
12:42:58 [MikeS]
use cases look much better
12:45:02 [MikeS]
SAZ: question from Danny - relation to infobits
12:46:03 [MikeS]
...possibly discuss how this work overlaps with other work
12:46:27 [MikeS]
...does not need to hold up publication
12:47:15 [MikeS]
CI: don't understand connection to other technologies mentioned (e.g. RSS)
12:47:27 [MikeS]
SAZ: RSS does have a content body
12:48:55 [MikeS]
12:49:27 [MikeS]
SAZ: question as to reuse as well, not just overlap
12:49:55 [MikeS]
...moving on to appendicies
12:51:18 [MikeS]
CI: not happy with title of section 3, "When to create which resources"
12:52:06 [MikeS]
12:52:36 [MikeS]
+1 for "User senarios"
12:53:25 [MikeS]
SAZ: change title to, "User senarios"
12:55:43 [MikeS]
SAZ: consider renaming section 4, "Open Issues and Extensions," to, "Extending the Vocabulary"
12:55:51 [shadi]
action: CV & JK research possible overlap and/or differences to other work such as RSS/ATOM (see comments by Danny Ayers)
12:56:56 [MikeS]
12:57:07 [MikeS]
SAZ: changed
12:58:11 [shadi]
Mapping to DOM Properties
12:58:54 [MikeS]
yes, reading the table looks like more appropraite title might be "Mapping between DOM and Content In RDF Properties"
12:59:38 [MikeS]
12:59:53 [MikeS]
SAZ: really want to reduce the length of the title
13:00:17 [MikeS]
could just call it "Properties Mapping" and have an introductory sentence explaining what is being mapped and why
13:01:08 [MikeS]
SAZ: favored proposal seems to be changing "Vocabulary" to "Properties"
13:01:13 [MikeS]
13:01:18 [JohannesK]
13:01:53 [MikeS]
SAZ: any objections to publishing Content in RDF along with HTTP in RDF?
13:03:51 [MikeS]
...pubilcation is greed to by group
13:04:18 [MikeS]
...correction - publication on hold until overlap is resolved
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13:06:25 [MikeS]
...overlap concerning where Namespace class belongs - Content in RDF or Pointers in RDF
13:06:30 [shadi]
zakim, take up next
13:06:30 [Zakim]
agendum 2. "Updated "Pointers-in-RDF" draft" taken up [from shadi]
13:06:50 [shadi]
13:08:57 [MikeS]
SAZ: comments from MikeS
13:09:01 [MikeS]
...and JK
13:09:10 [MikeS]
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13:10:25 [MikeS]
i'm satisfied with CI's response
13:11:21 [MikeS]
CV: need Namespace class with at least prefix and uri but is required for pointers and for representing content
13:11:40 [MikeS]
...namespaces are more like content so belong in Content in RDF document
13:11:59 [MikeS]
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13:12:17 [MikeS]
JK: no use of namespace class in Content in RDF
13:13:25 [MikeS]
...prefixes are local to where they are used in an XML doc
13:13:42 [MikeS] general mapping that belongs to entire document
13:15:28 [MikeS]
SAZ: can specify a base or default namespace by not using one
13:15:43 [MikeS]
JK: yes, but can declare new prefixes throughout the doc
13:16:35 [JohannesK]
<a:a1 xmlns:a="ns1">
13:16:56 [JohannesK]
<a:b1 xmlns:a="ns2"/>
13:17:00 [JohannesK]
13:18:06 [MikeS]
JK: namesapce is entirely local
13:18:20 [JohannesK]
13:18:31 [JohannesK]
13:18:39 [JohannesK]
13:22:42 [MikeS]
JK: another issue - example for XPointerPointer looks very much like exmple for XPathPointer
13:22:57 [MikeS]
CV: note use of position() function from XPointer, not available in XPath
13:23:36 [JohannesK]
position() is defined in
13:24:45 [MikeS]
JK: not what do we do with XPointerPointer, but is there a difference between XPathPointer and XPointerPointer
13:24:52 [CarlosV]
s /CV: note/CI: note/
13:24:57 [MikeS] there an example that makes use of XPointer that is distinct from XPath
13:25:35 [MikeS]
SAZ: waht's the difference between XPath and XPointer? SHould classes be merged or is one an extension of the other?
13:26:04 [MikeS]
JK: think XPointer uses XPath making xpath a subset of Xpointer
13:26:07 [carlosI]
from the Xpointer Scheme: "This specification explicitly extends some aspects of the syntax and semantics of XPath (mainly in relation to support for locations other than whole nodes). Except in such cases, [XPath] constructs and definitions remain in effect in the xpointer() scheme."
13:26:33 [JohannesK][3]/img[1])
13:27:28 [MikeS]
CI: XPointer spec clearly states XPath is a subset, XPointer is an extension
13:27:43 [MikeS]
SAZ: does it make sense to have both classes?
13:27:59 [MikeS]
why not just have XPointerPointer extend (subClassOf) XPathPointer?
13:29:20 [MikeS]
SAZ: very little difference between clases but semantics are a little different bc based on different specs
13:29:45 [MikeS]
JK: difficult to decide unless we see examples of xpointer that don't look like xpath
13:29:53 [MikeS]
I agree - needs a little research
13:30:34 [MikeS]
ACTION: CI to investigate where XPointer and XPath are significantly different
13:31:17 [shadi]
agenda+ Publications
13:32:42 [shadi]
zakim, take up next
13:32:42 [Zakim]
agendum 3. "Publications" taken up [from shadi]
13:33:07 [carlosI]
13:33:09 [MikeS]
SAZ: publication of HTTP in RDF and Content in RDF
13:33:12 [JohannesK]
13:33:19 [shadi]
RESOLUTION: publish HTTP-in-RDF and Content-in-RDF
13:33:44 [MikeS]
SAZ: Pointers in RDF looks very good; 1st working draft once last issue is resolved
13:34:05 [MikeS]
zakim, unmute me
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13:34:48 [JohannesK]
I saw, there is TP week in Mandelieu in October. Are there pkans to have a F2F?
13:34:58 [JohannesK]
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13:38:40 [Zakim]
13:38:45 [Zakim]
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Attendees were +1.857.362.aaaa, shadi, Johannes, MikeS, CarlosI, CarlosV
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zakim, bye
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ACTION: CV & JK research possible overlap and/or differences to other work such as RSS/ATOM (see comments by Danny Ayers) [1]
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ACTION: CI to investigate where XPointer and XPath are significantly different [2]
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