IRC log of tsdtf on 2008-06-24

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12:30:12 [Christophe]
zakim, what conferences?
12:30:12 [Zakim]
I see UW_Team()8:00AM, Team_(ectf)11:55Z, XML_SMLWG()3:00AM, ARCH_Team()8:00AM active
12:30:14 [Zakim]
also scheduled at this time are XML_QueryWG()3:00AM, WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM, XML_XSLWG()3:00AM, GA_SVGWG()8:30AM, IA_CDFWG()8:30AM
12:30:23 [Christophe]
Zakim, this will be WAI_TSDTF
12:30:23 [Zakim]
ok, Christophe; I see WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM scheduled to start now
12:30:35 [Christophe]
Meeting: WAI TSDTF
12:30:37 [shadi]
zakim, code?
12:30:37 [Zakim]
the conference code is 8783 (tel:+1.617.761.6200 tel:+ tel:+44.117.370.6152), shadi
12:30:43 [Christophe]
Chairs: CarlosV, Christophe
12:31:00 [Christophe]
12:31:12 [Christophe]
Agenda+ Reviewing remapped test samples
12:31:25 [Zakim]
WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM has now started
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12:31:50 [shadi]
zakim, ? is me
12:31:50 [Zakim]
+shadi; got it
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+ +98439aaaa
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zakim, aaaa is really CarlosI
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+CarlosI; got it
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Scribe: Tim
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12:37:50 [Christophe]
Zakim, take up agendum 1
12:37:50 [Zakim]
agendum 1. "Reviewing remapped test samples" taken up [from Christophe]
12:37:55 [Tim]
Topic: Reviewing Remapped Test Samples
12:38:57 [Tim]
CS: 8 reviews of test samples, 1 in mailing list and 7 in wiki
12:39:04 [Christophe]
12:39:22 [Zakim]
12:39:51 [CarlosV]
zakim, Klaus/Johannes/Thomas is really CarlosV
12:39:51 [Zakim]
+CarlosV; got it
12:40:07 [Christophe]
HTML view:
12:41:21 [Tim]
CS: discussion on test purpose (can we test intent?)
12:45:07 [Christophe]
12:47:01 [Tim]
SAZ: referenced technique is too generic (many interpretations?)..
12:47:36 [Tim]
maybe split up into multiple more specific techniques
12:48:00 [Tim]
TB: need clearer test purpose
12:49:31 [Tim]
CS: failure based on visual appearance in most browsers
12:50:02 [Tim]
SAZ: techniques should be as atomic as possible
12:51:04 [Tim]
SAZ: examples should be techniques of their own
12:51:41 [Tim]
SAZ: maybe multiple tests elaborated out
12:52:01 [Tim]
CS: makes sense
12:52:48 [Tim]
CV: happen with other techniques as well (make list of open issues?)
12:53:20 [Tim]
SAZ: test samples can identify potential issues in techniques
12:53:24 [shadi]
12:54:20 [shadi]
12:54:27 [Tim]
SAZ: two queues come out of our group to WCAG - one queue has issues
12:54:45 [Tim]
SAZ: do issues template
12:55:02 [Christophe]
Issues template at
12:55:15 [Tim]
CV: need issues management tool
12:57:06 [Tim]
SAZ: use wiki for now (only 14 test samples) first outcome for WCAG
12:58:30 [Tim]
SAZ: first structure review, then content review, reviewer recommends,..
12:58:51 [Tim]
then TF decision..
13:00:59 [Tim]
ACTION: TB to fill out structure review template and content review template for first test
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13:10:51 [Tim]
TB: additional language needed to clarify "resource" subdirectory in testfiles?
13:11:16 [Tim]
ACTION: CS to work on directory structure in using TCDL
13:12:47 [Tim]
CS: "id" attribute is there in first metadata test sample file
13:13:09 [Tim]
CS: need to check metadata file again for "expected result"
13:15:59 [Tim]
SAZ: separate questions out of template (identify issues)
13:16:21 [Tim]
SAZ: also set up template for issues
13:16:31 [Christophe]
Issues template at
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13:19:09 [Tim]
SAZ: link issue from each test sample
13:20:04 [Tim]
SAZ: went through three test samples, did structure and content review, and identified issues along the way..
13:20:26 [Tim]
sometimes issue in technique, sometimes issue in test sample..
13:20:33 [Tim]
..try to follow process
13:22:08 [Tim]
SAZ: set up online straw poll, and either accept, reject, or raise issue
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13:23:26 [Tim]
ACTION: SAZ to send out Web-based straw poll
13:25:19 [Tim]
SAZ: WCAG uses this, and may save time
13:25:50 [Tim]
SAZ: next meeting next week (TB may not be able to attend)
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WAI_TSDTF()8:30AM has ended
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Attendees were Tim_Boland, shadi, Christophe_Strobbe, +98439aaaa, CarlosI, CarlosV